Phoenix Destiny

Chapter 389 - Interesting

Chapter 389: Interesting

~Oh No!~

Lu Mingshu gulped, face turning pale.

It was an assimilation realm beast. And to make it worse, it looked extremely aggressive.

“Little daze, up!” Lu Mingshu commanded.

Little daze let out a sharp cry as it spread its wings, flying into the sky with little boo.

However, the beast didn’t even spare little daze a look. It’s eyes were locked on Lu Mingshu as it continued to charge towards her, causing the ground to rumble and trees around her to shake.

She fished out her badge in panic and jumped up, landing on a nearby tree. She cleared her throat and shouted. “I’m a Nine Jade Palace’s disciple, and this badge is the proof. May I know why Sir is coming after me?” Lu Mingshu spoke to the beast with respect, as if it was a human being.

Beast with high enough cultivation have intelligence. In normal circumstances, they won’t attack without reason, generally treating living things with mutual respect. To her surprise, the beast didn’t bother to even listen to her.

As an assimilation realm beast, not much was needed to defeat a mere spirit realm fighter. With its strength, a normal spirit realm fighter wouldn’t be able to survive at all.

Luckily, Lu Mingshu trained differently from others. Realizing that her method didn’t work, Lu Mingshu grabbed her sword tightly and slashed across the sky with all her might, forming a ray of light. In a split second, the light divided itself into more rays and exploded like fireworks.

Lu Mingshu got this skill from Jiang Wan’s world, and she combined it with the sword embryo so that she would be able to attack faster. Ordinary cultivators wouldn’t be able to keep up with her speed, not to mention cultivators from her world.

Fu Mingxi and Zhou Jingfang, who were hiding, watched in shock. ~A spirit realm fighter is that strong?~ Fu Mingxi had seen many spirit realm fighters, but she had never seen any like Lu Mingshu ~Even daddy doesn’t seem to be this good!~ she turned to Zhou Jingfang and tugged his sleeve hard. “Someone in the spirit realm can be this powerful?”

Zhou Jingfang, whose eyes were focused on the fight, ignored Fu Mingxi’s question. As someone in the spirit realm, he understood the fight better than Fu Mingxi, and he was sure that the skills taught in Nine Jade Palace weren’t what Lu Mingshu was using, and it was way better. ~So the rumors about her getting great benefits outside are true?~ Zhou Jingfang bit his lips, feeling empowered by the thought of Lu Mingshu gaining so much just by traveling out of the Nine Jade Palace.

This precious beast had trained in the Nine Jade Palace for many years, and it was extremely powerful. It was the best candidate to guard a secret place. However, what many were unaware of was that the beast was already very old. It was sent here to spend its remaining days in peace while guarding the area.

Aging reduces a man’s stamina and strength. This applied to all living things, including this type of beast. Going against a spirit realm that trained with such unique cultivation wasn’t going to be easy.

Realizing the situation, Fu Mingxi felt restless. ~She should die to the beast! Since her master was useless too, nobody could help her.~ But who would have expected that Lu Mingshu would be able to resist the beast?

“Oh my god. Hurry up!” Fu Mingxi pushed Zhou Jingfang forward. “Go do something. We have to succeed! If you don’t do something, she might escape!”

“Alright.” Zhou Jingfang sighed as he stepped forward hesitantly.

Zhou Jingfang didn’t want to attack Lu Mingshu because he believed that Lu Mingshu couldn’t escape the raging assimilation realm beast. ~ Why do more than required?~

Zhou Jingfang took a deep breath and launched an attack.

As soon as he came out from his hiding spot, Lu Mingshu spotted him.

Before, Lu Mingshu knew nothing about him and Fu Mingxi. However, Zhou Jingfang’s attack revealed them.

Zhou Jingfang’s sword light caught Lu Mingshu’s attention. She squinted her eyes to get a better look at what was going on as she launched another attack, sending it both towards the beast and where zhou Jingfang was.

Seeing the sword energy coming towards him, Zhou Jingfang stood up to defend and move forward, but he was blocked by the sword light.

Unfortunately, Lu Mingshu caught him and laughed coldly in her mind.

~Ah, no wonder the beast went nuts all of a sudden. Someone is behind all this.~

~So they think I’m an easy target, huh?~

Having been brought into the battle, Zhou Jingfang immediately felt how strong a control she had over the battle. Zhou Jingfang was very agile, and he always managed to launch an attack before Lu Mingshu. However, it seemed like she could guess his next move no matter how fast he was or changed his tactic. This made it hard for him to defeat her, even with the assimilation beast restricting much of her movements.

Zhou Jingfang sighed in dismay. ~She really won the Qilin festival with her ability. No matter how much effort I put in, I won’t beat someone talented from birth!~

While Zhou Jingfang was busy being disappointed with himself, Fu Mingxi was very restless. By right, Zhou Jingfang’s intervention should have been able to end Lu Mingshu, but it seemed like he barely affected Lu Mingshu! Neither of them knew that due to the numerous experiments she had with the drug lord and the special techniques she used, Zhou Jingfang’s intervention was almost nothing to her.

~But wait, what drove the beast crazy? What did they do to it?~

Lu Mingshu looked around to find clues, and she solved the question when her eyes landed on the miniature spiked pig. ~Ah, it’s blood!~

In a split second, Lu Mingshu took off her robe and fused it with her sword light before throwing it towards Zhou Jingfang.

This alarmed Zhou Jingfang as he tried to escape. Unfortunately, he had underestimated Lu Mingshu’s control over her sword light. Before he could dodge, the robe already wrapped itself around him so tightly that Zhou Jingfang felt like he was suffocating.

Lu Mingshu smirked and retrieve her sword light. In no time, the beast turned towards Zhou Jingfang and rushed towards it.

~Ah, so that’s it!~

“You think that you can use such a trick to beat me, huh?” Lu Mingshu snicked. ~Who do you think I am? A useless piece of trash like you?~

However, if she wasn’t as lucky as she was, she would’ve probably been in heaven now, and her dead body would never be found.

It may have been a simple trap, but it portrayed how evil the mastermind was.

Leaving Zhou Jingfang, who was now being chased by the beast, she went to the hiding spot.

Busy chiding Zhou Jingfang in her mind, Fu Mingshu didn’t notice Lu Mingshu walking over. She heard a cough and looked up, almost jumping out of her skin on seeing Lu Mingshu.

“Lu Mingshu, you …!”

“Of course, it’s you. Who else would it be?” Lu Mingshu shrugged.

“What do you want?” Fu Mingshu moved back slowly, trembling.

“What do you think an incredibly petty person like me would want?” Lu Mingshu laughed coldly. “An eye for an eye, of course!”

Accompanied by Fu Mingxi’s scream, Lu Mingshu lifted her up with a hand and threw her into battle effortlessly.

Lu Mingshu kept her sword and sat down to watch the show.

Zhou Jingfang was scrambling around, while Fu Mingxi was thrown around by the other two.

After some time, Zhou Jingfang finally managed to get the robe off him. Lu Mingshu could see blood pooling on the ground as Zhou Jingfang fell into it, losing consciousness. Next to him, Fu Mingxi was sitting on the floor wailing. She was covered with bluish-purple bruises, paired with blood from her injuries. She also had a swollen eye from being thrown around in the battle.

The beast took the robe covered in blood and tore it into pieces before swallowing it. The beast then trotted to the exit and lay down, exhausted from the battle.

Lu Mingshu let out a cold laugh and walked towards the both of them, smiling sweetly. “Miss, thank you so much for the most interesting show I’ve seen in my life!”

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