Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 27 - Top 100

Chapter 27: Top 100

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The screen flashed. Lin Feng was still standing in the Virtual Battle Chamber, while Wei Gang’s figure had already vanished.

“Wei Gang lost, how is that possible?”

“That’s scary. Senior Wei Gang practiced the Lightning Arc Saber Technique. Even he lost.”

“Senior Lin Feng’s punch seems very familiar. It seems to be a move from the first level of the Nonuple Body Tempering.”


“You mean the Spiral Force?”

“That’s true. Just now, there seemed to be an unparalleled power erupting outwards. Those that can successfully cultivate the first level of the Nonuple Body Tempering are as rare as hen’s teeth.”

These students from the Myriad Academy had good insight, at least. Lin Feng’s Nonuple Body Tempering definitely could not be concealed for long. After all, there were many people who practiced Nonuple Body Tempering. Although the number of people who actually mastered it could be counted on one hand, they still knew the general characteristics of some moves.

Moreover, there was only one move in the first level of the Nonuple Body Tempering. The Nonuple Body Tempering did not win through moves. It relied on the explosive power of the Spiral Force, and relied purely on strength to suppress the opponent.

Lin Feng stood in the Virtual Battle Chamber, thinking back to the battle just now. Actually, he had almost lost. He had underestimated the Lightning Arc Saber Technique. If his strength had been weaker, Wei Gang’s Lightning Arc Saber Technique would have been able to sever Lin Feng’s neck in an instant. This was a terrifying killing saber technique.

Wei Gang was very strong. Lin Feng even felt that Wei Gang should not only be ranked over 100.

But since he had won, he would continue to challenge opponents. And this time, Lin Feng was challenging the Du Tian, ranked 99th.

“He’s really challenging the top 100. Are we about to witness the birth of a miracle?”

“Unbelievable, truly unbelievable. He’s really challenging the top 100.”

In the Virtual Battle Chamber, everyone’s eyes were wide open and they were even holding their breaths. The scene was extremely quiet.

Challenging the top one 100 was a grand event that was rarely seen even in the Myriad Academy. In general, those who were qualified to challenge the top 100 were all experts who had returned from the Outland.

It was not unheard of for new students to challenge the top 100. However, the most recent one was a prodigious senior from a century ago. If Lin Feng could succeed and become an expert of the top 100 as a new student, he would definitely be the first in a century in the entire Myriad Academy!

At the very least, he would set a significant record for the century in the Myriad Academy.

In the Virtual Battle Chamber, Lin Feng stared at Duan Tian in front of him. Just a virtual figure had already given Lin Feng a huge sense of pressure. Lin Feng did not dare to underestimate him in the least. In reality, challenging Wei Gang had already given Lin Feng some pressure, let alone challenging Duan Tian, who was ranked 99th.

This time, Lin Feng had to go all out as well.


Duan Tian made his move. Just like Lin Feng, Duan Tian did not use any weapons. He was also an expert in fist fighting, relying on his physical strength.

Lin Feng’s expression changed slightly when his opponent threw a punch, because he actually felt an extremely strong pressure.

“That’s at least five tons of strength. Other than me fusing with the genes of dire beasts, there are others capable of attaining such powerful physical strength?”

Lin Feng was truly shocked. In reality, he did not know that ordinary people in this world naturally could not possess such terrifying power. However, Duan Tian was not an ordinary person, but a prodigy.

Duan Tian’s parents were both experts who had broken the genetic lock. In other words, he had inherited his parents’ inhuman genes. Generally speaking, once the genetic lock was broken, very few children would be born. There was less than a ten percent chance that a inhuman expert who had broken the genetic lock would be able to have children with an ordinary person. Even experts who were had both broken the genetic lock only had a thirty percent chance of having children.

However, once a child was born, especially when both parents had broken the genetic lock, the offspring would integrate the inhuman genes of both parents. They would be different from normal people at birth, and there might even be some mutations that would allow them to possess supernatural powers.

There were very few people like this. Ordinary people might not even be able to encounter such a person in their entire lives, but in the Myriad Academy, one of the top three martial academies in the world, meeting such a person was nothing special.

Furthermore, the Virtual Battle Chamber recorded all the students who were ever enrolled in the Myriad Academy. Duan Tian was such a genius. Both his parents had broken the genetic lock, so the moment he was born, he was destined to be extraordinary.

Of course, no matter how extraordinary Duan Tian was, it was impossible for his physical strength to reach more than four tons. He must have practiced some kind of fist technique that increased his strength by a lot, allowing him to reach five tons.

It was through his terrifying strength and various martial techniques that Duan Tian was able to be ranked top 100.

However, Duan Tian was challenged by Lin Feng today. In terms of strength, Lin Feng was not afraid of anyone. Moreover, Duan Tian’s fighting style was what Lin Feng was good at. He was more willing to deal with Duan Tian than Wei Gang.

“Spiral Force.”

Without any hesitation, Lin Feng threw a punch. The Spiral Force burst, and a more than eight tons of force surged out like a volcanic eruption.

Once he mastered Nonuple Body Tempering, Lin Feng would be able to unleash unimaginable power. If he still relied on the Wild Bovine’s Might, even if he had found his own consciousness, he would not be able to defeat Duan Tian, and might even be defeated by Duan Tian.

But now, as the two forces erupted, it was a head-on clash. Whoever was stronger would be able to defeat their opponent.

Without a doubt, Lin Feng’s strength was stronger. He crushed Duan Tian with an unstoppable force, shattering his figure.

“Challenge successful! Congratulations on becoming one of the top 100 students in the history of the Myriad Academy!”

The Virtual Battle Chamber vibrated slightly. Once a new top 100 student was born, the Virtual Battle Chamber would vibrate.

“Top 100?”

Lin Feng, on the other hand, did not feel any difference. In fact, he felt that defeating Duan Tian was slightly easier than defeating Wei Gang just now. Of course, this was due to the different fighting styles, which resulted in different effects. Duan Tian’s fighting style was almost completely countered by Lin Feng.

If Lin Feng had met someone stronger, Lin Feng would probably be completely countered as well.

Perhaps Lin Feng felt that the top 100 did not mean anything, but outside the Virtual Battle Chamber, there were exclamations of jubilation and shock.

Top 100. There was actually a new top 100 student, and it was a new student! This was too unbelievable. Lin Feng had actually succeeded. In the past hundred years, Lin Feng was the first person to become top 100 as a new student!

Initially, Feng Xiu, who had been defeated by Lin Feng earlier, still bore a grudge against Lin Feng. He was even thinking of ways to get out of the deal with Lin Feng. But now, upon hearing that Lin Feng had entered the top 100, all his ploys vanished.

“Forget it, I’ll just be honest and follow Lin Feng to the Outland.”

Feng Xiu felt rather bitter. Why did he have to provoke such a monstrous new student? Could this even be considered a new student? He was even more terrifying than the senior students who had returned from fighting in the Outland.

However, everyone was curious—who would Lin Feng choose for his next challenge?

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