Peerless Martial God

Chapter 2498 - Final Battles (Part Two)

Chapter 2498: Final Battles (Part Two)

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Lin Feng’s world had long recovered. Yin and yang Qi surged out in all directions.

His whole world was trembling. A figure of his appeared in his world. His world was already perfected.

“From now on, time in my world will pass at the same pace as time in the outside world.” Lin Feng released an immortal strength, filling everywhere in his own world.

Boom boom boom! A terrifying strength made the earth and sky shake. Lin Feng’s figure smiled. The earth and sky in his world aligned perfectly with the outside world. He could control all living things, the ten thousand things of creation, he was its god!


In the outside world, yin and yang Qi tore and roved, Lin Feng’s heart twitched as he disappeared. Icefire’s attack crashed onto Lin Feng’s body. A dozen beams of light appeared and ripped through Icefire’s yin and yang Qi. Icefire looked as if he hadn’t felt anything. He just wanted Lin Feng to fight!

In the distance, Feng Mo looked totally composed as he looked on. He didn’t need to get involved. Lin Feng was either going to die or not. No matter what, Lin Feng wasn’t going to become a god. Of course, Icefire wasn’t going to become a god, either!

Icefire had the impression that his yin and yang Qi was crashing into an extremely hard stone. Lin Feng didn’t move. His god’s lights flashed and floated around him. After that, Lin Feng opened his eyes, lights emerging from them.

Icefire’s heart skipped a beat.

“It’s over,” said Lin Feng calmly. He released his Ruler’s Godly Imprints once, they descended from the sky. They really looked like a god’s imprints now. Icefire shouted desperately as his body gradually vanished beneath them.

“I don’t want to die!” howled Icefire, but it made no difference as his body disappeared.

Lin Feng glanced around. Nobody dared say anything. However, the fighting had to continue.

Lin Feng looked over at the roc king in the distance. The roc king cried out in surprise, before turning to flee at his top speed.

“Where are you going?” shouted Lin Feng coldly. A gigantic hand moved towards the roc king and grabbed him. Lin Feng had changed, his perceptions had changed, he was even stronger than when he had fought against Icefire a moment before. He was actually closer to becoming a god, a spiritual being!

“God, break!” Lin Feng was holding the roc king in his hand, and closed it. The roc king suffered atrociously as he was crushed. Lin Feng, the Forbidden Person, was terrifying!


Feng Mo watched from the top of the mountain. The sun was shining upon him. He smiled when he saw that the Forbidden Body was finally strong enough.

“Stop the battles now,” Feng Mo stated, uncaring, yet dignified and majestic. All the fighting stopped rather quickly.

A new person descended from the sky. It was the Godly Weapon Master.

“Hahaha, finally! Someone is going to become a god! I can’t wait to see who!” exclaimed the Godly Weapon Master with a smile. “Everybody, stop the fighting. Let’s have some really good ones now!”

Chu Chun Qiu and Kong Ming, Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon and Mo Zheng, the old ox and Zhe Tian who were fighting against peerless cultivators… everyone stopped.

“I’d like to ask something first,” Lin Feng said calmly. He looked at Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon and said. “Demon Emperor, I don’t want to call you Demon King, I prefer calling you Demon Emperor. You chased me for a while, you cheated me for a long time. That was all a conspiracy. However, I still don’t understand who made you do that, and why you were able to follow me?”

“You know the Celestial Dao Destiny Technique, right?” the Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon inquired.

“I know it. If I didn’t know the Celestial Dao Destiny Technique, I wouldn’t have been able to absorb the yin and yang Qi of Icefire. I wouldn’t have been able to know that my teacher was with you, either,” said Lin Feng calmly.

Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon looked at Lin Feng and said. “Since you also practiced it, you know how powerful it is. Apart from you and the Fortune Shrine Leader, only three people practiced the Celestial Dao Destiny Technique.”

“My teacher must be here,” said Lin Feng. A figure descended from the sky and landed in the imperial court of the Demon Shrine… the Diviner!

“You followed the Shrine Leader for so many years, the Shrine Leader also studied the Destiny Technique. Surprisingly, he couldn’t see through your real intentions. You must have mastered the Technique better than anyone else in the world… who organized all that?” asked Lin Feng.

