Peerless Martial God 2

Chapter 5 - The Old Ox’ Master?

Chapter 5: The Old Ox’ Master?

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“The strength of a High-Level Holy King? Stand up to reply!” shouted Lin Feng, glancing at the old man.

The old man hastily stood up and bowed before Lin Feng. He was aghast. He had never thought he would ever see a Supreme Holy King in Gods Village.

Mister Zhou was the strongest cultivator in Gods Village and a High-Level Holy King. That’s why he dared act arrogantly and aggressively, and he also spoiled his grandson.

Lin Feng glanced around. He had a familiar feeling. He glanced at the old man in white clothes, who had landed at the top of a mountain, his head in the clouds so Lin Feng couldn’t see his face distinctly.

“What’s your name?” Lin Feng asked the old man.

“I am Mister Zhou. I am the village chief,” replied the old man, smiling respectfully. Lin Feng was a Supreme Holy King, the old man didn’t want to offend him. Even though Supreme Holy Kings were not considered the strongest cultivators in the Continent of the Gods, they were still considered extremely strong.

Lin Feng nodded. He glanced at Zhou Bin. Zhou Bin was so terrified that his soul kept shaking. Who would have thought a Supreme Holy King would come to their village? He was only a high-level emperor, his family members couldn’t do much either.

“I initially wanted to kill you, but since Mister Zhou is the leader of the village, I will spare your life. However, if you dare harass my wives again, I’ll definitely kill you!!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Mister Zhou shivered. Zhou Bin was so terrified, he even wet his pants.

Lin Feng smelt the horrible stench of Zhou Bin’s piss, and frowned. Meng Qing and Tang You You laughed and turned around.

Mister Zhou’s face turned red. He wanted to kick his grandson! What a humiliation!

“How should I call you, Master?” asked Mister Zhou, smiling respectfully and cupping one hand into the other before Lin Feng.

Lin Feng glanced at him aggressively. Mister Zhou’s face became pale and he waved, “That’s alright, I didn’t mean to offend you. How could a junior like me ask you for your name?” said Mister Zhou, referring to himself as a junior in front of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was a Supreme Holy King so he was stronger, and in the cultivation world, strength mattered more than age. Since Mister Zhou was only a High-Level Holy King, he was a junior in front of Lin Feng. Supreme Holy Kings could easily change their faces and bodies, so Mister Zhou was convinced that Lin Feng was older anyway, and had changed his face.

If Mister Zhou knew how long Lin Feng had practiced cultivation, how would he have reacted?

“My name is Mu Feng. Just calling me Mu Feng is fine,” Lin Feng said to Mister Zhou.

Mister Zhou smiled respectfully and said, “Master Mu Feng, I would like to invite you to spend the night here and to have some drinks, as a way for me to apologize for my grandson’s behavior,” said Mister Zhou.

Lin Feng couldn’t really refuse, and Mister Zhou couldn’t do anything to him, anyway.

Lin Feng took Meng Qing and Tang You You, and followed Mister Zhou. As they left, Mister Zhou glanced at Zhou Bin aggressively and furiously, then dragged him off, and took Lin Feng and his wives to the depths of the village.


Time passed, the four of them arrived in the depths of the village. At that moment, they were at the foot of a mountain, and there was a mansion house where Mister Zhou lived.

“Hehe, you know how to enjoy life,” said Lin Feng, smiling coldly and glancing at Mister Zhou. Mister Zhou smiled, looking embarrassed, and continued walking.

Lin Feng followed and suddenly frowned. He sensed a mysterious Qi and stopped walking.

When Mister Zhou saw that, he asked, “Master, are you coming?”

“What kind of deployment spell did you cast here?” shouted Lin Feng furiously.

Mister Zhou’s facial expression changed drastically. He pushed his grandson inside the mansion quickly.

“Haha, Mu Feng! You’re going to die today! Nobody has ever defeated me in God’s Village! You’re doomed!!” said Mister Zhou. His face looked hideous as he clenched his fist. He raised his arm and a light beam streaked across the sky above the mountain.

At that moment, the whole mountain became distorted and shook violently, it was as if it had been about to break. A silver light flashed and surrounded the whole mountain.

“A great deadly deployment spell. An Eminent Scholar’s deployment spell,” Lin Feng was surprised when he saw the silver lights. They turned into a curtain of deadly Qi.

Only Eminent Scholars could cast such powerful deployment spells. But using it against Lin Feng was a bit ridiculous.

“I’ll modify the deployment spell using a deployment spell then!” shouted Lin Feng in a low voice. His body flashed. Eight demon clones appeared all around. A pitch-black demon energy surrounded the deadly silver deployment lights.

“Break!!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. The demons became gigantic, the demon Qi became thicker and thicker. The eight clones carried out different attacks, but it was like something was missing, the deployment spell didn’t break.

Lin Feng frowned. Then, he released white sword energies, and gigantic swords appeared in the hands of the eight demon clones. They tore apart the silver light curtain and it disappeared!

The deployment spell was broken!

When Mister Zhou saw that, his face turned deathly pale. He couldn’t believe it his eyes. He was a great deployment spell caster…

Lin Feng looked at him and said indifferently, “Kill yourself now.”

“I… I…” Mister Zhou’s face was white with terror.

“Grandpa, can’t we summon our ancestor one more time? Let’s summon him!” said Zhou Bin, still panic-stricken.

Mister Zhou looked happy, he remembered and laughed frantically. “Haha, Mu Feng, you’re going to die today, we’re going to summon our ancestor and your soul will disperse!” shouted Mister Zhou. He looked insane as he rolled up his sleeves and broke a jade talisman. Phwap! The jade talisman turned into a deployment spell, it flashed and silver lights flared.

Gradually, a gigantic star disc appeared at the top of the mountain. A middle-aged man hundreds of meters tall was on it. He was wearing a silver robe and looked extraordinary. He had long hair and the hairstyle of a nerdy intellectual.

His Qi was ordinary. Lin Feng had a familiar feeling.

Lin Feng checked his own world and a black shadow appeared. It was an ox who had turned into an old man. When the old man appeared, Lin Feng looked serious.

“Master Ox, did you notice it, too?” Lin Feng asked the old ox.

The old ox nodded. Then, he looked at the figure at the top of the mountain, tears appeared in his eyes. He was astounded.

Lin Feng remained silent. The figure at the top of the mountain who was hundreds of meters tall looked like a nerdy intellectual, and his cultivation seemed unfathomable. Lin Feng was a Supreme Holy King, but he couldn’t see that cultivator’s cultivation level.

“Master, is that you?” asked the old ox finally. He walked forwards and clenched his fists.

The middle-aged man at the top of the mountain opened his eyes, the star disc on which he was standing disappeared, and the man shrank down before landing on the ground.

“Little ox, you finally found this place! I’m happy and relieved.”

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