Pocket Hunting Dimension

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Seed Battle

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Eventually, Lu Ze practiced the foundational palm technique and movement technique with Lu Li. Although there were some differences between foundational fist technique and foundational palm technique, when one reached perfect mastery, it was all the same. The most important thing was the use of power.

An hour later, Lu Li laid on the ground, covered in sweat. Meanwhile, Lu Ze sat next to her with a sly smile.

“Are you satisfied now?” Lu Li plainly said as she glanced at Lu Ze’s evil smile.

“It’s alright.” Lu Ze narrowed his eyes and smiled.

Although Lu Ze wouldn’t really beat Lu Li, it was better to be strict while training. After one hour of training, Lu Li had no energy left in her body and kept panting on the ground.

“My fish mouth sister, Brother is doing this for your benefit. Look, if I am strict on you, you will have great accomplishments.”

Lu Li turned around and didn’t talk. These words sounded so familiar. This was exactly what she said a few days ago.

She was a bit angry.

“Okay, I’m going to take a shower.”

Lu Ze smiled, seeing that Lu Li was not talking anymore. He didn’t keep messing with her and got up to get a shower. Then, he went back home merrily.

After breakfast, Lu Ze and Lu Li came to school like usual. Lu Li kept being praised while he was looked down on.

Upon returning to the classroom, Li Erhou came over as soon as Lu Ze sat down. “Ze, big news!”

“What news?” Lu Ze asked curiously.

“It’s said that this graduation trial concerns guaranteed spots. Even the Federal University sent people over.”

Lu Ze’s eyes narrowed. “The Federal University is coming over to take the students with guaranteed entry?”

Li Erhou glanced at his mouth. “What are you thinking? For a place like ours, it’s already very amazing to get into Federal University. How could we be guaranteed entry in? It’s just an opportunity. It’s said that the high-level manager of the education department of this solar system has a friend at the Federal University. That’s how he got this opportunity. The results will still depend if there’s a prodigy that suits the requirements.”

Hearing this, Lu Ze’s heart skipped. He wanted the guaranteed entry into the Federal University!

Li Erhou didn’t notice Lu Ze’s expression and shook his head. “Sigh, people like us don’t even need to think about it. I feel no one from our school has any hope. Maybe Ren Zhan has some chance.”

Lu Ze didn’t listen to that. There were still three weeks before the graduation trial. There was enough time!

At this time, the class teacher Li Liang walked in and glanced at the restless students before smiling. “It seems some students have received news that the Federal University is coming. I can responsibly tell you all that this news is true!”

With this, the students were more restless.

“Oh shit, it’s real! Why was I so lazy all the time? Otherwise, I would definitely get this guaranteed entry!”

“… Whatever makes you happy.”

“I feel Ren Zhan and Lin Huan have some hopes. As for other people, nevermind.”

“Ren Zhan and Lin Huan have hopes? Don’t think too much. In order to get guaranteed entry, you must at least achieve the spirit martial state. They might be able to try at the final exams, but don’t bother thinking about the guaranteed entry.”

“Not necessarily, if you have some special abilities, you might be made an exception and taken in.”

“Does being very long count?”

“Piss off!!”

Li Liang looked at the class in discussion and smiled while clapping his hands. “Okay, there’s another news. Because all the senior students will be participating in the final exams, the education department takes it very seriously. The entire process will be on the live broadcast. However, there are too many people participating. Each school will choose 20 students as seeds. The live broadcast will be focused on these people. Of course, the guaranteed entry for each school will be selected amongst these people.”

Li Liang’s words caused more ruckus. In that case, if you didn’t become a seed, you would just be going there to travel.

Although you might have some fortunes on planet Nan Feng, it was nothing compared to the guaranteed entry.

“Okay, the seed tournament will be this afternoon. It will be selected through virtual reality. If you want to sign up, then sign up now. Of course, you need to have some power or people would think you’re daydreaming.” Li Liang joked.

Everyone looked at each other. The top twenty in the school… only two people in the class had this power.

As soon as Li Liang said this, a nice looking black-haired youth got up. “Old Li… cough, sorry, Mr. Li, I want to sign up.”

“Pff…” Everyone couldn’t resist laughing.

In private, everyone called Li Liang, “Old Li”, but perhaps due to excitement, the black-haired youth said this in front of Li Liang.

Li Liang’s mouth spasmed and pointed at the students. “Don’t think I don’t know what you call me privately. How can you call me Old Li? I’m this young, call me Handsome Li, okay?”

“Hahaha… Old Li, you’re really funny.” People couldn’t resist laughing.

“Okay, the joke stops here. Xu Yang, you want to sign up right?” Li Liang smiled.

Xu Yang nodded firmly and said, “Yes.”

As the number one in the class, he was about to break through Level 9. He could try out being a seed. However, he never thought about the Federal University’s guaranteed entry.

Li Liang heard this and put in Xu Yang’s name into the computer.

“Teacher, I want to sign up too…” A naive golden-haired man, who was over two meters tall, got up and yelled.

Leo Sily, the second in the class. He was a Martial Warrior Level 8 too.

Li Liang nodded and put in Leo’s name into the computer too.

“Who else?”

“Teacher, I want to sign up too.” A round-faced cute little girl got up.

“Xufang, you want to sign up too?” Li Liang got dazed as he looked at the cute girl.

Xufang Zhenxizi nodded. “Teacher, I just broke through to Level 8 yesterday!”

Li Liang heard this and smiled. “Not bad, perhaps you can compete. If there are three seeds in tenth class, you will be bringing me honor.”

Li Liang’s words made everyone laugh. People said, “Go Xufang! We need you to earn honor for old Li!”

Xufang Zhenxizi blushed a little, but then she nodded and firmly said, “I will try!”

“Anyone else? If not, I’m going to hand up the list.”

At this moment, Lu Ze got up and said, “Teacher, I want to sign up too.”

Lu Ze’s words made everyone surprised. They all turned to look at him.

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