Peerless Genius System

Chapter 9 - Invincible

Chapter 9: Invincible

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The big guy at the head of the thundering mob was running at full speed. With eyes as round as plates, he headed toward Xiao Luo. Before his machete could chop him in two, the guy realized he couldn’t stop the momentum of his feet, and the two men collided.


The guy let out a blood-curdling screech as all the bones in his body fractured from the impact of hitting Xiao Luo. He slammed to the ground, skidding four or five meters before coming to a halt. In the process, several men tripped over each other or were knocked down.

Xiao Luo had a taunting smile on his face, his eyes cold. His right hand changed direction to seize another’s man’s left leg that was delivering a kick. He slapped the guy’s leg against his knee and bent it backward in a V shape. An awful scream was heard.

Then he hurled the injured man’s body into the crowd that was following closely behind.

Caught off guard, some of those people lost their footing and fell down, end over end.

Taking advantage of this situation, two guys wielding machetes lashed out at Xiao Luo’s back. He instinctively turned and formed his hands into fists that blasted forth, meeting force with force.


The two men hugged their dislocated wrists and retreated as they lost their center of balance. The pain was so intense they couldn’t hold back their tears or miserable bawling.

Xiao Luo was like a fierce tiger, a cheetah. He was an unstoppable force!

The men’s expressions changed as their attacks became weaker. They were shocked, but Xiao Luo, who had been provoked into a rampage, didn’t hesitate while rushing madly at them. He carried a lethal aura and a roiling, fiendish intent in his violent attack.

Each move was more vicious than the previous one; his fighting style was strong and fierce as if they were being bombarded by violent storms and gales. Blood was streaming everywhere amid sad, shrill screeching…

By now, there was no trace of anger left in the bald man. His eyes were full of fear, and his body could not stop shaking. Bean-sized beads of sweat rolled down his forehead unceasingly. He never thought the other party would be so fierce. Was he human? No, he was a monster!

In the blink of an eye, this monster-man cut down a dozen people. The middle-aged man in the distance could no longer keep his calm. His eyes and mouth were open wide in a state of total shock.

His two bodyguards also went pale as they stood in shock, horror, and amazement. They were retired veterans of the special forces, state-trained machines, tough and unyielding. From head to toe, they had a perfect mastery of their abilities and believed it would be hard for them to meet a worthy opponent. But they were floored: They did not understand how Xiao Luo had made his moves.


While these two bodyguards were still in a state of shock, Xiao Luo punted another person, sending him flying seven or eight meters. Then he reached out and grabbed a machete.

With the desolate and chilling aura of death filling the air, he rushed into the crowd and raised the blade to swing it down. The line of the machete flew at a bold and unrestrained speed, whizzing like a tornado as it ravaged the enemies nearby.

One guy after another collapsed in a pool of blood. No one had imagined that the lamb, which was supposed to be a prey, would suddenly turn into a bloodthirsty beast, exposing its savage and cruel fangs.

The ugly, ferocious-looking man–scared witless–had run off a while ago to an unknown location.

When the last guy collapsed, letting out a wretched howl of pain, Xiao Luo turned looked coldly at the bald man, his machete dripping blood that pooled in the ground.

The bald-headed man was stiff, the terror on his face palpable. When he saw Xiao Luo approaching him step by step, he turned white “What, what do you want to do? We… We are the Dragon Gang …” he stammered.

“What is the Dragon Gang!”

Xiao Luo snorted in ridicule in a low voice. In the next second, he was running wildly, like a black smear of tearing wind as he pressed down on the bald man with inhuman strength. Like a wild wolf running madly on the open plains, the machete then cut a gleaming and vicious path in the air. The sword was about to chop down violently with an unstoppable force.

The bald-headed man’s pupils shrank, and his scalp felt numb. The gleaming machete cleared his vision. It was as if he was looking at the Grim Reaper beckoning at him.


Just as Xiao Luo’s machete was about to descend and split the head of the bald man in half, an ear-piercing gunshot exploded like a sudden clap of thunder, causing everyone to tremble.

“Stop!” s woman shouted sternly.


Xiao Luo’s machete stopped in an instant. It hung in the air atop the bald man’s head like the Grim Reaper’s scythe.

Looking at the bloodthirsty machete, the bald man turned, deathly pale, eyes wide open. A rank and pungent odor rose from his crotch: He had lost control of his bladder and bowels and fainted immediately after. He had totally passed out from fear.

Xiao Luo turned his head and saw that both sides of the streets were blocked by five or six police cars. Two explosion-proof cars tore through the blockade line. There were more than 20 riot police in identical outfits and equipment holding up their shields. They looked intimidating as they struck their poses. There were also ordinary criminal police holding uploaded firearms with muzzles aimed at him.

“You have five seconds to drop the knife!”

A policewoman lowered her gun pointed toward the sky and picked up a loudspeaker from a police officer next to her. She shouted at Xiao Luo’s expressionlessly as she counted down, “Five, four, three …..”

She had fresh, clean, and beautiful features and a tall, athletic, and spirited figure. Her short hair was sleek and coiled behind her ears. Her bright and elegant eyes were pure as water, and her black police uniform could not hide her svelte and glamorous figure.

Xiao Luo remembered that this policewoman was the woman whom he had the providence to meet at the police station earlier in the day.

Although his strength had increased, he did not consider meeting the police head-on. When she counted down to two, he threw the machete on the ground.

Two special police officers rushed up. One placed himself on Xiao Luo’s left and the other on his left as they restrained him.

Looking at the ground full of people who were hurt and groaning in agony, Gu Qianlin’s black brows knitted in a scowl. She said with loathing, “Gathering a group of men together on the streets and using knives to hurt others; you’re disregarding the nation’s laws and the safety of the people. You’ve caused a terrible impact on society. What a bunch of bastards, bring them all in!!! ”

“Yes,” a cadre of police officers responded.

Xiao Luo didn’t want to explain anything now, because he knew it wouldn’t do any good. The police would not listen. His answers would only have meaning after they brought him back into the bureau for questioning.

The middle-aged man dressed in a western suit and leather shoes only stood up after Xiao Luo, and the bald man’s group were taken away by the police.

“Find out that young man’s information. Also, get him a public defender. This young man is mine.”

“Yes, boss!” Leng You answered respectfully.

The next day, in the police interrogation room…..


“Xiao Luo.”



“Why did you use a knife and hurt someone in public?”

“It was a legitimate case of self-defense!”

Xiao Luo, wearing handcuffs, sat in the interrogation chair. He answered every question Gu Qianlin asked.

“Legitimate self-defense?”

Gu Qianlin snorted and threw the report from the hospital on the table. “Twenty minor injuries and eight serious injuries. All of them are now lying in the hospital’s acute ward. You’re telling me this is legitimate self-defense?”

“Officer, there is the police Skynet surveillance system on that street. Go into the system and look for yourself. You’ll see if what I said is true,” Xiao Luo said calmly.

“I don’t need you to teach me how to handle the case, but I can tell you very regretfully that there are no surveillance cameras at the place where you wielded the knife to hurt others.” Gu Qianlin propped herself with both hands on the interrogation table and stared at Xiao Luo.

Xiao Luo raised a brow, “There are no surveillance cameras, but surely there are eyewitnesses. The stall owner can prove I was forced to defend myself.”

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