Pocket Hunting Dimension

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Huge Loot

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After making up his mind to get into Federal University, Lu Ze worked even harder in cultivation. During the day, he would practice martial technique, and at night, he would go into the hunting dimension to kill rabbits for light orbs.

He found that in the hunting dimension, there were many different animals other than rabbits and green wolves. There were huge golden eagles that had wingspans of over ten meters. There were also two-meter tall flaming red lions.

He found sadly that the rabbits were the bottom of the grassy plain food chain. Meanwhile, his level was about the same as the rabbits.

Every time he went into the hunting dimension, he never stayed for more than two hours and would encounter other powerful animals. After some fancy struggling, Lu Ze would die on the spot.

However, his power was steadily increasing in the life and death dangers. In just seven days, his martial warrior level four refinement was perfected.

His muscle refinement was in perfection. His muscles were abnormally lively. They emitted a glow. His tendon refinement was perfected, and his major tendons actually turned golden, emitting a faint golden glow. His bone refinement had reached perfection. All his bones were smooth like jade artifacts.

His foundational fist technique and movement technique had all reached completion. With just one opportunity, he would be able to reach perfection. By then, his control of power would become extremely great. He would be able to use every ounce of power at the tip of the blade.

In the hunting dimension.

It was still the same grassy plain. Although rabbits were completely no match for Lu Ze now, and he could kill the huge white rabbits in one second, other monsters were something he couldn’t mess with.

He could only continue being a rabbit hunter.

Lu Ze looked dazedly at the two rabbits that weren’t far ahead. One was completely black, and the other one was completely white. The black rabbit was worth three light orbs. The white one was about the same size as the first rabbit he saw.

Most importantly, the two rabbits were stuck together and rubbing against each other.

Lu Ze was completely shocked and felt very hurt.

On this bright sunny day, these two rabbits were publicly displaying affection like this?!

This wasn’t right!

Lu Ze was planning to carry out justice.

He suddenly burst up from where he hid. Before the two rabbits could react, they were killed with two punches.

Lu Ze looked mercilessly as the two rabbits’ bodies turned to dust as he sneered, “These days, even rabbits dare to do this. They’re asking to die!

He picked up five light orbs. Then, Lu Ze noticed that there was a huge cave not far in the grass.

The cave was one meter wide but Lu Ze could easily go in if he bent down. He looked at the ash on the ground and then the cave while thinking, “Was this the rabbit hole? Should he go and see?”

As his cultivation level grew, Lu Ze needed more and more of the light orbs. Now, he would use ten orbs in just an hour. One night, he would use 80 orbs. Meanwhile, rabbits only gave so much.

If it was a rabbit hole, there should be quite some rabbits, right?

Lu Ze still decided to go in and see. After all, it was very dangerous outside, and he might encounter a powerful animal that would slap him to death. He might as well check out the rabbit hole.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze bent over and went in.

The rabbit hole was very curved and dark. If his cultivation level didn’t grow as well as his eyesight, he would probably just have to bump around.

After going in a hundred meters, Lu Ze felt the space before him was getting huge. He held his breath, and he quietly got closer.

In this dark environment, Lu Ze stuck his head out from the tunnel. He saw that there were about a few hundred square meters of space in the hole. Inside were full of huge rabbits. There were more than a hundred of them.

There were still a few other tunnel entrances on the side. Lu Ze guessed it was to other caves or exits.

The cunning rabbit has three holes. The rabbits in here should be smarter than the ones on Earth. They should have this habit too.

Just when Lu Ze popped his head out, a few huge rabbits vigilantly raised their ears. They looked up and stared at Lu Ze with their blood-red eyes.

Lu Ze immediately walked down and held his breath not daring to breathe loudly.

Oh my god. This rabbit was as big as that green wolf. This was scary.

However, he didn’t know if they were as strong as that green wolf.

Even now, Lu Ze would still be instantly killed by that green wolf. If the rabbit was that strong, he would be in danger.

At this moment, there was a rustling sound behind Lu Ze. The sound was getting closer and closer.

Lu Ze’s heart went cold; there were rabbits coming back.

The tunnel was about 1.5m tall. Lu Ze turned around and saw there were two rabbits happily bouncing over.

When they saw Lu Ze at the end of the tunnel, they immediately stopped and studied this unknown organism with red eyes.

Lu Ze’s eyes went cold. He kicked and dashed at the rabbits. He chopped at the front rabbit’s neck.


The rabbit’s neck cracked. Lu Ze didn’t stop and kept chopping at the rabbit behind.

“Gu Gu!”

Lu Ze was too fast and the second rabbit was killed without resistance. However, it made a sound before being killed.


Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. He picked up the six light orbs and wanted to run but there was already the sound of furious rabbits from behind him.

At that moment, Lu Ze suddenly stopped.

He checked around. The tunnel was very narrow. The height and width were about 1.5 meters. Only one rabbit could fit through.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. He retreated a few steps and stopped at a corner.

Soon, a rabbit chased over from the corner. In this dark environment, Lu Ze could no longer see the color of their fur. He could only see their size and their blood-red eyes.

Lu Ze’s eyes went cold as he attacked with full power. As soon as the rabbit made the turn, he punched its head killing it.

Next, it was another. Lu Ze did the same and killed in one strike.

Soon, the rabbits couldn’t even issue warnings and fell to Lu Ze’s punches. The dust on the ground piled up. Lu Ze killed as he collected the light orbs.

3, 5, 10…50… A huge loot!

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