Peerless Martial God 2

Chapter 4 - Piss Off!

Chapter 4: Piss Off!

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Lin Feng entered the village. An old person came up to them and introduced the village to them.

“Gods Village? Venerable old man, why is the name of this village Gods Village?” asked Lin Feng when he heard the old man’s introduction. The old man was wearing black clothes. Lin Feng was curious about the village’s name.

The old man chuckled. He took Lin Feng and the others to the foot of a big tree and sat down on a chair, before sending some people to prepare some tea.

“Little brother, I can see that you’re not from here. Our village is the biggest village in the Supranatural Region. It could be seen as an influential group. Our ancestor was a supreme cultivator and we consider him a god. So much time has passed that it became the name of our village,” said the old man smiled.

They were in the Continent of the Gods, and more precisely in the Supranatural Region. Maybe it was a small world. The organization of the Continent of the Gods couldn’t be much different from the organization of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Lin Feng already had questions.

“Venerable old man, how big is the Continent of the Gods?”

Lin Feng realized that his question was ridiculous when he asked it, but he wasn’t from here, so he really needed to understand the organization of the continent.

As expected, the old man looked at him mockingly, but he still smiled and laughed. “Little brother, you must come from a very small town, it’s normal if you don’t understand how our world is organized. I’ll tell you, there are hundreds and hundreds of territories in the Continent of the Gods. This is but one of them.”

“Hundreds of territories? So many?” Lin Feng’s heart twitched. How to find Duan Xin Ye, Qing Feng and Qiu Yue Xin like that? When would he find them? What about the others?

“Venerable old person, do you know the Silver Sect?” Xue Baguio had told them to look for the Silver Sect, which was her sect.

When the old man heard that, he shook his head and said, “Never heard of it. It mustn’t be in the Supranatural Region. Maybe it’s in the Silver Region?”

“The Silver Region?” repeated Lin Feng. He remembered that name carefully. Even if the Silver Sect wasn’t there, at least, he’d have a goal.

“Mister Su, there are some new people in the village, who are they? Will you introduce them to us?” asked a young person in a gruff voice. His voice didn’t sound good at all.

The old man raised his head and saw a young man in blue clothes waving a fan. Behind him were some aggressive and evil-looking men. Lin Feng looked at them: the men behind him were low-level Saints, and the young man was a high-level emperor. For Lin Feng, such people were just ordinary.

The young person went up to the old man, sat down on his own chair, and the men behind the young man grabbed the old man by his collar.

“Zhou Bin, what are you doing? Even though your grandfather is the leader of the village, you can’t act aggressively and arrogantly like that here,” protested the old man, looking at Zhou Bin. But Zhou Bin ignored him and looked at him disdainfully.

Zhou Bin then leered at Meng Qing and Tang You You, looking them over from head to foot. He had never seen such beautiful women, he couldn’t help but drool.

“Hello ladies, my name is Zhou Bin, my grandfather is the leader of the village. He’s a strong High-Level Holy King, are you interested in having dinner with me?”

Zhou Bin looked at them greedily. He stood up and tried to look like a gentleman, raising his fan and giggling. He had a small rictus at the corner of his mouth. His eyes twinkled.

Lin Feng frowned. This guy dared commit all kinds of outrages because his grandfather was the leader of the village, eh?

“Ladies, come here,” said Zhou Bin when he saw that the two women remained silent. He considered it a “yes”. He even stretched his hands out to grab theirs.

“Piss off!” said Lin Feng at that moment. A terrifying strength overwhelmed Zhou Bin and blew him away. Zhou Bin shrieked and fell down on the ground. His whole body felt sore.

The three low-level Saints behind him noticed what was going on only when that happened.

They realized that that guy who initially didn’t release any Qi was actually a strong cultivator. He wasn’t weak at all!

And the scariest part was that the guy dared hit Master Zhou, he was reckless!

“Fuck! You dared hit me? Kill him! Then, capture the two chicks! I’m going on a meat diet tonight!” shouted Zhou Bin furiously, standing up and staring at Lin Feng.

The three people behind him clenched their fists. They were low-level Saints, and were confident. If they displayed a little bit of strength, Lin Feng was probably going to submit.

They were low-level Saints, among the strongest cultivators of the village, and even in the Supranatural Region, they were considered top-level cultivators. They were fearless in this region.

