Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 1333 - 1333 I Can Suppress the Exquisite Domain Alone!

Chapter 1333 - 1333 I Can Suppress the Exquisite Domain Alone!

1333 I Can Suppress the Exquisite Domain Alone!


Lin Feng’s figure suddenly appeared in an unfamiliar world. He looked around. It seemed to be an ocean. Now, he was standing in the air above the ocean.

Lin Feng raised his arm to take a look. As expected, the spacetime imprint was still there.

He knew very well that this spacetime imprint was one of the only three remaining spacetime imprints. It was incomparably precious, and could not be consumed lightly anymore.

“This is…”

Lin Feng’s massive mental power instantly enveloped the entire world. This was a peaceful and stable place. In fact, cultivation was very prevalent. Lin Feng also sensed some traces of the “transcendence technique” among them.

This was clearly the “orthodox” transcendence technique of a Controller.

“It’s probably a transcendence technique passed down by the Domain Alliance.”

Lin Feng also had a guess. In reality, his guess was not wrong. Ever since the Domain Alliance took over the Dark Domain, they had begun to propagate the “transcendence technique” to all the worlds in the Dark Domain.

They would impart the transcendence technique in all kinds of ways, giving the living beings in those worlds a trace of hope of transcendence, even if it was very slim. Even hundreds or thousands of worlds might not give birth to a Controller.

However, there was still hope after all, and there was a clear direction for cultivation. It was unlike in the past, when cultivators thought that becoming the top in their world was the end of cultivation. In reality, there was far more than that.

Becoming the top of the world was only the beginning of transcendence.


Lin Feng took a step forward. He did not linger in this world. Now that the entire Dark Domain was under the control of the Domain Alliance, Lin Feng naturally would not pay special attention to a world.

Lin Feng flew towards the headquarters of the Domain Alliance. Although there was no space in the Dark Domain, with Lin Feng’s current strength, even if he just flew, his speed would be unimaginably fast.

Lin Feng only needed a few hours to get to places many Controllers would take a few years to get to.

A day later, Lin Feng returned to the Domain Alliance Headquarters.

After returning to the Domain Alliance Headquarters, Lin Feng summoned the Controller presiding over the Dark Domain immediately. He urgently needed to know the situation in the outside world, especially regarding the war between the Indefinite Sect and the Opulent Lodge.

“Alliance Leader, the war between the Indefinite Sect and the Opulent Lodge has entered a stalemate…”

Then, the Controller of the Domain Alliance reported everything to Lin Feng.

It turned out that the Celestial Devil who attacked Lin Feng back then was indeed the Indefinite Sect Master, that terrifying Two-star Celestial Devil Emperor! In fact, he had abandoned an avatar with a 20 million-layer Celestial Devil’s true form, which was how he deceived the Two-star Supremacy of the Opulent Lodge, and went to attack Lin Feng directly.

The Two-star Supremacy of the Opulent Lodge did not manage to stop him in time. Fortunately, Supremacy Yellow Sky and Supremacy Xuanji were not in range of the ten chiliocosm domains back then, and escaped death.

On the other hand, Supremacy Pagoda was not so lucky. He was blasted apart by the Indefinite Sect Master along with the ten chiliocosm domains, and was reduced to dust. Later, the Two-star Supremacy of the Opulent Lodge also descended. The battle between the two parties was very intense, and even blasted apart more than ten surrounding chiliocosm domains.

Even the Blue Domain Warzone was directly destroyed and suffered heavy losses. They could no longer advance, and returned to the original defense line.

After that, both parties stopped. It was unknown what agreement the Indefinite Sect Master had reached with the Two-star Supremacy of the Opulent Lodge. Perhaps both parties were very wary, and thus there was no movement instead.

Only the various warzones were still constantly engaging each other in battle. It was simply like a meat grinder. Even One-star Supremacies fell from time to time. In particular, the battle in the Central Warzone was incomparably intense.

