Peerless Genius System

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: An AFK Penta Kill

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After two deaths, the enemy Tryndamere immediately swapped lanes with Yasuo, lest Xiao Luo began snowballing.

But when Yasuo came to the top lane, he once again gloriously fed a kill. Xiao Luo used Frenzying Taunt in conjunction with Defensive Curl Ball and the Hit and Run technique, smoothly taking down the enemy Yasuo.

On the next creep wave, when Yasuo respawned, the enemy Master Yi came ganking from behind.

At that moment, Xiao Luo’s Armordillo coincidently hit level six. First, he dealt with the level 5 Master Yi, then the level 4 Yasuo. At a one-versus-two situation, he easily got himself a double kill.

“He’s really good!”

Bai Ling approved Xiao Luo’s skills hands down. She had seen it very clearly. The enemy’s skills weren’t that bad, it was just than Xiao Luo’s was above them. The Yasuo’s Last Breath never once landed on Xiao Luo. Besides, Xiao Luo was good at exploiting the Siege Minion, and his Hit and Run technique was even more impeccable.

Chu Yue didn’t say a word this time around. Every skill that Xiao Luo displayed had left her in shock.

“This Armordillo is really extraordinary!”

“Not only extraordinary, he is sick.”

“This is a Platinum game, right? Why does the enemy look like a bunch of Bronzes.”

The chatroom in Chu Yue live broadcast was filled with various replies left by her fans.

Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai were looking at Xiao Luo ecstatically like they’ve scavenged a treasure.

“Brother Luo, my good old Brother Luo, you are the true master!”

“The top lane has become the enemy’s restricted area. I’m impressed that you can play the Armordillo like this.”

The two gave a big thumbs up to Xiao Luo.

Towards this, Xiao Luo smiled faintly and didn’t say a single word.

The top lane was exactly like what Ding Kai said, it had become the enemy’s restricted area. Whoever that goes to the top lane would end up feeding kills. The Armordillo was a tyrant at the top lane, performing all kinds of tower-diving, wave-cutting, and aggro-pulling.

At the 17th minute mark, he already had 190 last hits, 13 kills, and had reached a whopping level 12. His items were Iceborn Gauntlet, Thornmail, Hextech Revolver, and Ninja Tabi.

When the Armordillo morphed into a spinning ball and rushed towards the enemy high ground, everyone was startled. They were thinking, “What is this Armordillo trying to do?”

Chu Yue typed directly, “Xiao Luo, what are you doing?”

Xiao Luo simply replied, “Going for a walk at their high ground!”

“You’re crazy. This might be a one-sided match, but that doesn’t mean that you can go feed the enemy with kills,” Chu Yue said while being utterly discomfited.

Bai Ling echoed, “Quickly, get your Armordillo back! Your head is worth a lot of gold. If your streak is ended, the entire enemy team will be awarded bonus gold.”

Zhu Xiaofei was also badly daunted, “Brother Luo, the heck are you doing?”

“Calm down Brother Luo. Our team kills are all on you. If you do not calm down, the outcome of this match will become uncertain,” Ding Kai perspired in cold sweat out of terror.

Xiao Luo ignored everyone’s dissuasions while he used the Armordillo’s Powerball to bypass one enemy tower after another and rushed directly to the enemy high ground.

“You, feeding?”

The enemy Tryndamere immediately sent a message to inquire.

Xiao Luo ignored the message, got up, and left his seat.

“Where are you going Brother Luo?” Zhu Xiaofei asked in exasperation.

“Taking a leak!”

Xiao Luo replied and went straight to the dormitory bathroom.


Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai’s expression changed drastically. Leaving the Armordillo at the enemy high ground while he goes to the toilet, w-w-w… what kind of international joke is he trying to make?

“Kaizi, get Brother Luo’s Armordillo back at once!”

Zhu Xiaofei immediately ordered Ding Kai, who was near Xiao Luo’s computer, to control the Armordillo to return from the enemy high ground.

However, at this time, the enemy Tryndamere, Yasuo, and Master Yi already had the Armordillo surrounded, and immediately after, were tossing all kinds of skills and abilities on the Armordillo. On the contrary, the Armordillo wasn’t controlled by anyone, only auto-attacking according to the default command.

Next, a scene that Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai would never forget happened.

