Perfect World

Chapter 2012

Chapter 2012 - Embodiment Transformation Being

From a certain perspective, the so-called darkness disaster was precisely here. Meanwhile, the creatures in the Darkness Prisons and others were only there to complete him!

There was actually this type of powerful and terrifying corpse!

Shi Hao’s expression was grave. He stared there for a long time. Just how did this type of unmatched existence perish?

Perhaps it couldn’t be said that he was definitely dead. After all, he had breathed, taking in and releasing energy there.

What he exhaled was darkness source matter, what he took in was the essence of the other side of Realm Sea. This type of exchange was like cleansing the corruption within his body.

Shi Hao refined away some of the darkness matter under close distance, obtaining a portion of the scriptures, and then slowly walked towards the distance.

Just like that, he took up residence here.

He didn’t play by any means fair or foul like World Eradication Elder, Feather Emperor or Grand Emperor and the others, longing for immortal emperor scriptures, but was rather refining a suitable amount of darkness matter.

Shi Hao overlooked this place. He wanted to comprehend the dao, wished to break through his current cultivation realm.

However, he didn’t want to walk the path of the rotting corpse before him. The bits of scriptures were only used as reference for him.

One year, two years…

Ten years, a hundred years…

In a flash, hundreds of years passed. Shi Hao comprehended the dao here, cultivated in seclusion. Regardless of whether it was chasing reincarnation or reviving his old friends, these all needed him to make a breakthrough again, this was only possible through greater strength.

“Be careful not to be corroded by him. He most likely still hasn't completely died.” In the temple, that creature within the sphere of divine radiance previously warned him many times.

Shi Hao nodded, expressing his thanks. However, he didn’t leave.

During this period, he came into contact with more than one half immortal emperor. This was especially the case with Feather Emperor, Gray Emperor and Grand Emperor, fighting them for more than thirty thousand years. Their understanding of each other’s dao laws was too deep.

He was able to obtain great enlightenment!

There was also World Eradication Elder, his system was also extraordinary.

When Shi Hao reflected over everything now, he was borrowing all of these individuals’ strengths as reference, silently deducing his own dao, sensing his own great path.

That day, he was roused awake. He suddenly raised his head, looking towards the depths of Ancient Final Destination. It was because he felt that his entire body was ice-cold, as if something had locked onto him.

Sure enough, in the darkness, a pair of empty eyes slowly opened, looking at him.

That creature didn’t die?

Shi Hao faced this seriously!

However, he wasn’t that worried. If this creature’s condition was good, he would have made an appearance a long time ago. Why would he continue to remain here?

Soon afterwards, a wave of powerful divine will surged over, telling him that if Shi Hao guided over creatures, brought it great life force, he could gift him with a piece of immortal emperor scripture.

Wasn’t this precisely triggering the darkness chaos? Shi Hao refused.

“Latecomer, do you wish to establish great karma with an immortal emperor?” The cold voice sounded. That corpse actually opened its mouth, able to speak.

In Shi Hao’s opinion, this creature already died, only some remnant wills remaining, nothing more than that.

“The dead should remain deceased, just rest in peace.” Shi Hao coldly replied.

These calm words made this creature’s eyes immediately become pitch-black like ink, become increasingly terrifying.

“One who doesn’t show respect when seeing an emperor, accept punishment!” A dignified voice sounded from the darkness. If not for the layer of light covering that place, it would have definitely shocked heaven and earth.

Despite this being the case, this ancient land trembled, rumbling about. Even the mountains and rivers were groaning.

Shi Hao didn’t pay this any attention, instead sitting down, continuing to comprehend the dao.


In the darkness, that corpse’s eyes released dazzling radiance, scarlet red like blood spraying out. It was like great scarlet flames, extremely horrifying.

Shi Hao’s body trembled, his soul was being attacked. There was a wave of will that wanted to control his body, wished to hack at his primordial spirit.


Shi Hao activated his sword core, cutting across the skies, hacking towards that will. Sparks flew in all directions, releasing a loud noise, making the entire sky split apart, great cracks covering everything.

The remnant will in the corpse was extremely domineering, believing itself sovereign. It inherited some of its character from when it was alive, high up above. It wanted to control everything in this world, no one could go against him.

“All those who go against this emperor's will -- die!”

In the darkness, the corpse that released a decaying aura released this type of grand noise.


Where he was, endless darkness matter erupted, becoming a sky shocking storm that rushed outwards.

Unfortunately, there was a barrier of light that surrounded him, directly blocking a large amount of the darkness matter. Only a bit of it leaked out, the power greatly decreased.

The darkness matter that rushed out turned into a demonic dragon. It bared its claws and fangs, its magical force unrivalled and vigorous, charging murderously at Shi Hao.

