Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 2376 - Hand over the person

Chapter 2376: Hand over the person

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Yi Yunmo definitely saw the message already… If she was truly being impersonated by Worriless Nie, then she would’ve arrived by now…

The purpose of the banquet tonight was not only to socialize with the higher-ups of the Arbitration Council but to also set up a foolproof trap for Worriless Nie!

At the table, drinks were exchanged and conversation flowed.

At this moment, a loud commotion was heard from the entrance.

“Miss Yi! Miss Yi, do you need something?”

“Miss Yi, there’s a banquet inside right now. Allow me to announce your presence first?”

“Miss Yi…”


A girl in a tight, red dress with a Tang backsword sitting on her waist was marching toward the dining hall like a blazing inferno.

Immediately, everyone in the dining hall reflexively turned to the entrance.

“Eh, isn’t… isn’t that Miss Yi?”

“Why did Miss Yi also come?”

Everyone knew Yi Yunmo never attended this kind of function, so they were all surprised by her appearance.

When Yin Heng saw the newcomer, he was startled for a moment before mad joy rushed into his heart.

Yi Yunmo came! She really came!

Although Yin Heng was ecstatic, his expression remained calm and collected. He nonchalantly stood up and courteously greeted the girl, “What a rare guest, what a rare guest. I knew Miss Yi preferred the quiet, so I didn’t invite Miss Yi. May I ask why Miss Yi is gracing us with your presence this late in the day?”

Yin Heng especially emphasized that he didn’t invite her and she came of her own volition.

When Ye Wanwan didn’t say anything, Yin Heng purposely asked again, “Why did you come here today, Miss Yi?”

Ye Wanwan still remained silent and strode forward, stopping in front of Yin Heng.


Yin Heng had just uttered one word when a loud “bang” rang in the room a second later, and Yin Heng was sent flying back with a smack from Ye Wanwan.

2The chair behind Yin Heng shattered from the impact and Yin Heng slammed into a giant flower vase the height of an adult before crashing into the wall like a snipped kite.

“Cough cough cough cough…”

Yin Heng had yet to recover and was using an arm to raise himself up a little when another “bang” was heard.

Ye Wanwan stepped on his chest with her foot, the horrifying sound of bones shattering ringing in everyone’s ears.

“PU!” Yin Heng couldn’t endure it anymore and twisted his head, spitting out a large mouthful of blood.

This abrupt scene left everyone stupefied. Dead silence enveloped the room and everyone was frozen in their spots, unable to react from the enormous shock.

Ye Wanwan was akin to a Rakshasa who brought hell to the mortal realm. The dining hall was joyous and harmonious mere moments ago but had now turned into purgatory with a murderous intent flooding the hall.

The girl kept her foot on Yin Heng’s chest as she leaned closer, enunciating each word carefully as she asked, “Heh, you don’t know why I came here? Do you know… now?”

“You… you…” Yin Heng started but spat out another mouthful of blood.

He calculated every possibility but never expected Ye Wanwan to attack him so publicly and so ruthlessly.

Also, what was the deal with this woman’s martial strength?

From the information she obtained, Worriless Nie might’ve been very strong maritally but definitely wasn’t so strong that he had no room for retaliation.

There was a second when he nearly thought she was going to kill him…

Ye Wanwan’s expression didn’t contain a trace of warmth. “I will give you three seconds: Hand him over.”

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