Perfect World

Chapter 2010

Chapter 2010 - Ancient Final Destination

This was a wave of astonishing power, powerful beyond compare. It turned into symbols, reaching the back of the dam following the wind and waves.


A terrifying strange roar sounded, as if a ghost was weeping. This was a hurricane produced by great dao symbols. It quickly spread, sweeping through the endless regions under heaven.

A tremendous power swept about.

Even in Immortal Domain, everyone trembled.


Heaven and earth broke apart, actually fracturing.

This scene left everyone horrified. Immortal Domain was already in ruins, yet now, this type of great disaster happened, absolutely terrifying. Everyone was incredibly shaken.

“A’man, go back!”

Shi Hao got up, sending A’man away. He sent the Divine Striking Stone and the dozens of old soldiers out of Imperial Court’s ruins, sending them to a previously sealed land.

This wave of power was too crazy. It tore through the great world.


Immortal Domain truly collapsed, instantly shattering. It turned into hundreds of pieces, floating into the distance, separating, basically broken.

Then, the hurricane made from symbols surged, gradually extending outwards. With a hong noise, it smashed through the realm wall, sweeping towards the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

Apart from this, there were symbols that extended towards Burial Earth and other places.


Shi Hao took action. He definitely wouldn’t allow these terrifying great dao symbols to enter the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. That was his true home.

He condensed a fist imprint and sent it smashing towards the storm.

His entire figure rushed into the air, blocking in front. His body released endless light, becoming as large as a giant to stop this terrifying great storm.

With a weng noise, Shi Hao produced several half immortal emperor weapons. There was Feather Emperor’s Emperor Murdering War Spear, as well as World Eradication Elder’s weapon. The four great experts’ weapons were all his spoils of war.

Right now, the void rumbled with noise. Shi Hao activated all of these weapons, suppressing the storm.

His figure was indomitable as he continued, rising into the cosmos. He activated many different weapons to send this storm back into Realm Sea. He continued forward, standing on the dam.


Suddenly, all of the world’s spiritual essence rushed out from the broken Immortal Domain, surging towards Realm Sea’s side.

Similar things were happening in Burial Land, Foreign Realm and other places. They were also breaking apart.

Just what kind of boundless and terrifying power was this?!

It was clear that the various realms suffered serious damage. The great world breaking down into hundreds and thousands of pieces would trigger a great disaster.

This scene was a bit shocking. It was just a single storm, yet the world already became much more withered. If this continued, all of the realms would enter a Cultivationless Age.


Immortal Domain trembled again.

Now, it turned into over a thousand pieces, the pieces getting further and further apart from each other. Compared to the past flourishing age, everything clearly declined.

Later on, many fragments disappeared without a trace, entering the void, respectively remaining in one place!

The region bordering the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, adjacent to the realm wall, really was much smaller right now.

This was a great heaven and earth change!

It was just like how the Primordial Ancient World broke apart in the past, splitting into the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths. Now, Immortal Domain experienced this even more thoroughly, becoming hundreds of pieces.

However, Immortal Domain’s pieces were still much larger.

It was formed from the merging of many cosmos to begin with. In the past, an immortal king ruled an expanse of cosmos.

Even though they now broke apart, every piece was still incredibly massive.

From prosperity to decline!

Shi Hao could only release a light sigh. Immortal Domain broke apart, now in this type of state.

In the distance, there were three great creatures who were looking over. The white-clothed empress, the expert with the great cauldron above his head and Without Beginning, all three of them were incredibly moved. So the future Immortal Domain was broken apart like this.

In their space-time, they previously only entered a corner of Immortal Domain.

In the depths of Realm Sea, that great dao hurricane arrived too fast, also retreated too fast. It brought a sea of spiritual essence with it , the various regions of the heavens all becoming much dimmer as a result.

Shi Hao stared in that direction. He felt that this wave of power was at least at the half immortal emperor level, that side of Realm Sea having many dangers after all.

Immortal Domain, Burial Land and the various other lands were all in panic. Even many powerful individuals were greatly shaken.

At this age, the immortal kings were pretty much almost all dead, not that many left. There were only the Butcher, Burial Lord and a few others.

As for true immortals, even those as powerful as they couldn’t sense where the other pieces of Immortal Domain drifted to.

In reality, after breaking apart like this, as the pieces drifted further, many true immortal experts might never be able to meet again in the future.

Every single Immortal Domain fragment surged with immortal radiance, protecting themselves, sealing themselves up, respectively forming realm walls.

Shi Hao stared outwards. He didn’t take action. This was fine as well, separating like this. If there was another great disaster that descended, there would at least be some ancient lands that would survive.

“Is there reincarnation in this world?”

Shi Hao said to himself. It was because he wanted those old friends of his who were killed in battle to revive.

The past old friends all withered away one after another, making him feel extremely lonely. He hoped that one day, he could experience the cheers and laughter again.

If there was reincarnation, he was willing to truly carry out a great repair of this world, make those people revive, appear again in this world.

“It is time for me to go.”

Shi Hao had a resolute expression in his eyes.

He wanted to head to the other side of Realm Sea, investigate it completely. If there was reincarnation, he would repair the great world, reset reincarnation.

In reality, at this moment, he couldn’t stop himself from making a move. It was because vaguely, he could sense that there was something on the other end of Realm Sea that had locked onto him.