Tryndamere, Yasuo, and Master Yi who was attacking the Armordillo had their health bars plunging rapidly. Although the Armordillo’s health was also decreasing, it evidently wasn’t as fast as theirs. When the Armordillo had about 200 health remaining, Yasuo and Master successively perished following a horrible shriek.

The only remaining Tryndamere activated his ultimate and continued to wham on the Armordillo. With a five seconds of death immunity, he refused to believe that he couldn’t finish off a low health Armordillo.

But unbelief was one thing, and reality was another. A 200 health Armordillo was as stubborn as a cockroach, refusing to die no matter what. After sustaining five seconds of damage from the Tryndamere that left it with merely over ten health, the Tryndamere was reflected to death by its passive skill, Spiked Shell.

“Triple Kill!!!”

The computer-synthesized female voice sounded.

“Holy cow, one versus three!”

“What in the world is this?”

“What am I seeing? What the actual f*ck am I actually seeing!”

Chu Yue’s live broadcasting chatroom boiled up once again. Her numerous fans couldn’t believe their eyes. The Armordillo wasn’t fighting back properly and was literally just standing there, taking hits. And the outcome was a triple kill, who the f would’ve believed in this?

Chu Yue and Bai Ling were transfixed. They were deeply impressed by Xiao Luo’s Armordillo and couldn’t sprout a single word for a while.

Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai were like they’ve seen a ghost under broad daylight, opening their eyes and mouth wide while gawking dumbfoundedly at their default positions. They were shocked to the ground, refusing to believe what they’ve just witnessed. It was too illogical and unrealistic. They’ve never seen anyone capable of playing the Armordillo in that way.

What astonished them even more was, when the Armordillo that had ten health left was attacked by two waves of minions, not only that its health didn’t plummet any further, it was recovering at an incredible speed.

“Oh my lord. What is this monster? Is he still the meat shield Armordillo I’m familiar with?” Zhu Xiaofei gulped his saliva as he was rendered in shock that couldn’t be described by words.

At that time, the enemy Miss Fortune and support Lulu rushed over, and the two took turns firing at the Armordillo.

Back when it had some more than ten health left, the Miss Fortune could very well finish off the Armordillo with a shot. But now that some four to five seconds have gone by, the Armordillo’s health had already risen to more than a hundred points. It had 310 armor. The Miss Fortune fired three consecutive shots. Armordillo lost no health, but the Miss Fortune, however, had her own health diving straight down.

Realizing that the situation wasn’t good, the Miss Fortune immediately halted her attacks, but a bullet was already fired before the stop attack command could be issued.


The bullet struck the Armordillo’s armor with a crisp sound, but the Miss Fortune fell to the ground with a blood-curdling scream as she was killed by the Armordillo’s Spiked Shell.

The support Lulu seemingly had a linked heart with Miss Fortune and had made up her mind to kill the Armordillo. She exhausted all her mana and mercilessly went ham on the Armordillo. At last, she followed Miss Fortune’s footsteps and died.

“Penta Kill!!!”

An agitated female computer-synthesized voice sounded. Adding up with the previous three kills, a Penta Kill was attained.

At this moment, dorm 712 and the girl’s dormitory plunged into silence. Chu Yue, Bai Ling, Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Hai held their breaths in for a short few seconds. Their minds were empty as they couldn’t believe that Xiao Luo’s Armordillo achieved a Penta Kill just like that.

The chatroom in Chu Yue’s live broadcast was boiling in an unprecedented hype.

“What is that monster? It that still an Armordillo?”

“What the hell? Getting a Penta Kill without moving on the enemy high ground? That’s some true revelation over there!”

“Hero Luo, Hero Luo is his ID, add him to your friend list everyone!”

For an instant, the entire chatroom of the live broadcast was filled with replies. Nobody was talking about Chu Yue. Everyone was hyped up by the Armordillo that acquired a Penta Kill on the enemy high ground.

At that moment, Xiao Luo came out from the toilet. Seeing Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai’s out of the ordinary gazes, he asked, “What’s… wrong?”

Zhu Xiaofei was so agitated that he was almost roaring, “Brother Luo, when you’re peeing, your Armordillo got a Pental Kill!”

“Penta Kill, a friggin Penta Kill!” Ding Kai was shouting repeatedly and hopping around like he was on drugs.

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