Peerless Martial God

Chapter 28: The Whistle Wind Restaurant

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The end of the year was approaching and Yangzhou City was bustling with activity. Numerous disciples would return home from their various sects and visit their family members.

At the end of the year, all the cities and villages of the country had a grand annual meeting. In The world of cultivators these annual meetings were about showcasing talent and gaining recognition within their family.

In Yangzhou city, larger Clan’s would all have an internal annual meeting with only members of their clan. During the annual meeting, the older generations within the clan would check the progress of disciples of the younger generations. Once in a while, in the entire city of Yangzhou, some powerful clans would also organize meetings between themselves and other clans, during which they would check which clan had the greatest future potential and the strongest fighting force.

At the Whistle Wind Restaurant, There was a group of young disciples, they were all people from the great Clan’s of Yagzhou City. Many outstanding disciples had gathered there to drink wine and discuss about the upcoming annual meetings.

“I heard that Lin Qian’s spirit was close to awakening after she had broken through to the Ling Qi layer and because of this she was selected as a Hao Yue Sect elite disciple. Lin Yu, do you think all of this is really true?” asked a young disciple who was holding a feather fan. Everybody was looking at Lin Yu with questioning gazes.

“All of this is obviously true. When she reached the Ling Qi layer, Lin Qian saw her strength increase drastically. For our ceremony, I think that the Lin Clan will be able to showcase extraordinary talents.”

Lin Yu had a smile on his face. His father was Lin Feng’s uncle and also aiming for the seat as head of the clan, so Lin Yu’s status within the family was obviously adequate enough to declare his opinions on behalf of the Lin Clan.

“Hahaha. She just broke through to the Ling Qi layer, that’s not an achievement. In my family, Gu Yan already broke through that layer over six months ago. The Lin Clans members obviously do not engage in enough battles, they clearly prefer to cultivate within the safety of their sects.” said the young man wearing a yellow jacket who was sitting in front of Lin Yu. In Yangzhou City, the Gu Clan and the Lin Clan were always hostile with each other. How could he acknowledge anyone within the Lin Clan?

“The time at which one broke through to the Ling Qi layer is insignificant. In my family, Wen Jiang has already reached the second Ling Qi layer. Except for the daughter of the city master, Na La Feng, who can compete with such strength?”

The Wen Clan also didn’t give the impression that this generation of disciples would be weak.

The young man holding the feather fan didn’t forget to offer his opinion, his clan had very strong ties within the city government, he couldn’t help but have a teasing smile on his face: “Wen Jiang already broke through to the second Ling Qi layer. What a gifted cultivator, what an amazing talent.”

“You invited me here to listen to these stupid and pointless discussions?” said a voice in the background, it was cold and detached which caused everyone to stop talking. It was a young girl who was extremely pretty, but she gave off an icy aura.

“Of course not. I invited everyone to come to tell you some news. This year, on the second day of the annual meeting, apart from my clan and members from The Three Great Clan’s of Yangzhou, other outstanding people can also join. Qiu Lan, you should be able to understand what this means?”

Na Lan Hai smiled warmly. Everybody had understood. In the past, the city of Yangzhou also had an annual meeting but it was limited to the offspring from the four strongest Clans. They wouldn’t have thought that this time, they would allow other people to join. It seemed like they wanted to solicit the participation of other young people within the city who might be full of potential. They could use this to recruit young talents early.

It is said that Qiu Lan is an orphan but her reputation in Yangzhou City was already well established. It was due to her incredibly beautiful appearance as well as to her cold temperament and of course, her natural talent.

Qiu Lan nodded her head. She also felt like finding out what kind of abilities the offspring from the four strongest Clan’s were capable of.

“Hehe, now the upcoming ceremony is certainly going to be wonderful. I heard that the piece of trash of the Lin Clan has progressed in his training and that he even injured Lin Yun as well. I think that the piece of trash will be coming to join the annual meeting as well.” said the young man from the Gu family, with a bright smile on his face. He could feel the excitement welling up inside him.

“Gu Song, what do you mean? My Lin Clan has a lot of outstanding disciples coming to join our meeting, why would we need a piece of trash to join?” replied Lin Yu who obviously understood to whom they were referring. If he wanted Lin Feng to join the annual meeting then it was obviously to make fun of the Lin Clan, he wanted to ridicule the younger generations of his Clan.

“Hehe, you’re calling a member of your own family a piece of trash… that doesn’t seem appropriate.” replied Gu Song with a smile.

“A piece of trash is a piece of trash. Why wouldn’t it be appropriate? Besides, I, who is also a member of the main family by blood, sooner or later I will definitely…” Lin Yu didn’t have time to finish his sentence as something had stopped him. He simply groaned and didn’t continue to talk.

Right at that moment, the piece of trash they were talking about was riding Qian Li Xue and was about to enter Yangzhou City.

After having been traveling for ten days, one could barely see travel fatigue on Lin Feng’s face. Sitting on Qian Li Xue was exhausting but Lin Feng’s facial expression was particularly radiant and didn’t reveal the least bit of sluggishness.

Compared to the last time that Lin Feng was in Yangzhou City, his appearance was much sturdier and he looked many times stronger than before. His facial expression was hardened and he looked more like that of a man who knew what he wanted from life.

With his sword sheathed neatly on his back, his silver shining belt around his waist and riding triumphantly atop Qian Li Xue, Lin Feng drew the attention of many people. In view of his attire as well as his gentle yet vigorous appearance, he was probably a disciple belonging to one of the powerful Clan’s within the city, who practiced cultivation within a large sect but had come back to participate in the annual meeting.

