Perfect World

Chapter 2011

Chapter 2011 - Source of Darkness

The most imposing Guidance Ancient Palace had a wave of strange power. The palace swirled with brilliant colors, the tiles even golden-colored, a divine and mysterious aura surging from it.

Within the palace, the rotten wooden chest was shaking. Even though it was made of wood, it looked like it was made of metal.

Inside the palace, radiance swirled in endless strands, all of it shining on the rotten wooden chest. It was as if they were guiding something back, trying to appear in the present world.

That voice came from within the rotten wooden chest!

Shi Hao’s eyes shone brilliantly. He stared at the rotten wooden chest. There was something alive inside? This chest had followed him for a long time, yet he had never been able to completely research it.

Right now, it actually released noise.

This was extremely strange and also extremely mysterious. It had remained silent for who knew how many great eras. Back then, it was buried in Burial Earth, but now, it suddenly released noise.

“Who are you?”

Shi Hao asked. Moreover, he himself backed up, separating himself from the black mist shrouded Ancient Final Destination.


Suddenly, a streak of black lightning quickly arrived, smashing towards that rotten wooden chest in Guidance Ancient Palace.

This black electricity was even more terrifying than heavenly punishment, comparable to a half immortal emperor stirring on karma strength, possessing a world eradication aura. Terrifying thunder radiance submerged this place.

With a peng noise, the grand and massive palace exploded, turning into ruins.

The rotten wooden chest was covered by the black thunder radiance.

At the same time, in the black mist, that ruined monument shone. Several great dao symbols became even more resplendent.

“Opportunity for becoming an emperor!”

The chance to become an emperor only belonged to a single person.

A long and drawn-out light sigh sounded, as if there was a type of remnant will rippling through this place.

Then, Shi Hao saw some old scenes. World Eradication Elder, Feather Emperor, Gray Emperor and Grand Emperor had previously all appeared here.

Achieving Immortal Emperor status was too difficult. At the very least, even until now, Shi Hao had never come into contact with this type of creature!

Whose remnant will was this? This type of noise, was it warning Shi Hao?

Who was it that was expressing goodwill, the rotten wooden chest of remnant will?

Should he continue forward or should he just turn around and leave?

Shi Hao stood in place without moving, quietly looking at this rotten wooden chest, and then he looked towards the very depths of the Ancient Final Destination.


All of a sudden, black mist surged, rushing towards the outside world. It definitely carried large amounts of darkness matter, thick to the point where it couldn’t be dissolved. This was darkness source matter.

However, there were great dao symbols included as well, contained within were unrivaled profound mysteries that exceeded the half immortal emperor level.

This left Shi Hao shocked. Were these the true immortal emperor profound mysteries?

In the darkness, there were actually great dao symbols that erupted. As the darkness source spread outwards, there wasn’t much, but it was still extremely shocking.

Immortal emperor’s scripture profound mysteries, it really was shocking. Even Shi Hao was shaken. No wonder even World Eradication Elder carried regrets and unwillingness before death.

There was indeed an emperor achieving opportunity here!

Just what kind of place was this exactly? Why was there this type of thing?

In the distance, the darkness matter became even stronger, surging outwards, terrifying beyond comparison. However, the mysterious symbols within contained sky shocking profound mysteries.

“Those who learn from me will live, those who imitate me will perish.”

Shi Hao didn’t lose himself, instead becoming incredibly calm, saying this to himself. He wasn’t in a rush to obtain it, instead, he was more like a bystander, coldly standing here, just calmly watching.

If it was anyone else, they would most likely long given in. After all, heaven shocking natural luck was right before him. If they missed out on this, then there might not be any more opportunities.

Only a long time afterwards did he carefully seize those symbols, quietly observing them and thinking to himself.

En?” Shi Hao revealed a strange expression. All of the scriptures were engraved in darkness source matter!

During this process, as he seized these great dao symbols, the darkness source matter was also starting to be refined, about to merge into his body.

“No wonder…”

Shi Hao was shocked. He finally understood why World Eradication Elder, Feather Emperor, Gray Emperor, Grand Emperor and the others had darkness matter. If this continued for a long time, how could they not fall into darkness?

One had to understand that this place’s darkness source reached the true immortal emperor dao level!

World Eradication Elder, Feather Emperor, these types of existences, what they desired their entire lives was the immortal emperor status. They were cold and callous, and also heartless, they firmly believed that the great dao was ruthless, viewed all things as insignificant.