Shi Hao frowned. That corpse most likely truly broke through into the Immortal Emperor Realm when it was alive, or else how could the roar of a remnant will possess this much power?

This demonic dragon could kill half immortal emperors!

After an intense battle, Shi Hao killed the darkness demonic dragon. However, it then turned into a black phoenix, spreading its wings, carrying world eradication-like black flames as it rushed over.

Shi Hao transcended above, slaughtering this black True Phoenix.

Then, the darkness matter continuously changed its appearance, quite a few of them the Vicious ten’s appearance and wondrous techniques, quite the amazing and shocking sight.

The last of the Vicious Ten was a giant rock, incomparably massive. It crushed many stars in the cosmos, smashing downwards with a world destruction aura.

It turns out that the last of the Vicious Ten was a type of strange divine rock that could produce descendants.

Shi Hao didn’t feel any fear. He had previously faced several half immortal emperors before, so now, when he faced the Vicious Ten produced by darkness matter, he calmly took action, suppressing them one after another.

He was direct and straightforward. After a round of killing, he actually completely slaughtered the creatures produced by that corpse!

In the darkness, that corpse fiercely opened his mouth, releasing a great exhale!


Heaven and earth collapsed. Darkness matter turned into a hurricane, interweaving with densely packed great dao symbols. Realm Sea was shaken up, creating heaven reaching giant waves.

Of course, the most terrifying thing was that when he took a breath, there were immediately great changes that took place. He wanted to seize the essence energy of the other side of the world again, but failed in the end.


Shi Hao released a shout. He took action. He definitely couldn’t just watch as the creatures of the other side of Realm Sea were destroyed. This was the terrifying power of an immortal emperor we were talking about!

Even though it experienced the obstruction of that barrier of light, moreover his body suffering huge problems, in the end, it still had half immortal emperor might.


The great clash was much more intense than when he killed the Vicious Ten darkness matter just now, and also much more dangerous.

Shi Hao felt intense pain!

It was because he saw that creature fiercely sat up on that stone chair, the divine chains of order bound around his body releasing hualala noises, in the end becoming perfectly straight. This creature that was suspected to be at immortal emperor level was chanting curses. Murderous light shot out from its mouth, wishing to kill Shi Hao.

This wasn’t a true intense great battle, but it was extremely dangerous.

In the end, Shi Hao blocked his attack, not allowing him to seize the essence of heaven and earth.

Only, he couldn’t remain calm inside. This existence was tied down, trapped here, even suppressed by the curtain of light, yet he could still release this type of power, it really was horrifying.

Of course, the most important thing was that his body was ruined, what was left behind was only a remnant will!

If he really was alive, appearing in this world in his most powerful state, that would be simply unimaginable!

“Even though this emperor has perished, by making me your enemy, your body and dao will definitely perish.” That pitch-black corpse said coldly, carrying endless cold intent.

“If you have the skill, then just come and kill me.” Shi Hao replied coldly.

He closed his eyes, continuing to cultivate in seclusion, comprehending the great dao.

He could already tell that this corpse had huge problems. It was suppressed here, moving powerfully would result in tremendous consumption. Right now, it had to go into a dormant state again.

The corpse had divine chains of order binding him as well. It was basically forced to sleep and spend its time dormant.

The years went on slowly. Shi Hao comprehended the dao here for a hundred thousand years, obtaining shocking transformations. His own strength was increasing, his body undergoing another instance of sublimation.

That day, he transformed again, this time not only reaching this doorstep, he even crossed inside, almost successfully entering the Immortal Emperor Realm.

However, he still backed off again at the most crucial step. If he tried to break through forcefully, he would most likely die. He still lacked a bit of maturity, the conditions not right yet.

“It’s already taking form.”

Shi Hao said to himself. He was forging new methods, breaking new ground for his own system, moreover researching world shocking unmatched techniques.

In the following tens of thousands of years, Shi Hao’s entire body shone. Great dao aura surged, the gates within his body all opened. The body as a seed was pushed to the limit.

In the end, his entire body became a seed. From the distance, he looked mysterious and unimaginable.

This was a seed formed from the great dao. There was an individual within that studied the great dao, developing his own unrivaled technique.

Immortal emperor aura was spreading!

When Shi Hao was close to completion, he was extremely shocked and also a bit stunned. It was because the unmatched technique that he developed was actually -- Embodiment Transformation.

He already grasped how to display it before.

Meanwhile, in these tens of thousands of years, he continued to develop his own techniques, deriving unmatched techniques. This started from the very foundations, from the very source, creating it this way.

The Embodiment Transformation Great Method experienced all types of transformations, deduced from all types of different things. In the end, the moment it succeeded, there was an ultimate sublimation. In the end, he discovered that it was the Embodiment Transformation Great Method!

“How could it be like this?”

Shi Hao was confused. The method he created was actually Embodiment Transformation?