This time, Shi Hao traveled across Realm Sea much quicker. It was because he previously struck down some Guidance Ancient Palace. These ancient palaces had a strange path within them, connected to the Land of Darkness, able to bring him to the other side of Realm Sea quicker.

“Heavenly Emperor Huang has left again!”

In Immortal Domain, someone said with a sigh. They felt both pleasant surprise and also worry.

Heavenly Emperor Huang was taking action, so he will definitely display brilliant power. However, could he truly solve the problem at the other end of Realm Sea?

The white-clothed empress, Without Beginning and the expert with the great cauldron floating above him wanted to follow him, but discovered that this world rejected them, the great river of time floating beside them.

“We still cannot continue in the end. I believe the ultimate destination of Realm Sea has great karma, so we cannot step foot there. If we continue forward, we will most likely suffer a backlash.”

They released a light sigh. In the end, they withdrew, unable to head into the Ancient Final Destination.

After arriving at the other side of Realm Sea, Shi Hao entered the Land of Darkness and then rushed past again, heading towards the Ancient Final Destination.

Along the way, he wanted to bring back Great Elder, Huo Ling’er and Willow Deity’s scorched black trunk, but he decided to temporarily put this aside.

He was worried that even if he tried to immediately bring them back to Immortal Domain, if he ended up fighting a great decisive battle, it still wouldn't necessarily be safe.

“All of you, wait for me. I am going to head to the Ancient Final Destination to get to the bottom of everything first!” Shi Hao said to himself.

Even if he couldn’t return, Great Elder, Huo Ling’er and the others could still remain alive in their area, they would be comparatively safer.

The darkness left. After leaving this ancient land, what he saw wasn’t all that brilliant either.

In Shi Hao’s opinion, this was more like a blood-soaked dusk.

He arrived at the Ancient Final Destination, one step crossing an endless distance, his speed extremely fast.

Soon afterwards, he stopped, because he saw some palaces. They all appeared on the great earth, divine and dazzling. Those were Guidance Ancient Palaces.

In the Ancient Final Destination, there were Guidance Ancient Palaces everywhere.


When he arrived here, there was one object on Shi Hao’s body that shone, starting to shake.

“Rotten wooden chest!”

He was extremely shocked. The rotten wooden chest had a connection with this place?

Shi Hao was extremely alert. He placed the rotten wooden chest on the ground. In the end, it began to vibrate and tremble chaotically, flying towards one of the most massive Guidance Ancient Palaces.


The rotten wooden chest smashed into that grand ancient palace and then it became quiet again.

Shi Hao revealed a strange expression. This was already rather deep into the Ancient Final Destination. What exactly was there?

He looked at the rotten wooden chest and walked around this ancient palace, not noticing anything special about it. In the end, his eyes flickered with radiance, continuing forward, entering inside.

He didn’t bring the rotten wooden chest with him, keeping it here.

In reality, after advancing a bit, he already arrived at the very depths of Ancient Final Destination.

In the distance, there was a glimmering radiance. There was a monument that wasn’t that tall. It was spotlessly white like jade, divine and perfect.

This was the end of the large amount of Guidance Ancient Palaces. When he continued forward, there was a strange power rippling.

“This is…”

Shi Hao was shocked, his expression fully concentrated. He recognized the material of that monument. This was completely the same bone material as the True Primordial Record. The so-called snow-white monument was actually made of bone material.

There were some symbols carved on its surface, clear and deep.

“True Primordial Record’s final piece!”

It was carved right on this bone monument, quiet and still.

Shi Hao studied it seriously. Soon afterwards, he confirmed that this was indeed the last piece of the True Primordial Record, related to the two previous parts. This was the last piece.

After Shi Hao studied it, he closed his eyes. He thought for a long time. This final piece was suitable for half immortal emperors to cultivate, but that was it, this was its limit.

It wasn’t able to step into the true Immortal Emperor Realm.

“I already became a half immortal emperor. If I learn this method, the meaning isn’t significant. It only has reference value.”

After Shi Hao said this, his eyes quickly flickered, realizing some problems.

“Those who learn from me will live, those who imitate me will die!”

Shi Hao sighed. He could use it for enlightenment. He sensed the various wonders of the Half Immortal Emperor Realm. However, if he blindly imitated it, he might only be restricted by it.

“This is the difference between the creator of a system and those who follow their predecessors?” Shi Hao said to himself, waking up.

“The technique I left for those after me gave up on some areas and preserved some other areas, granting them a path, burying a seed, but in the end, one still needs to transcend themselves, forge different techniques to continue their paths.”

There was actually a half immortal emperor method left behind here. This could be considered quite the big deal.

At the same time, waves of darkness mist surged from the very depths of Ancient Final Destination like dark clouds covering the sky dome. Simultaneously, there were incomparably terrifying fluctuations that were released.

Shi Hao stared outwards. He saw a ruined stele in the very depths of Ancient Final Destination. There were a few ancient words carved on it, as if formed from great dao runes. Regardless of which great era the creatures were from, as long as they were strong enough, they could comprehend it.

“Emperor achieving opportunity…”

Shi Hao chanted it. His pupils contracted, staring at that place.

“Just leave, hurry and leave this place!”

Right at this time, a divine will suddenly sounded from behind Shi Hao, warning him

Shi Hao suddenly turned around, looking towards the ancient palace that was the largest. The rotten wooden chest was precisely over there.

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