Peerless Martial God 2

Chapter 17 - Great Hidden and Silent Deployment Spell

Chapter 17: Great Hidden and Silent Deployment Spell

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“Brother Mu Feng, you were amazing last night,” said Cheng Shan. He had been waiting for Lin Feng outside in the courtyard.

Cheng Shan was a nice guy. Lin Feng was convinced they could be good friends, the problem was that they couldn’t be too close. Lin Feng would have to go to the central part of the Supranatural Region after the competition anyway.

“If one of my masters hadn’t helped yesterday evening, I would have gotten injured,” Lin Feng said dismissively.

Cheng Shan nodded. If Master Ox hadn’t shown up, Lin Feng wouldn’t have been able to deal with a Half-Holy Emperor, especially when that Half-Holy Emperor wasn’t alone, there were two others with him!

But Cheng Shan admired him anyway, especially since he could compete with Cheng Mo, the strongest young man of the Cheng Clan. That was impressive!

“Oh, by the way, Brother Mu Feng, I promised you we’d go to the tower today. Let’s go now,” said Cheng Shan. Cheng Shan was in charge of the tower on today, so he could take him there.

Lin Feng didn’t think Cheng Shan would remember that. He felt happy and touched.

“Alright, thank you, Brother Cheng Shan.” said Lin Feng cupping his fist and smiling. They both went to the tower.


The tower was a key element for all the members of the Cheng Clan, assisting them in their cultivation. At the same time, it was also a Holy King’s weapon. The Cheng Clan was ready to do anything to protect them.

Cheng Shan told Lin Feng that that tower wasn’t just a deadly weapon, it was also a precious deployment spell item, similar to Lin Feng’s Celestial Evolution Chessboard. But the Celestial Evolution Chessboard wasn’t a Holy Emperor’s Weapon, it was a high-level Holy King’s weapon.

When Lin Feng heard Cheng Shan, he was even more enthusiastic. He wanted to see how powerful that tower was.

Very quickly, Lin Feng and Cheng Shan arrived at the gigantic tower. It wasn’t far from the main gardens of the Cheng Clan, at the top of a mountain in the back of their territory. Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the tower.

The tower was one thousand meters tall. It was also silver and dazzling, containing deployment spell Qi.

There was a dimly discernible noble Qi. That tower did look mysterious. Maybe it would help him discover how to progress on the path of cultivation!

He walked to the foot of the tower. There were many disciples from the Cheng Clan queuing. Inside the tower were two pavilions, with many deployment spell books inside. Around the pavilions were many resting disciples. One pavilion contained high-levels, the other low-level ones.

Because Lin Feng was with Cheng Clan, they entered easily.

Inside, Lin Feng saw a sealing deployment spell. There were some very old books, picture scrolls, and paintings inside. The diameter of the tower was hundreds of meters, filled with books.

“Brother Mu Feng, look and see if there isn’t a deployment spell book you like. You can study it here,” said Cheng Shan. Lin Feng was surprised and smiled.

Cheng Shan was indeed nice. Lin Feng walked over to a golden picture scroll and opened it. A gleaming golden light drew Lin Feng’s attention.

“The Great Hidden and Silent Deployment Spell is a great deployment spell cast silently without anybody noticing it. Must be an Eminent Scholar at least for the deployment spell to have at least one tenth of its full power.”

Lin Feng shivered when he read what was written, the Great Hidden and Silent Deployment Spell was so powerful? An Eminent Scholar could only use one-tenth of its strength? How strong did a cultivator have to be to use it at full power?

Lin Feng continued reading the book, remaining focused.

The Great Hidden and Silent Deployment Spell is an ancient deployment spell created by Wu Daozi, a Holy Scholar. The power of the deployment spell is terrifying. Back then, Wu Daozi used the Great Hidden and Silent Deployment Spell to kill four Low-Level Holy Emperors and injure one High-Level Holy Emperor.

Lin Feng’s heart twitched. What an incredible deployment spell! It had been used to injure a High-Level Holy Emperor and kill four Low-Level Holy Emperors, that was amazing!

