Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 2089 - Suffering every day

Chapter 2089: Suffering every day

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“Master Li, Xiuran’s body…”

The leader of Heavenly Owl, Haitang, looked at the white-haired elderly man who was conducting an examination on the man.

“There isn’t any medical equipment here, so I’m unable to examine him in detail, but my preliminary calculation is that he probably only has a few months at most,” Master Li replied with a shake of his head and a sigh.

“This…” Haitang stared at Ji Xiuran, unable to imagine that this man was about to pass from this world.

“It’s fine.” A placid smile spread across the man’s pale face. “I’ve gained enough already.”

“Truthfully, you should know, Haitang, that Emperor Ji’s situation is considered a miracle already.” Master Li shook his head.

“Back then, it was me who diagnosed Emperor Ji’s terminal illness and judged that he would only have two to three years left at most. The fact that Emperor Ji was able to prolong his life until today and survive relied entirely on unimaginable willpower. The price for this willpower was that he had to endure unimaginable pain every single day,” Master Li lamented.

“Heh, I didn’t expect you to have entered this place with Haitang, Master Li,” Ji Xiuran remarked.

“That day, Master Li was enjoying some tea with me, so he encountered this undeserved calamity. I feel rather apologetic.” Haitang turned to Master Li.

“What are you saying, Haitang? Whether I’m captured or not would make no difference to me. How much longer can a bag of old bones like me possibly dwell on this earth? I’ll eventually turn into a skeleton, so I don’t mind,” Master Li responded.

“Master Li… Is Xiuran’s illness incurable?” Haitang asked with a frown.

Master Li was silent for a moment before shaking his head. “To Emperor Ji right now, every day might be painful, right?”

“It’s bearable. Don’t worry,” Ji Xiuran assured Haitang with a light chuckle.

“Emperor Ji, Haitang, I’m going to go out first to examine the conditions here.”

After Master Li fixed Ji Xiuran’s clothing, he stood up and left the jail.

The jails here were tantamount to decorations. They weren’t locked, and you could enter and leave as you wish, serving as living quarters essentially. It was this entire island that was the true prison.

“Unimaginable willpower. Is it because of Worriless, Xiuran?”

After Master Li left, Haitang turned to this man, whose perpetual smile still hung on his face.

Even though he learned his time on this earth was limited and he needed to consume a large quantity of medicine every day and suffer from pain unimaginable to normal people, his face still wore that extremely infectious smile.

“Is it Worriless that’s allowed you to persevere until today? Is it because you couldn’t accept not finding her?” Haitang sighed.

Ji Xiuran grew silent.

“Why?” A long while later, Haitang looked at Ji Xiuran. “You should know Worriless better than me, no?”

“And?” Ji Xiuran asked.

“Back then, you were diagnosed with a terminal illness by Master Li… so you intentionally distanced yourself from Worriless. You loved her so much and considered her your life. Why didn’t you tell her the truth? Why did you hurt her so thoroughly and distance her from you?” Haitang said.

“Worriless…?” Ji Xiuran sank into thought between responding, “I merely consider her a younger sister.”

“Younger sister?” Haitang shook her head. “Have you started fooling yourself too now?”

Ji Xiuran smiled faintly and fell into silence.

“You know you wouldn’t have much longer to live, so you intentionally alienated her and distanced her from yourself. Do you think I didn’t know? You were unwilling to hurt her, so you chose to suffer by yourself. And last time, you clashed with Lord Asura at the Shen Estate.”

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