At their level, as long they could become immortal emperors, they could disregard everything else.

So what if they had to take in darkness source matter?!

Perhaps after millions of millions years later, after countless great era reincarnations, Shi Hao would also walk that path. It was because after watching the great eras change, the great world rise and fall, all experts would feel weary.

When one truly reached that level, perhaps there might be a type of breakthrough. Transcending everything else one had before might be the ultimate choice.

However, right now, there was no way he could do that. Becoming an emperor didn’t possess much enticement for him.

If he had a choice, he would rather give up on everything he had in order to get back his son and his old friends, to have them reappear in this world.

“Just stop and turn back, or else you will be corroded by him!” In the back, that rotten wooden chest spoke out again.

It was because the radiance that suppressed it faded considerably.

“Who exactly are you?” Shi Hao asked.

“I am a lost soul who suddenly revived here.” The rotten wooden chest trembled.


Immediately afterwards, Ancient Final Destination erupted with endless light again, all of it dark light, smashing towards the rotten wooden chest again.

That type of power made one’s soul tremble, it even made Shi Hao’s expression change. It carried wisps of immortal emperor aura, the divine power unmatched. This was a boundless type of power.

The rotten wooden chest began to crack!


The rotten wooden chest suddenly exploded. A rain of light descended, extremely dazzling, surrounding this place. It was as if the most divine object appeared in this world.

When everything calmed down again, a divine palace appeared, ancient and mysterious. There was a wave of history’s great vicissitudes. It was made of wood, the feeling as if it came from far in the past.

“The rotten wooden chest?!”

Shi Hao was stunned. This ancient temple was formed from the rotten wooden chest.

It possessed immeasurable power and contained world creation aura, as if it was the result of that age. Right now, it released primal chaos from within.

At the same time, Shi Hao was also shocked. He saw a creature seated in this most ancient divine temple.

This was a sphere of light that wrapped around an existence. A hazy radiance surrounded it as it sat there. It suddenly opened its eyes, the feeling it gave off incredibly mysterious.

No boundless power could be felt, but it was definitely extraordinary!

“What do you want to tell me? Please tell me.” Shi Hao said.

“I cannot remember it too clearly either, the years are too ancient. I am only a ruined soul, a strand of primordial spirit imprint.” It was disappointed and frustrated, a bit vexed, even more so feeling endless regret.

Shi Hao stared at it carefully. This wooden temple was quite similar to Guidance Ancient Palace.

“The so-called Guidance Ancient Palace, it was to guide you back?” Shi Hao revealed a look of shock, suddenly producing this thought.

“I do not know too clearly. I only know that it is extremely dangerous up ahead. You have to look clearly and see just what exactly is up ahead!” That creature warned.

The rotten wooden chest had a strand of primordial spirit within, only now did it wake up, leaving Shi Hao deeply shocked.

He didn’t feel fear. As long as it wasn’t a true immortal emperor who appeared, there was no one left in this world who could kill him!

The darkness matter surged. Shi Hao observed silently, continuing to refine it. Whenever he refined a portion of the darkness matter away, he could obtain some symbols, obtain great benefits.


Several months later, Shi Hao exerted force fiercely, dark smoke was released from the surface of his body. This was terrifying darkness source matter that corroded him inside, now forcefully expelled.

After several months of observation, he discovered that quite a bit of his own vital energy and other parts were absorbed by the Ancient Final Destination. This was basically an exchange.

He paid vital energy, but obtained scriptures and became corroded by darkness.

He revealed a strange expression. In the end, he withdrew. After resting for more than a year, he suddenly walked towards the depths of the Ancient Final Destination, wishing to see things more clearly.

As expected, the closer he got, the more clearly he could see what was on the monument. At the same time, the amount of immortal emperor scripture he could obtain was also greater.

Eventually, he stopped. He saw a layer of black light that covered the massive world in front of him.

Everything there was hazy and indistinct. One could vaguely make out rough outlines.

“There is a living being!”

Shi Hao was shocked. This was a massive humanoid creature, one even more grand and majestic than a great mountain. He sat on a stone chair, leaning back, his body in ruins.


Shi Hao’s entire body released endless light, raising his dao skills to the peak. He carefully observed and examined this individual.

Finally, he saw it clearly. Under the blood-colored dusk, within bleak rubble and hills, darkness mists surged. A giant was leaning on an emperor chair carved from a mountain.

