Pocket Hunting Dimension

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: This is a Rabbit Monster

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While collecting all the light orbs, Lu Ze raised his lips. This was really a good place.

Soon, Lu Ze got more than a hundred orbs.

At this moment, Lu Ze noticed that it was the turn of the super-sized rabbit at the corner.

This was a rabbit the same size as the green wolf.

At this moment, Lu Ze had no retreat. If it came out, it would remind the rabbits behind it that the rabbits before were killed before getting out.

His eyes flashed, and he bounced off the ground using the momentum to punch with his full power.

This punch actually had some ear-piercing sound. It was extremely powerful!

This rabbit was huge, and the tunnel was just enough to fit it. It couldn’t turn around.

It clearly didn’t expect that it would be encountering a fist when it turned at the corner.


Lu Ze’s punch landed firmly on the rabbit’s head.

The huge power went from the fist and charged into the huge rabbit, knocking it to the ground.

Lu Ze didn’t loosen up. He didn’t believe he could kill a rabbit this size with just one punch.

While the rabbit was stunned, he smashed punches on its head.

Thud, thud, thud. The sound came non stop and reverberated through the entire tunnel.

The rabbits inside the cave went crazy hearing this sound, but Lu Ze didn’t care. It didn’t matter now. He would kill this one first.

Lu Ze didn’t hold back his power at all. His entire body was vibrant with the white light. All four body refinement stages had reached perfection. His power was on par with an ordinary level eight martial artists.

Five punches, ten, fifteen punches…

Every time the huge rabbit wanted to get up, it was smashed on the ground again. Gradually, its struggles became weaker. Lu Ze’s fists never stopped at all. It was like a jackhammer, consistent and lasting!

When the super huge rabbit stopped moving at all, and its body began turning to ash, Lu Ze finally stopped.

He looked down. The rabbit left behind five faint red orbs and a passionfruit-sized faint purple orbs. There were only five red orbs, but they were many times larger than the ones before.

As for the purple orb, this was Lu Ze’s first time seeing it.

It seemed extremely mysterious. This made Lu Ze more and more curious about this dimension. So there was also purple, aside from the red ones?

No wonder that rabbit could take that many of his punches. Just looking at the orbs, one would know it wasn’t weak.

But soon Lu Ze found that this rabbit was still much weaker than the green wolf.

After picking up the light orb, Lu Ze noticed that the rabbits inside the cave had calmed down but none dashed out.

Lu Ze thought about it and planned to go check it out.

He looked at the piles of ash and turned over. Before he could even see, a huge rabbit claw attacked his head.

If he didn’t defend with all his power at the crucial moment, that claw might’ve taken his life.

Lu Ze quickly dashed and went back from where he came from, disappearing into the corner. This allowed him to dodge the next attack.

Lu Ze dazed. This rabbit was a monster???

It used his tactic against him.

Lu Ze touched his face. It was covered in blood.

The rabbit’s claw was very sharp. Even though his skin, muscle, tendon, and bone had reached perfection, it still left a deep mark.

As soon as Lu Ze retreated, there was the sound of crazy rabbits from the cave.

Lu Ze thought for a moment and frowned. He turned and walked outside of the cave.

It seemed he wouldn’t get anything by staying here. He might as well leave.

Just when Lu Ze was planning to leave after coming out of the cave, he heard the familiar rustling of grass. A black and white super huge rabbit dashed towards him.

Lu Ze was surprised.

Lu Ze looked at the two rabbits, and his face changed. These two rabbits wouldn’t be trying to block him here, right?

What monsters were they? They were cunning rabbits?

Were the rabbits of the interstellar era this smart? They were all this smart?

When the two rabbits saw Lu Ze, they growled and kicked with their thick legs dashing toward Lu Ze.

Lu Ze’s eyes narrowed. He dodged the charge of the two rabbits. His fists turned into palm and struck at their neck like a hand blade.

If it was some other rabbits, they would’ve exploded but these two waved their claws and blocked the palm. They were just struck back a few meters.

As soon as they landed, they charged at Lu Ze again.

Lu Ze also noticed that two more rabbits similar to such came from the cave behind him.

Four against one. Lu Ze felt he needed to leave behind his will…

The four rabbits surrounded him from all directions.

Lu Ze was very calm being surrounded in the middle. He often encountered dangerous situations these few days. He was used to it.

Although he wouldn’t really die, the pain of the death and of not being able to hunt after death were huge problems. He definitely must not die. Lu Ze didn’t want to die.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t still play tricks against the golden eagle that had ten-meter long wings.

Facing such a situation, Lu Ze could only stay calm.

Soon, the four rabbits charged at Lu Ze at the same time. Lu Ze’s eyes went cold. He kicked with his right leg and moved to the left dodging three claw attacks. However, one rabbit claw slashed his back.

Blood flowed, but Lu Ze didn’t care. His right punch blasted the air away in an explosion and struck the neck of one white rabbit.


This cracking sound of bones came, and this rabbit was struck more than ten meters away as it landed on the ground heavily.

The tunnel before was only 1.5 meters high. Despite him using full power, it wasn’t his limit.

Now, he could freely punch!

The rabbit fell to the ground and spasmed, wanting to get up wobbly.

Lu Ze smirked. He finally made an opening. The rabbit was dreaming if it wanted to get up.

Lu Ze dashed and kicked the grass mixed with mud into the air.

Using the reaction force, Lu Ze shot out dodging the three rabbits that charged at him again and landed in front of the white rabbit.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Three punches were made in an instant.

A shallow ditch of two-meter circumference was made below the rabbit. Meanwhile, the white rabbit’s neck was completely broken and its body gradually turned to ash.

Meanwhile, the other three rabbits had pounced behind him.

The wind flew with the sharp claws. Before the claws even touched his skin, his skin felt some light pain.

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