“Do you know who he is?” asked Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon calmly.

Lin Feng looked nervous and replied, “The Ancient Demon King!”

“Back in the days, during the godly battles, the Demon King was sleeping soundly. However, many years after, he gradually recovered and turned into Mara-Deva to come back to life and join the Fortune Shrine. He studied the Destiny Technique and mastered it. Then he used it to have visions and predict the future. He spied on the Fortune Shrine, and it was easy for him to learn the prophecies.

“He went back into the Demon King’s sleeping body and created a special kind of strength to create me. It also allowed me to follow the trail of the Forbidden Person. You know what happened after that.

“The Destiny Wheel was even deceived, it really believed what had happened. The Demon King created a godly strength even the Fortune Shrine didn’t understand. It was all a plot. To a certain extent, I am really an image of you. Initially, I wanted you to come to the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell and fuse together with the Demon King. After that, the Demon King and the Forbidden Body would have made one, and the Demon King would have become a god, that was a hundred percent certainty. But it was a failure, so the only solution was to absorb you and destroy you.”

“It seems like the Shrines were right. There was no Forbidden Body a thousand years ago. No wonder they couldn’t find any. No wonder t you spent so many years for your conspiracy. If I had willingly fused together with the Demon King, he would have become a god and nobody would have been able to ruin his plan!” murmured Lin Feng. He suddenly understood everything.

“But why did you pretend so well?” Lin Feng asked the Diviner.

“I was born for that purpose,” replied the Diviner calmly. Lin Feng nodded. Indeed. It was his sole purpose in life!

“Today, a god is going to appear. I will resuscitate!” stated the Diviner. He turned into a star and returned to the Demon King’s body. He was a thread of consciousness of the Demon King, so he could make him come back to life temporarily.

“Chu Chun Qiu, back then in the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell, you should have died. I granted you demon strength. I transmitted you the strength of the Demon King, and you betrayed me! Let’s fuse together now!” Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon said to Chu Chun Qiu calmly.

The Demon King slowly stood up on his throne. He looked like a demon from the ancient past.

Chu Chun Qiu looked at Lin Feng, and then at Feng Mo. He couldn’t do anything against them.

At least, I could become a god if I fused together with him!, he thought. He merged into the Demon King’s body, and demon strength rose in billowing waves of power as he did.

“Come back!” An incredible strength arose from Feng Mo’s body. Many figures flickered, speeding through the air before they also merged into Feng Mo’s body. There were a great number of them…

“My demon and Buddhist cultivations are both at the highest level. How could I not become a god today?” said Feng Mo.

Kong Ming’s body started trembling. “How is this possible?” said Kong Ming in his magnificent Brahma’s voice.

“No need to struggle. I have many bodies. You just practiced for two lives and you achieved supreme enlightenment. When you succeeded, you became my godly embryo!” Feng Mo said calmly. Kong Ming was drawn helplessly into his body. Buddhist mantras spread in the air around, and everybody shivered.

Kong Ming, who had replaced the Buddha Shrine Leader, was one of Feng Mo’s bodies, his godly embryo!

“Let’s fight!” said Feng Mo. The ground shook violently. The earth and sky seemed ready to collapse.

The old ox shouted quickly, “Let’s go!” as he left hastily. These three people were already too terrifying.

Lin Feng didn’t have time to be stunned because of Kong Ming. Feng Mo’s voice made him shake; it contained sealing strength, and Buddhist strength, shaking his very soul. It was terrifying. This battle would be a supreme battle!

Lin Feng and Mo Zheng’s bodies fused together, an incredible Qi rose around him, and a throne appeared in the sky. Lin Feng immediately sat down on it.

The Demon King was there, his hair fluttering in the wind. All three people were terrifying.

Two gigantic feet appeared in the sky, driving down towards Feng Mo and Lin Feng. Feng Mo grunted coldly. Time stopped; he also had the ability to make time stop! He had lived for many years, and controlled all sorts of strengths. He had studied so much precisely for this battle, he wanted to become a god!

Lin Feng released Ruler’s Godly Imprints, and the gigantic foot was smashed. His Ruler’s Godly Imprints were now even more powerful!

Lights appeared in the sky, a divine radiance. A god could appear at any time! One of these three people was going to become a god!!!

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