However, when they displayed their strength, they realized there was something wrong because Lin Feng didn’t seem to care. He just looked at them in a cold and detached way and grabbed his wives’ hands.

“Attack! I don’t think he’s stronger than us!” shouted one of the strong cultivators furiously. He jumped and threw himself at Lin Feng.

“Little boy, if you die, you won’t be able to blame anyone, but yourself. That’s the price you have to pay for offending Master Zhou! Die!!!” howled that person ferociously. The old man’s face turned deathly pale, staring at Lin Feng. He was worried about him.

Lin Feng smiled mockingly when he saw how confident that cultivator looked. That cultivator raised his foot, he wanted to kick Lin Feng in the face, but Lin Feng raised his left hand. The cultivator looked even more furious. How humiliating, Lin Feng thought he could strike back with a mere punch, or what?

“Hmph! You’re definitely going to die. After you die, your women will be our young master’s! Haha!” said that man, laughing ferociously. His teeth were yellow and looked disgusting.

“Piss off! You’re bothering me during teatime.” Lin Feng looked indifferent. He didn’t care about that cultivator at all.

Lin Feng then threw out his fist. The cultivator’s facial expression changed drastically, he sensed a terrifying Qi surround him, breathing became difficult. His eyes were wide open, his heartbeat accelerated.

At that moment, he sensed how terrifying Lin Feng’s Qi was. This outsider had the strength of a High-Level Holy King!!!

The man was blown away and crashed to the ground. He stood up hastily, shaking. His whole body felt sore, and his face was pale. He looked at the two other men and shouted, “Hurry up and run! This guy is a High-Level Holy King!”

“A high… High-Level Holy King?”

The two men’s faces changed drastically. They couldn’t do anything against a High-Level Holy King. The three of them wanted to escape.

How could Lin Feng give them an opportunity to escape though? He released some Qi. Their faces all went pale. At that moment, they sensed that Lin Feng’s Qi was actually even more powerful than that of a high-level Saint, or High-Level Holy King in that world, he had the Qi of a Supreme Holy King.

They didn’t dare say anything anymore, and knelt down.

“Don’t touch me! My grandpa is a High-Level Holy King. If you dare touch me, he will kill you and your women will be mine!!” said Zhou Bin, staring at Lin Feng. Zhou Bin was terrified, and kept moving backwards. He was really perverted, as even in such circumstances, he was still thinking of women.

Lin Feng found him despicable.

He was really furious. He shouted furiously, he waved his left hand and released absorbing strength. Zhou Bin’s face changed to desperation. The absorbing strength dragged him over to Lin Feng helplessly.

“You dare assail women with obscenities, die!!” shouted Lin Feng icily. He threw his hand at Zhou Bin’s head.

Zhou Bin was terror-stricken. He staggered and fell down on his knees.

“Ah!! Grandpa! Save me!!” Zhou Bin’s sobbed in panic.

“Little boy, you want to kill my grandson? You’re going to die!” shouted a voice at that moment.

The incoming High-Level Holy King released his strength. Lin Feng raised his head and saw a light flash, and there was an old man in white clothes. He was furious and threw out his fist.

“A mere Saint dares act that arrogantly? I’ll cut off one of your arms to teach you a good lesson,” said Lin Feng, smiling grimly. He then threw his hands out.

“Hmph! You overestimate yourself! You want to die!!” shouted the old man. He threw his fist at Lin Feng ferociously.

The old man believed that Lin Feng was a young High-Level Holy King, so he couldn’t be as strong as him because he probably didn’t have as much experience.

“Ah, ah!! You’re not a High-Level Holy King! You’re a supreme cultivator!!”

He didn’t even have time to finish talking when he sensed Lin Feng’s strength crush his arm into a billion pieces. His face distorted because of the pain.

Lin Feng could torture high-level Saints as he wished!

Before that, the old man in black clothes was hiding under the table. Lin Feng was so strong! Nobody could compete with him in the village?

“Grandpa, save me!” Zhou Bin sobbed in terror. He was just staring at his grandfather.

Zhou Bin’s grandfather also looked terror-stricken, as he had just lost his left arm. He was staring at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was a Supreme Holy King, a peerless cultivator. Why had his grandson offended such a strong cultivator?

“Please forgive my grandson. I would be infinitely grateful,” the old man apologized. He didn’t look at Lin Feng mockingly anymore!

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