At the same time, Lin Feng also understood deployment spell casters’ different levels better. He initially thought that Eminent Scholars had reached the highest level in terms of deployment spells, but when he read the book, he understood that above Eminent Scholars, there were Spiritual Scholars, and after Spiritual Scholars, there were Holy Scholars, like Wu Daozi.

There seemed to be many different deployment spell layers, just like there were many cultivation layers. Lin Feng felt extremely enthusiastic each time he discovered something new.

He felt even more motivated to study. He wanted to become a Half-Holy Emperor now, so he needed to understand what he had to do.

Lin Feng was focused and captivated by the Great Hidden and Silent Deployment Spell book. It was a deadly deployment spell.

The principle was simple: time and space were concealed, so victims didn’t sense anything abnormal.

Such attacks were dangerous. There were requirements when it came to the cultivator’s spirit too; the more powerful the spirit, the purer and the more powerful the attack.

Lin Feng was confident when it came to his own spirits. The celestial book spirit and the celestial fangs spirit were both very powerful. His celestial fangs spirit increased his absorbing abilities.

That deployment spell was difficult to study, as cultivators needed calm and a good knowledge of space and time to study it.

Lin Feng was really focused. What happened around him didn’t affect him at all.

Cheng Shan sensed danger at that moment. He saw some fierce and overbearing looking people coming, and frowned.

“Luo Ze, what is that supposed to mean?” said Cheng Shan coldly. Luo Ze arrived, he was wearing a black robe.

Luo Ze had seen Lin Feng. As soon as he had seen him, he had thought of revenge.

He continued walking silently. He was with some High-Level Holy Kings, and one of them was almost a Supreme Holy King. Luo Ze wasn’t sure that a bunch of High-Level Holy Kings could easily defeat a Supreme Holy King.

“Cheng Shan, even though you are in charge of the tower today, I am still allowed to come, aren’t I?” said Luo Ze, smiling mockingly.

Cheng Shan frowned and looked at the four men who were with Luo Ze. They weren’t from the Cheng Clan, they were independent cultivators, but they were famous.

The Cheng Clan didn’t allow members of the Tian Clan and the Ma Clan to come to the tower, but they allowed their members to form alliances with independent cultivators. The Cheng Clan often resorted to independent cultivators’ help and was grateful to them. Independent cultivators often helped Clans.

Today was a good example, Luo Ze needed help and those independent cultivators agreed to help him.

Cheng Zhe knew that perfectly well so he felt nervous. Even if Luo Ze caused trouble, Cheng Zhe would penalize Cheng Shan instead because he considered Luo Ze his son-in-law already.

“Luo Ze, I hope you won’t cause trouble. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be anything good to you or me,” replied Cheng Shan, clenching his fists. He had nothing else to say.

Luo Ze looked at him mockingly. Even if he caused trouble, he knew Cheng Zhe wouldn’t blame him, he would blame Cheng Shan and say he didn’t take care of the tower properly.

Luo Ze looked at the four men behind him and nodded at them. They walked towards Lin Feng. Luo Ze looked proud and arrogant. He had come here with the sole purpose of teaching a good lesson to Lin Feng, to show him who the boss was here, who he could offend and who he couldn’t in the Cheng Clan!!!

Cheng Shan’s expression changed drastically. He wanted to run to Lin Feng, but one of the men who was with Luo Ze stopped him.

“If you continue, you’ll die,” said the independent cultivator indifferently, releasing High-Level Holy King Qi. Cheng Shan looked extremely worried.

Cheng Shan wanted to move, but another man moved in front of him, also a High-Level Holy King.

Lin Feng was focused, he needed a little bit more time and he’d be able to start using the Great Hidden and Silent Deployment Spell.

But at that moment, he sensed some cold Qi surround him. He suddenly came back to his senses and turned his head. He saw Luo Ze’s evil smile.

“Mu Feng, here we meet again! Hehe!!”

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