“Keep going.” said Lin Feng. Qian Li Xue had slowed down and stopped galloping when it reached Yangzhou City.


Lin Feng passed by a restaurant and a voice came from the top of the building. Even though the sound of the voice had been slight, Lin Feng’s sense of hearing was extremely sharp. Lin Feng raised his head and just saw someone looking at him.

“Hehe, who is it down there…? Could that be the young master of the Lin Clan? It’s really a coincidence for you to appear at such a time.”

The young man was looking down at Lin Feng mockingly. A short instant later, many faces appeared at the window of the top floor. Amongst them, there was a gloomy face which seemed familiar.

“Lin Yu.” Thought Lin Feng. Lin Yu was his cousin and held a high status within the Lin Clan, but he had only reached the eighth Qi layer. He wasn’t talented compared to others within the clan, so he used the fact that his bloodline was tied to the main family to elevate his status amongst others.

“Hmph…” Lin Yu had no respect for Lin Feng at all. He frowned in anger. He hadn’t expected to run into Lin Feng there. The others would use Lin Feng to ridicule his Lin Family even further.

“Lin Feng, we are a few disciples gathering here before the annual meeting. Since we have crossed paths, please come upstairs and sit with us.” As expected, Gu Song immediately invited Lin Feng to join them, obviously not with the best of intentions.

“Lin Feng, you travelled over such a long distance, go home first and have a rest.” said Lin Yu who was clearly not willing to see Lin Feng come and join them.

Lin Feng was smiling sarcastically in his heart. His status was still young master within the Lin Clan. Lin Feng saw that Lin Yu had not shown even a small amount of politeness to him. Not only did Lin Yu not show him the least bit of politeness but on the contrary had spoke to him in a disrespectful way. Anything that Lin Feng did, Lin Yu contracted it.

“Whatever I do, I see it on your face that you’re not satisfied.” Lin Feng thought. He then looked at Gu Song and said: ” Alright, I will come upstairs.”

“Wait, wait.” Lin Yu’s voice became colder and he then added: “ Lin Feng, you shouldn’t come to this place. Honestly, you should just run along home.”

“How dare you.” shouted Lin Feng looking straight into Lin Yu’s eyes and then added in an ice cold tone: “What status do you think that you hold within the clan, which gives you the nerve to dare talk to me like this?”

Lin Feng wasn’t the coward and the weakling he was before. His father held an extremely high status within the clan, he was the head of the Lin Clan. Lin Yu had therefore no right to put himself higher in the hierarchy of the family than Lin Feng. If Lin Feng wasn’t a strong cultivator, other people would still think they could bully him when his father was not present.

When Lin Yu heard Lin Feng talk to him like that, he boiled with anger. He obviously hadn’t expected that Lin Feng would have changed so much. This response was completely unreasonable for such a weakling. Lin Yu’s face had turned red with anger. He had no idea how to reply to Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s status within the clan was higher than his own, he was the young head of family. Even though Lin Yu was his cousin, he still didn’t have the right to act arrogantly towards Lin Feng, even if Lin Feng had openly embarrassed him.

“Hehe, that’s the attitude that Lin Feng has as the young family head of the Lin Clan.” said Gu Song hoping to see them quarrel, making Lin Yu even more furious.

At that moment, Lin Feng had already come down from his horse and handed the reins to the owner of the restaurant. Immediately after that, he went up to the third floor and headed to the private room the other disciples were in.

Eight people were sitting at the table, all of them were young disciples from powerful Clan’s.

When they saw Lin Feng enter, nobody said a word. Everyone had their respective seat and they sat their quietly sipping on their wine. They all ignored Lin Feng. Even Gu Song, who had invited Lin Feng to come up a moment ago, remained silent and was grinning.

“Hmph, the piece of trash is making a fool of himself. Even as the young master of the Gu clan. What status do you even have to make fun of my clan?” said Lin Yu who didn’t even look at Lin Feng as if he was talking to himself.

“The son of the family head, this is my status. You may have forgotten, Lin Yu, but that piece of trash is the son of the head of the Lin Clan.” reminded Gu Song. He enjoyed assisting to that kind of situation the most, seeing the Lin Clan lose face.

Lin Feng smiled. Everybody was looking at Gu Song. Lin Feng made a few steps forwards to Gu Song.

“May I sit?”

“What makes you think that you can sit here?” said Wen Shan impolitely. In Yangzhou City, there were four powerful Clan’s. The family which belonged to the master of the city was the strongest one. There was ongoing hostility between the other three great clans, there was an especially large amount of tension between the Gu Clan and the Lin Clan. The Gu Clan wouldn’t miss an opportunity to attack the Lin Clan. The Wen clan obviously also wouldn’t miss an opportunity to do so.

“Oh, what exactly do you mean?” Lin Feng didn’t look at Wen Shan, and only asked Gu Song.

“You don’t understand? You Piece of trash, nothing gives you the right to sit with us.” said Gu Song to Lin Feng in a disdainful way. Lin Feng really had no idea how low his status was compared to these disciples.

“Ah I understand, you’re making fun of me right?” Lin Feng said while not losing his temper. He was as calm as before.

“Whatever, get lost.” Gu Song shouted angrily. He had expected Lin Feng would cower and retreat allowing him to humiliate the Lin Clan.

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