His entire body was pitch-black, as if rotten, releasing black mist. This was precisely the true source of the darkness matter!

All of the darkness came from this corpse!

He was extremely ruined, as if ripped apart, splitting from the skull down to his abdomen.

Half of his upper body was missing, as if there was half a head. His left arm and the lower half of his body were still fine. This individual was sitting in a stone chair!


Even someone like Shi Hao who cultivated to his level was extremely shocked.

Was this the greatest secret of the Ancient Final Destination?

In the very depths, there was actually a massive corpse. If it stood up, it would fill up heaven and earth. His body vaguely gave off the might and aura of an immortal emperor.

Even though it died, it was still like this. One could imagine just how terrifying and frightening it was before!

The darkness matter was completely released by the rotting body, corroding this ancient and endless great earth.

Upon closer inspection, there were divine chains of order binding him to the stone chair. At the same time, that layer of light should have been divine, also suppressing this place, not corroded by the darkness matter.

He didn’t seem any different from a human, just that he was way too large.

“Stay away from him! This place is extremely dangerous!” That mysterious primordial spirit in the back said.

Shi Hao didn’t leave, instead moving around this place in a circle, carefully observing. In such a close distance, even he found this a bit hard to take in.

It was because that darkness matter was too strong, simply about to assimilate him.

One could only imagine what kind of sea of darkness power the World Eradication Elder, Feather Emperor and the others had within them.

In the past, for the sake of becoming immortal emperors, they previously lingered here for a long time. For the sake of obtaining the immortal emperor scripture, they continuously refined the darkness matter.

“Trace the roots, return the source, scenes of the past, reappear!”

Shi Hao roared out, activating unmatched magical force, using all of his dao skills, starting to derive things. He wanted to see some of the events of the past.


It was as if heaven and earth collapsed. Many irregular scenes appeared here.

Only, this place was too extraordinary, touching upon half immortal emperors and even immortal emperors. That was why Shi Hao encountered tremendous resistance when he tried to trace backwards.

Creatures of this level were naturally shrouded heaven’s mysteries, difficult to search for.

Shi Hao used shocking methods and his unmatched cultivation to forcefully derive the scenes of the past.

Finally, he saw those blurry but true scenes.

He saw that corpse. It breathed in and out before, it actually breathed before!

“It is still alive?!”

After deriving endless years, precisely while Shi Hao was crossing Realm Sea, it breathed. Strong darkness mist was released, turning into great dao symbols, covering everything.

It swept through Realm Sea, surging towards the shore.

Then, when it breathed, Immortal Domain, Burial Land and other realms’ spiritual essence were sucked over, gathering here.

Shi Hao was shocked. He sucked in a cold breath of air.

At this point, even he was horrified.

However, it was only that single breath, it wasn’t continuous. That corpse became completely murky again after doing this, as if it used up the last bit of its strength.

“Releasing his darkness matter, trying to absorb true holy and pure spiritual essence.” Shi Hao said to himself, his brows deeply furrowed. This was a type of exchange.

Then, he continued to observe, trace the upstream return source, prying into heaven’s mysteries.

He saw Feather Emperor, Gray Emperor and the others, carrying a sea of pure force, using it to refine the darkness and obtain this immortal emperor scripture.

Then, Shi Hao saw the darkness people!

Guidance Ancient Palaces were surrounded by darkness one after another. Many Prides of Heaven, a sea of heavenly talents were locked up in the Darkness Prisons. They were being corroded, absorbing the darkness. At the same time, their own pure source and other parts were sucked out.

Shi Hao felt a headache. He understood that all of the darkness chaos originated from here, coming from that corpse.

Then, he looked towards Realm Eradication Elder, Feather Emperor, Gray Emperor and the others.

The four great experts definitely knew everything that was happening here as well, but they couldn’t stop anymore. For the sake of obtaining this immortal emperor scripture, they had to exchange some darkness people every period of time, equivalent to carrying out a sacrifice here.

However, they didn’t dare continue this out of fear of undergoing darkness transformations themselves.

That was why they also knew to remain dormant, rest and reorganize themselves, wait until the next great era before reappearing. During this period, they would silently cultivate.

At the same time, the four half immortal emperors had previously attacked this place, fighting a great battle, wishing to completely break through and walk inside, obtain the symbols engraved within that corpse.

However, they failed.

For World Eradication Elder who claimed to be the first half immortal emperor after the world was created, to become an immortal emperor, there was another condition. He had to get rid of this ancient corpse first.

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