He started from the very beginning and then transformed it, but the ultimate sublimation actually still ended up like this!

This technique was extremely special, the path of creation like a phoenix rebirth, only after a great transformation, did it reveal its true profound mysteries. However, in the end… it instead became this familiar technique.

Shi Hao frowned.

In the depths of the Ancient Final Destination, that corpse woke up. Its expression was even colder. “To strangle a genius, a single hand is enough to cover the sky. Those who go against my will only have death waiting for them!”

His expression was extremely strange, his eyes like black holes, revealing specks of golden light. His entire body sat up, the divine chains around his body becoming straight again.


A sky shaking great roar sounded. Two streaks of divine radiance shot out from this massive creature’s eyes, within the dazzling gold color was a dark radiance, sweeping outwards towards the divine temple.


In that temple, the creature in that sphere of light shouted outwards, resisting fiercely.

“We are of the same source, today is the day we ought to merge once more.” That corpse said.

That strand of primordial spirit imprint within the most ancient palace trembled when he heard this, as if he was immediately roused away by this type of great dao symbol battering, recalling many things.

The most crucial part was that it was wrapped around by those two streaks of light, tangled together.


This primordial spirit imprint roared out, suddenly erupting with endless radiance. Then, it threw itself towards Shi Hao.

Even though it was a ruined primordial spirit imprint, it still released half immortal emperor power!


Shi Hao coldly hacked out with the sword core in his hands, sending that primordial spirit imprint flying outwards. A rain of light shone resplendently here, covering everything.

From start until now, he was always on guard against the creature in the rotten wooden chest!

It was because in the end, that rotten chest actually became an ancient temple, its appearance similar to Guidance Ancient Palace.

After all these years, he never forgot about it. The future Cao Yusheng told him to be careful of… palace!

In his eyes, it was most likely the Guidance Ancient Palace.

Now, his vigilance paid off. That primordial spirit imprint was sent flying.


In the end, the two streaks of light tangling around the primordial spirit imprint dragged it into the depths of Ancient Final Destination, making it enter the screen of light. Then, it merged with that set of flesh.

“Who would have thought that I’ve returned to my flesh once more. I am still me, yet you are already not you.” That corpse released faint golden light. The one that spoke was the primordial spirit imprint that was pulled back.

“What difference is there to speak of? You are precisely me, while I am precisely you.” Dark light flickered about as that corpse spoke.

“Back then, we had just stepped into emperor dao, our dao skills not steady, our bodies even penetrated by darkness. For the sake of preserving the true spirit, I sealed myself here, locking down my own ruined body.” Golden light flickered as that primordial spirit imprint said this.

“Part of the primordial spirit left, while you brought away a portion of the body.” The corpse said coldly.

“It was for the sake of saving myself, leaving behind a bit of pure flesh and soul so everything can be restored one day.”

“Pure? Everything has long been corroded!” The corpse laughed coldly.

In the distance, Shi Hao was inwardly shaken. He roughly understood what kind of situation this was.

Back then, when this existence first stepped into the Immortal Emperor Realm, he still wasn’t stable, something unexpected happened. There was darkness force that broke in, resulting in his soul and flesh being corroded.

In the end, he cut off a portion of his own body and some of his primordial spirit imprints, ordering them to leave into the distance.

Then, he locked his own true body here. He was the one who suppressed himself.

He could sense that there was something extremely wrong with his body, and that was why he did things this way, scared that a great disaster would be brought to this world.

However, it now seemed like the corpse went out of control, walking to the opposite side.

“I let you leave, yet you didn’t leave. Now, things are troublesome. You are most likely going to perish here.” The corpse’s eyes released golden light, saying with a deep sigh.

Shi Hao knew that this should be the primordial spirit imprint from the rotten wooden chest that was speaking.

Shi Hao was on guard, but he never expected that the primordial spirit imprint and that corpse were of the same source, originally of the same body. Now, they suddenly merged together.

“Didn’t you think that it wouldn’t be easy for me to kill you? In reality, it is very simple. I will prove it to you right now!” That corpse’s eyes turned dark black, like black holes.

With a weng noise, the sword core at Shi Hao’s side moved, releasing endless light and immortal emperor level power. Then, it hacked fiercely towards Shi Hao!

He was stunned. This was the Everlasting Sword Core!

After reaching the half immortal emperor level, he was already sure that the past legends were false. The master of the Immortal Smelting Pot said that this sword had a high chance of belonging to that Age of Emperor Collapse expert who left behind the footprints by the dam.

Shi Hao crossed the sea and met that expert’s soul flame and ruined body, he even fought with Feather Emperor and the others. He was sure that this Everlasting Sword Core belonged to that creature.

However, regardless, he never expected this sword core to erupt with immortal emperor aura, moreover completely uncontrollable. It instead turned around and hacked towards him!

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