Phoenix Destiny

Chapter 390 - Ugly

Chapter 390: Ugly

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Fu Mingxi’s lips quivered. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she let out a wail. For the first time in her life, she had been put in such a situation. In contrast to her image, Fu Mingxi was a talented girl in terms of martial arts, so her training wasn’t as tough as that of other disciples, due to her ability to pick up skills quickly. Luckily for her, she had a twin brother, Fu Mingtang, who was more talented than her, and a boy, who took the burden of having to live up to the family’s expectations. Thus lifting the burden off of Fu Mingxi, allowing her to have a happy and princess-like childhood.

Martial arts. An exhausting activity that required one to put in all their effort. Fu Mingxi had never put in much effort to cultivate due to how she was doted on. The worst injury she has ever received since she was born was the slap she got a few days ago from Fu Shangqing. Throughout her martial arts journey, the worst she got was a cut on her finger.

That was before today, but what about now? Fu Mingxi was just thrown into the battle between Zhou Jingfang, a spirit realm fighter, and an assimilation realm precious beast with energy waves and sword light around her. The cuts might not be deep, but with the rate of them cutting her, it caused a painful stinging sensation. It was the most painful thing Fu Mingxi had ever experienced. She couldn’t help but start crying in pain.

She raised her hand to wipe the tears off her cheeks. To her horror, it wasn’t tears that she saw on her palm, but blood. Fu Mingxi immediately touched her cheeks to check to realize that there were two cuts on her face. “Ahhhhh!” Fu Mingxi let out a blood-curling scream. ~Am I ugly now? Oh my god!~

Lu Mingshu sat at the hiding spot and watched emotionlessly.

She had never taken Fu Mingxi seriously, as Lu Mingshu didn’t believe in fighting those weaker than her. ~ What’s there to be proud of even if I won? It will just make me look like a lousy bully.~ However, Fu Mingxi was the one that kept constantly harassing her. If Lu Mingshu didn’t act, she was afraid that Fu Mingxi will cause greater trouble in the future.

Seeing Lu Mingshu stood right in front of her, Fu Mingxi couldn’t contain her anger anymore. She burst into tears and started throwing whatever she could on at Lu Mingshu with all her might. “How dare you plot against me, how dare you!”

“Hey, are you mad?” Lu Mingshu rolled her eyes and let out a cold laugh. “Who is the one that plotted against me? Why is it the other way round now?”

But why would Fu Mingxi, who spent most of her time with Zhou Yinru, have any reason? As unreasonable as Zhou Yinru, Fu Mingxi gritted her teeth and lashed out at Lu Mingshu. “Why did you come to the sect? You should have died with your mum back at Dongyue! If not for you, Mingtang wouldn’t be looked down on, my mum wouldn’t be gossiped about, and my dad wouldn’t be called a douchebag! It’s all your fault, bitch!”

Ten years ago, Lu Mingshu would already have slapped her for saying such things. ~But now, I do not talk to idiots.~

“Why can’t I come?” Lu Mingshu hummed. “Your father took almost all of our family’s assets and caused the death of my grandfather. That’s what he owes me; he should return it.”

“Who do you think you are? You are just a piece of trash and nothing more! Daddy was right to leave you. He doesn’t deserve to be with trash like you and your mum. She’s no better than a slut!”


What Fu Mingxi got in response wasn’t a single word but a tight slap.

The slap was so hard that Fu Mingxi broke a tooth.

“Did you just……slap me?” Fu Ming Xi spluttered, looking at Lu Mingshu with wide eyes.

Lu Mingshu pouted and took out a handkerchief, wiping her hand profusely as if she had touched something dirty. “Ew, such a pity I had to dirty my hands.” She sounded so calm that it brought shivers down Fu Mingxi’s spine. Lu Mingshu fished out her sword and used it to hold up Fu Mingxi’s chin, forcing her to make eye contact. “Who are you? A spirit realm fighter? Or a nine jade palace elder like me? I’m born talented, and that’s well known, so what makes you, a piece of trash, think that you are better than me?”

Fu Mingxi stared at her in anger, but it was all true. There was nothing she could retort. Fu Mingxi tried her best to not stutter as she tried to look fierce. “You…”

“To bitches like you, a weakling should never retort and obey the ones in power, no matter how much suffering they have to go through. So to you, my mum and grandfather deserved to die just because they weren’t as powerful as your family. But I’m stronger now, so doesn’t that mean….” Lu Mingshu smirked and look into Fu Mingxi’s eyes, full of fear. “The Zhou’s deserve to die now?”

“This bitch…..” Fu Mingxi trembled in fear as she retreated. “Wait until Mingtang and daddy breakthrough! You….You will never be their match!”

“Hahaha!” Lu Mingshu laughed and kept her sword. “Indeed, a copy of Zhou Yin. Too boring. I hope your mother and brother will be more interesting to deal with.”

“What do you want?” Fu Mingxi shrieked, her voice so sharp that Lu Mingshu felt that her ears would bleed.

But Lu Mingshu didn’t want to entertain her anymore.

She then walked over to Zhou Jingfang, who was at death’s door. Even if he managed to survive, his cultivation would drop without a doubt. Zhou Jingfang had never been a talented disciple to begin with, and he had just entered the spirit realm. If he didn’t receive treatment on time, he would surely die here.

However, to Lu Mingshu’s surprise, he was still awake. He opened his mouth to say something, but there was nothing other than blood coming out of his mouth.

Seeing him in this state, Lu Mingshu shook her head and sighed. “Such a pity.”

With that, Zhou Jingfang saw her gathering mystic lights on her palm.

Zhou Jingfang’s eyes widened in shock as he winced in pain, trying to say something. “Please…… don’t….”

The palm landed on his forehead.

“Ahhh!” Fu Mingxi shrieked, covering her eyes.

When she opened her eyes, instead of the dead Zhou Jingfang that she expected, Zhou Jingfang’s mouth was foaming, but he was still alive, eyes closing.

After some time, Lu Mingshu retrieved her hand.

Zhou Jingfang no longer looked as pale, and he stared blankly into space. But to Fu Mingxi, he looked dead.

Lu Mingshu wiped away the sweat on her forehead. No matter how weak a spirit realm he was, erasing his memory was still tough work.

She then walked back towards Fu Mingxi.

Fu Mingxi thought that Zhou Jingfang had been killed by Lu Mingshu, so she hid and shut her eyes in fear. “Please don’t kill me, please don’t.” She muttered.

“I’m not going to.” Lu Mingshu raised a brow. ~We share the same father, but she’s an idiot. No matter how much I hate Fu Shangqing, he is still a powerful cultivator. Why hasn’t she inherited any good traits?~

“Come here.” Lu Mingshu sighed and said. The fierce and brutal Lu Mingshu was long gone. “Look up.”

But why would Fu Mingxi listen to her? She moved back, trying her best to escape from Lu Mingshu.

So what if she was unwilling? Lu Mingshu stepped forward and grabbed her chin, forcing her to look into her eyes.

“No, no….” Fu Mingxi mumbled. But when their eyes met, Fu Mingxi lost consciousness, and her black eyes turned into a whirlpool, sucking in all her consciousness.

With that, Fu Mingxi sat still silently like a puppet, staring into space.

“Now tell me, what did you do?”

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