After listening to the report, Lin Feng had a rough understanding of the situation on both sides. He was glad that Supremacy Yellow Sky and Supremacy Xuanji were not implicated. It was just a pity about Supremacy Pagoda.

Supremacy Pagoda had treated Lin Feng quite well, but he had been implicated. Thinking of the Indefinite Sect Master’s incomparable palm back then, Lin Feng was deeply stunned.

Under that power, everything seemed to be useless.

Without the spacetime imprint, Lin Feng would not have been able to escape death either. The power of a Two-star Celestial Devil Emperor far exceeded Lin Feng’s imagination.

However, the stalemate of the war was a good thing for Lin Feng. At the very least, after the previous incident, the Two-star Supremacy of the Opulent Lodge would definitely keep a close eye on the Indefinite Sect Master.

He would not possibly allow the previous situation to repeat itself, so Lin Feng was not in too much danger.

“I’d better not go to the warzone for the time being. I have enough Boundary Stones now. I still have a large amount of Boundary Stones, but worlds cannot be born without world origin. If I have enough world origin, my strength can continue to increase!”

Lin Feng was also considering his current situation. What he needed the most now was not to comprehend the mysteries of spacetime, nor to join the battlefield. Instead, he should think of ways to obtain a large amount of world origin.

There were only a few ways to obtain a large amount of world origin. The fastest and most direct method was to devour Celestial Devils! The more Celestial Devils one devoured, the more world origin they would obtain.

“I can’t go to the warzone for the time being, but where else can a large number of Celestial Devils be found?”

Lin Feng frowned. Places flashed through his mind.

“Eh? Isn’t the Indefinite Sect behind the Exquisite Chiliocosm Domain?”

Lin Feng’s heart skipped a beat. He hurriedly asked the Controllers of the Domain Alliance, “How’s the situation in the Exquisite Domain? Has it been conquered?”

“Exquisite Domain? The Indefinite Sect is behind this Exquisite Domain, but due to its remote location, they didn’t even set up a warzone there. The Exquisite Domain is still presided over by Emperor Haoming. However, a Celestial Devil World has already been established in the Exquisite Domain. and there are many Celestial Devils. Relying on the Celestial Devil World alone, they can even resist ordinary One-star Supremacies for a period of time.”

Lin Feng nodded when he heard this. The Indefinite Sect indeed did not pay much attention to the Exquisite Domain. Its location was remote. Back then, the Indefinite Sect had only occupied the Exquisite Domain because of the Primordial Lodge, but did not actually care to manage it.

As for Emperor Haoming, perhaps to Lin Feng in the past, Emperor Haoming was a challenging opponent. Moreover, more importantly, the Indefinite Sect was behind Emperor Haoming. Lin Feng was wary of the Indefinite Sect, and would never dare to have designs on the Exquisite Domain under normal circumstances.

As for now? A mere Emperor Haoming was not worth mentioning at all. Even the Indefinite Sect was in a war with the Opulent Lodge now, and had no time to pay attention to the Exquisite Domain.

It would be a piece of cake for Lin Feng to conquer the Exquisite Domain.

“Gather the members of the Domain Alliance and prepare to take over the Exquisite Domain!” Lin Feng said evenly.

His voice was very calm, but it revealed infinite confidence and a trace of dominance.

That’s right, dominance. The current Lin Feng’s horizons had already been broadened. Apart from those One-star Supremacies or Two-star Supremacies who were truly at the peak, others were no longer worthy of Lin Feng’s attention.

“I can suppress the Exquisite Domain alone!”

“Yes, Alliance Leader!”

The Controller of the Domain Alliance retreated respectfully, his eyes flickering with a sharp glint. He knew very well what it meant for a chiliocosm domain to be included in the sphere of influence of the Domain Alliance.

Perhaps from this moment on, the surrounding situation would change drastically. The rise of the Domain Alliance was unstoppable!

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