Peerless Martial God 2

Chapter 18 - Luo Ze’s Provocations

Chapter 18: Luo Ze’s Provocations

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“What do you want?” said Lin Feng when he saw Luo Ze. He just wanted to read in peace and now Luo Ze was coming to cause trouble…

“Mu Feng, don’t worry. Everything will be alright. Hehe!” Luo Ze laughed provocatively. The four men behind him looked at Lin Feng coolly.

Lin Feng looked at those four people. They were all High-Level Holy Kings, that wasn’t bad. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, such cultivators were already at the top.

But did Luo Ze think he could defeat Lin Feng with five High-Level Holy Kings? Wasn’t he a bit too self-confident?

Supreme Holy Kings were Rulers. High-Level Holy Kings were just at the top of the Holy King layer. Even though both were at the Holy King layer, Lin Feng knew that there was a gigantic difference between Supreme Holy Kings and High-Level Holy Kings.

Could five High-Level Holy Kings kill a Supreme Holy King? Hehe! Lin Feng looked at Luo Ze mockingly. Luo Ze was a dreamer. Surprisingly, he was truly this stupid…

“Luo Ze, we aren’t enemies. Why do you need to provoke me all the time?” Lin Feng asked Luo Ze.

“Hehe! We’re not enemies indeed, but after you joined the group of the Cheng Clan, you started humiliating me all the time. I remember that perfectly!” said Luo Ze evilly. His eyes were filled with murder, showing his true colors. The four High-Level Holy Kings released a terrifying Qi, scaring the disciples in the tower so much that they ran and hid in corners.

When Cheng Shan saw that Luo Ze didn’t care and disturbed all the disciples of the Cheng Clan, he shouted furiously, “Luo Ze, you want to die! You dare bring people and cause trouble here?!”

“Haha! I am causing trouble?! I just came here to study, why do you say I came here to cause trouble?” said Luo Ze smiling mockingly as he looked at Cheng Shan.

Cheng Shan’s face turned red because of anger. He clenched his fists, wanting to attack, but the four men behind Luo Ze looked at him so Cheng Shan didn’t dare act carelessly.

If anything happened and disturbed all the members of the Cheng Clan in their studies in the tower, he would be held responsible because he was in charge of the tower on today. It was an important responsibility in the Cheng Clan. He wouldn’t be able to escape.

“Luo Ze, don’t think you can do whatever you wish because the leader likes you. I’m telling you, no matter what you think or do, your family name isn’t Cheng!!!” Cheng Shan shouted furiously. His voice was so loud that Luo Ze’s heart twitched. He was furious on the inside.

Cheng Shan’s Qi began to rise. A wierd smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“Alright, good. Since you think I am not worth of being a member of the Cheng Clan, today, I will show you if an outsider can become a constitutive member of the Cheng Clan or not!!!” shouted Luo Ze furiously. He threw out his fist, which was surrounded by Qi, like a demonic beast had appeared on his fist. His Qi dashed to the skies, and his eyes were filled with murder. A gigantic fist shot towards Cheng Shan’s chest.

Cheng Shan’s face changed drastically, he quickly released Qi to protect himself. The demonic beast disappeared, Cheng Shan’s face paled. He had the impression his inner Qi was boiling, and he coughed up blood.

“Come. Show that “genuine” member of the Cheng Clan if people can afford to offend me here or not!” shouted Luo Ze to the four men furiously.

The four men looked at Cheng Shan icily.

Cheng Shan’s face was white. He finally understood what Luo Ze meant. Luo Ze had come to provoke Lin Feng. He hadn’t come to hit Lin Feng, he had come to hit Cheng Shan, he wanted to show him what happened to people who hung out with someone he didn’t like.

Cheng Shan condensed Qi and raised his hands to protect himself. The four High-Level Holy Kings attacked and instantly destroyed his defense. Four punches moved towards Cheng Shan’s chest.

Cheng Shan’s face drained of blood. Luo Ze was really a bastard!

