Peerless Genius System

Chapter 8 - Overbearing and Tyrannical

Chapter 8: Overbearing and Tyrannical

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The bald man slammed the table where Xiao Luo was at. He watched Xiao Luo with a vicious pair of eyes, “Boy, because of your nosiness, all of my twenty cash cows have been confiscated. Even five of my brothers have been brought in. How do you think I should settle this score? ”

Hatred radiated from his malevolent gaze. The so-called cash cows referred to the children who had been bought by him and then had their legs broken and thrown on the streets to beg.

Because of a little girl who had escaped, the police officer Gu Qianlin, who had always been known as the “Flower of Justice”, led her team to seize their den of illegal activities. Naturally, the blame was pinned on Xiao Luo who had rescued the little girl.

Xiao Luo raised his head and glanced at the bald man indifferently, “Whatever business you have, we can talk about it after I’ve finish eating this bowl of noodles. Now, please distance yourself a little more, because I have no appetite when I look at your face.”

When he finished talking, he buried his head and continued to eat his noodles.

As soon as these words came out, the atmosphere of the entire space became sluggish.

All of the men, who numbered in the dozens, were stumped for words. They could not believe that this fellow could be so calm when he was facing them. Was his head damaged?

In the distance, the middle-aged man dressed in a western suit and leather shoes was also stunned for a period of time. Then, he smiled in comprehension, “He’s neither servile nor overbearing, instead, he’s unperturbed and unhurried. Either he has some real abilities,” he pointed at his head, “or there’s a problem here.”

“Boss, for the sake of your safety, let’s leave.” The bodyguard on the left suggested.

The middle-aged man waved his hand, “No, their goal is that young man. They’re not going to make things difficult for an old man like me.”

He grinned and looked at Xiao Luo who nearly had his head buried in the bowl as he ate. Suddenly, he remembered the days when he came to Jiangcheng to make a living. He still was very young at that time. He often came to the street stalls to eat when he was hungry. There was even once when he was maliciously confronted by dozens of men who came wielding chopping knives to get him to pay his debts.

A sense of empathy suddenly arose in his heart, and his fingers tapped lightly on the surface of the table with great rhythm, “He’s exactly in his prime and full of mettle; an age where he’s full of creativity. It would really be a pity if he fell like this.” He turned his head and ordered the bodyguard on the right, “Leng You, depending on the situation, intervene to help this young man.”

“Yes, boss!” The bodyguard responded respectfully.

At this time, the bald man had returned to his normal composure and immediately became furious.


He overturned Xiao Luo’s table and sent it flying. The remaining Sanxian noodles scattered across the ground, and the bowl containing the noodles were shattered.

The bald man stepped on the Sanxian noodles on the ground with great strength. The noodles were stomped on until they resembled nothing more than dirt. He glared furiously with a expression full of loathing and thundered, “Eat, keep eating, don’t you want to eat noodles? Come on, kneel and pick up these noodles that are mushy as sh*t and swallow it. Don’t waste the soup too, lick it clean. If you don’t, I’ll cut your tongue out.” He shoved at Xiao Luo’s shoulder with great force, “Motherf*cker. Why are you still staring so stupidly. You want me and my bros to give you a helping hand? ”

Xiao Luo looked at Sanxian noodles that had fallen all over the ground, the expression on his face slowly grew cold and congealed. He threw away the chopsticks in his hand and slowly stood up. His eyes sharp and fierce as he watched stared coldly at the bald man like a tiger or a leopard.

Hiss ~

Everyone could not help but suck in a breath of cold air. Their bodies could not help but shiver to dispel a coldness that would not leave. They suddenly had the misperception that the person standing up was a cruel butcher with endless blood on his hands.

The bald man was also slightly stunned. He was about to say something when a big hand stretched out swiftly but silently for him like electricity. Five fingers spread out like a python opening its big bloody mouth on a hunt to clutch his neck. The hand lifted his entire body up. The powerful force around his neck instantly squeezed his windpipe and oesophagus tightly together.

An intense, burning pain and the pain of suffocation flooded his brain. He could not help but make a hoarse muffled sound. His hands kept beating against the iron arm that restrained him, trying to get the other party to release him. But no matter how hard he tried, that hand did not budge in the slightest. It was like a pair of steel pliers had rigidly clamped itself around his neck.

“I said to wait until I’ve finished this bowl of noodles, why do you refuse to listen?” Xiao Luo’s brows scrunched in a deep frown.

The bald man and his dozens of subordinates were dumbfounded. They never expected that such a scene would happen. The power displayed by Xiao Luo really shocked their minds. He lifted their boss and with a single hand. Was he motherf*cking human?

The middle-aged man in the distance opened his mouth slightly, his eyes were filled with surprise.

The two bodyguards next to him were even more stupefied. It was hard to believe that a guy who did not look strong at all could actually lift a big man weighing seventy-five kilograms with one hand. Even they could not do it.

The man with the ugly and ferocious countenance could not help but become alarmed and frightened, “Fight! Let’s save the boss together!”

He shouted loudly, but backed away himself.

The dozens of men immediately reacted. They yelled and raised their machetes and pipes, rushing towards Xiao Luo like a tidal wave. The blades whooshed through the air sword and they were filled with a savage, murderous intent.

Xiao Luo sneered, “I’m retuning him to you!”

He threw the bald man in his hand towards the crowd that was rushing towards him like he was playing shot put.

The bald man flew backwards at an extreme speed. He was like a cannonball about to crush his own subordinates.

Their expressions changed slightly and the five or six people who were rushing at the front of the group reached out to catch him. They thought that with their joint effort to catch the boss, it would be enough to grab a hold of him. But before they could raise their arms, the body of the bald man slammed onto them.

“Crash ~”

Blood sprayed from their mouths. They were like bowling pins that had been hit by a bowling ball. Four of them were thrown backwards and fell down while one collapsed on the ground moaning in pain.

A powerful explosion that shocked everyone!

The dozens of big men forced themselves to stop all movement. They did not dare to act lightly. Their eyes were opened wide and they looked at Xiao Luo in horror.

Just when they became inactive and lifeless, Xiao Luo’s eyes grew cold. He threw two punches without hesitation.

“Bam Bam ~”

It was as if the two closest men were hit hard by a speeding car. They let out a mournful scream as their bodies were flung backwards uncontrollably. Several of their comrades were knocked down in succession before the bodies were stopped. They struggled to get up, but only felt pain in their sternums. Then, two men who managed to push their torsos up spit out blood at the same time and passed out.

The middle-aged man’s pupils suddenly shrank and shock that could hardly be hidden was written all over his face. He never expected that Xiao Luo’s skill would be so overbearing and powerful.

His two bodyguards were also stunned. This class of skill and strength was beyond shocking. They looked at each other and saw incredulity in each other’s.

“Motherf*cker, chop him to death!”

The bald-headed man was seriously injured, but not to the point of passing out. He covered his chest, which felt heavy and extremely painful, as he roared hysterically.

He had heard from the ugly and ferocious looking man that the other party possessed extraordinary skills, but he did not expect that he would be so powerful. But so what? One tiger, no matter how fierce, could not hold off a pack of wolves. No matter how formidable he was, was he not just one person while they were a large group?

Dozens of burly men who were fierce and belligerent even on a typical day rushed towards Xiao Luo. Their postures were reminiscent of a group of hyenas chasing deer.

“You want to be ruthless about this? Okay, I’ll drop everyone who comes today!”

Xiao Luo’s mouth showed a cruel smile. Not only did he not retreat, he moved forward to take the initiative in repulsing their attack.

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