Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Oh, math…

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This damned woman, that face of hers was scary enough but she just had to dress in white today huh?! She can really scare the living daylights out of people!

Ye Wan Wan was in a good mood after seeing Si Xia’s reaction.

She had been going blind from studying in the dormitory for 7 days and nights.

All other things aside, this guy had inherited the Si family’s genetically good looks which were quite pleasing to the eyes.

Ye Wan Wan grinned at him, “I didn’t think that our school’s hunk was afraid of ghosts?”

She looks scarier when she smiles…

Si Xia took a deep breath. He couldn’t bear the sight of her so he turned away and scoffed, “At least you’re aware that you look like a ghost.”

No matter what, he had to do well this time and move to a seat far far away!

He couldn’t stand another day of being here!

The bell rang and the invigilator started giving out the exam booklets.

The comprehensive liberal arts exam was held on the morning of the first day. Ye Wan Wan looked through the entire paper before starting to answer the questions.

Si Xia had a glimmer of amazement in his eyes when he realized that the Ye Wan Wan seated next to him actually picked up a pen to start writing.

Everybody knew that Ye Wan Wan handed in blank booklet every time.

While he was in shock, he saw how Ye Wan Wan answered the questions and his mouth started twitching.

How is she answering the questions? She’s clearly filling in the blanks blindly.

She’s filling up the booklet so fast, randomly selecting ABCD, probably not even reading questions and relying on luck.

The boy called her an idiot mockingly in his heart.

If you want to rely on luck, why not fill in B for every question? There’s a higher chance of getting them right, rather than filling them up randomly which could potentially get you all the wrong answers.

The boy stopped paying attention to the moron next to him and started concentrating on the exam.

The duration of the comprehensive liberal arts exam was 150 minutes, taking up the entire morning. The English exam followed in the afternoon.

The Language exam was on the morning of the second day and the last exam was math.

Ye Wan Wan stared at the math questions, looking at them again and again. The functions, algebra and geometry were like a virus causing her brain to break down.

The world around Ye Wan Wan started spinning and she saw stars around her. After being in a frenzy for 3 seconds, she gave up on her answers and started to take a nap.

Why must there be such a scary thing like math in this world?!

Although she had a photographic memory, she barely had enough time to finish reading three years worth of textbooks. It was absolutely impossible to excel in math in such a short time, so she simply chose to give up.

The bell rang and the last exam came to an end.

Si Xia glanced at his neighbour and realized that she was fast asleep on a completely blank math booklet.

Judging by how she did at the beginning, I thought that maybe she wanted to make a change. Sure enough, as the saying goes, you can change mountains and rivers but not a person’s nature!

After submitting the exam booklets, all the students looked as if their bodies were depleted.

“Finally, the exams are over! We’re free!”

“Most importantly, our school hunk will finally be able to sit at his usual place! That ugly freak, Ye Wan Wan, is getting uglier and uglier. Si Xia was so miserable to be frightened by her in the morning that his face turned pale!”

“Aren’t you aiming to get that seat first from the back? Let’s see how she’s going to cling onto Si Xia this time!”

“You all are overthinking, she’ll be expelled even before the exam results are out! Before, all the teachers were busy with exams so they didn’t have time to deal with her. Now that exams are over, they’ll definitely sort things out with her.”

“Pity they didn’t kick her out before exams. Our class’ scores will be pulled down by her again this time!”

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