“Alright. Stop disturbing me while I’m practicing cultivation. Piss off now!” said someone at that moment. Instantly, everybody stopped talking. The four punches had disappeared. No trace of Qi was left.

The four men behind Luo Ze looked around. Lin Feng had destroyed their attacks so easily. Lin Feng then flashed and landed next to Cheng Shan. He looked at them indifferently and rolled up his sleeves. He didn’t attack for real.

How… How was that possible?

The four High-Level Holy Kings couldn’t believe their eyes. Luo Ze was stupefied too. Was Lin Feng that strong?

Im… Impossible.

Luo Ze’s facial expression looked hideous and ferocious when he thought that Lin Feng might be stronger than him.

He wanted Lin Feng to die. Lin Feng definitely had to die!!!

“I don’t think nobody can defeat you!” Luo Ze smiled ferociously and looked at the four men behind him.

The four men understood, they had to use their most powerful attacks.

One of them took out a gigantic sword which contained an incredible Qi, it looked like the sword of a demon. Everybody shuddered with fear when they saw it.

Another one clenched his fists; a unicorn appeared behind him and shrieked, making the whole tower tremble.

Luo Ze decided to use a deployment spell to attack. He was convinced that his deployment spell attacks were stronger than Lin Feng’s deployment spells. He wanted to use a deployment spell to kill Lin Feng.

Their attacks moved towards Lin Feng in unison. The members of the Cheng Clan who were in the tower started leaving quickly.

Cheng Shan couldn’t do anything either, he took ten steps backwards.

After the three people attacked, two silhouettes disappeared. Lin Feng frowned, and then smiled. Those two people decided to attack by surprise, relying on speed.

Ridiculous. Too ridiculous!

Lin Feng shouted fiercely, raising his left hand. Luo Ze and the three men in the front sensed some absorbing strength. Then the unicorn neighed. Everybody was shocked.

Lin Feng struck the unicorn, it disappeared while wailing mournfully.

The man with the unicorn spirit coughed up blood and was blown away, his face pale. He realized the connection he had to his unicorn spirit was broken!

It meant that his cultivation had been crippled!

Luo Ze’s face was deathly pale. He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would be so strong. In the blink of an eye, he could destroy so many enemies.

Surprise attacks, quick!, thought Luo Ze smiling evilly. He could only hope that the two who were attacking by surprise would destroy Lin Feng.

“Surprise attacks? Hehe, with such a ridiculously slow speed?” commented Lin Feng, glancing at Luo Ze. The two cultivators behind moved closer and closer and then suddenly, Lin Feng disappeared.

The two men who were attacking by surprise were surprised, they wanted to retreat, but a hand grabbed them by their necks. They couldn’t do anything, and went white with fear.

Lin Feng appeared behind them. He looked at them mockingly, holding them in his left and right hands.

“You wanted to rely on speed to attack me? Can you do that?” said Lin Feng, smiling icily. Then, he threw them a thousand meters away. Nobody could see them anymore. Lin Feng was too strong.

Luo Ze’s face paled. He realized Lin Feng was much stronger than he had expected. He was frightening.

Luo Ze suddenly wanted to leave the tower.

But Lin Feng glared at him like a tiger eyeing its prey. Luo Ze sensed cold sweat on his back and forehead.

“If you don’t want to help anymore, piss off!” said Lin Feng, glancing at the remaining two men behind him.

They didn’t dare offend him anymore, and ran away quickly. Everybody else left too. Only Lin Feng and Luo Ze were left in the pavilion.

Lin Feng looked at Luo Ze icily. Luo Ze was scared.

“Tell me, how do you want to die?” Lin Feng asked coldly.

Luo Ze was ghastly white as he retreated.

“Where are you going?” said Lin Feng. He immediately threw a hand at Luo Ze. He had the strength of a Supreme Holy King, so Luo Ze had to die!

“Please be merciful, Brother Mu Feng. Why do we need to come to such extremes?!”

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