Pocket Hunting Dimension

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: We Agreed To Go Together But You Were A Dog

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“Shit, playful Ze, sit down. I’ll take the nail from your chair.”

“I wasn’t expecting Lu Ze to joke around. Haha, okay… that got me.”

“Lu Ze, stop playing around. You’re at about the same level as us. It’s time to support our brave classmates.”

No one could resist laughing when they heard that Lu Ze was signing up.

Of course, most people thought that Lu Ze was just joking.

After all, his sister, Lu Li, was the number one prodigy of their school and had just broken through to being a level eight martial warrior a few days ago. Perhaps she would even be able to reach the spirit martial state before graduation. Her class’ teacher often showed her off.

Lu Ze, on the other hand, was just an ordinary student. He wasn’t too good nor too bad. Although he usually worked hard, his talent was only like that. Li Liang didn’t really believe Lu Ze’s words.

“Lu Ze, are you really going to sign up?”

Although he felt that Lu Ze wasn’t really going to sign up, he still had to ask out of the responsibility as a teacher.

Lu Ze nodded, “Yes.”

He felt very helpless looking at his classmate’s reactions. After all, he only had that little bit of power before.

Li Liang became dazed and frowned, “Theoretically, anyone can sign up for the seed tournament, however, are you sure you are powerful enough? If you feel that you are powerful enough, I can sign up for you.”

Hearing that Lu Ze really wanted to sign up, everyone frowned. “Oi, Lu Ze, stop playing, would you? How would this make the other classes think about our class?”

“Pfft, Lu Ze, do you think that you’re your sister? You aren’t still dreaming, you know.”

Lu Ze smiled, “I’ve reached perfect state for both skin and muscle refinement. I’m now a level five martial warrior. My fist technique and movement technique foundations are also perfect mastery.”

Although his tendons and bones were in a perfect state too, he didn’t want to expose too much information now. Level five power and two small state perfections, as well as the perfect mastery foundation techniques, were enough to compete.

Lu Ze’s words brought silence to the noisy classroom. Everyone looked at Lu Ze in disbelief.

Moments later, someone said, “Oh shit!”

“You… you said that you have two small states in perfection and your foundational martial techniques are in perfection too?” Li Liang, who was frowning, finally reacted and said shakily.

Body refinement was the foundation of martial arts. Having a small state perfection meant you were a prodigy. This also meant that Lu Ze learned fast.

Such a person was definitely at the top of the school in terms of talent. Even Lu Li only had one small state perfection, and her foundational martial techniques were only experienced.

If it wasn’t for Lu Ze’s cultivation level being too low, his talent would’ve been better than Lu Li’s.

Lu Ze nodded, “Yes.”

As he spoke, his body shook and white light emitted from his body.

“White light, indeed…!” Li Liang opened his eyes wide as he spoke excitedly, “Then… your martial technique?”

Lu Ze nodded, “Indeed perfect.”

“Okay! In that case, I’ll sign up for you!” Li Liang smiled as he wrote down Lu Ze’s name.

A level five martial warrior was a bit low but everything else meant that Lu Ze’s power might even be stronger than Xu Yang’s. Of course, Li Liang wouldn’t let such a person go.

Regardless whether it was cultivation level or martial technique, ordinary people couldn’t reach a perfect state. When it came to the seed tournament, he would need to report to higher levels.

“Anyone else?” There were four students who could compete for the top twenty. Li Liang felt rather good about it.

Everyone looked at each other but no one else came out.

Li Liang nodded and smiled, “In that case, it’ll be Lu Ze, Xu Yang, Leo, and Xufang. You four prepare yourselves.”

The four nodded. Li Liang walked out of the classroom with a smile on his face.

“Oh shit!”

“Brother Ze, do you really need a human-shaped thing hanging off your leg?”

“Lu Ze, we agreed to go together but you were a dog!”

As soon as Li Liang left, everyone surrounded Lu Ze.

Lu Ze didn’t really have any close friends but now with his power exposed, everyone wanted to get close to him.

“Okay, okay, stop surrounding Lu Ze. The tournament is about to begin, this isn’t good for relaxation.”

The handsome looking Xu Yang, bulky Leo and the cute, round-faced girl, Xufang, walked over.

Xu Yang looked at Lu Ze. There was a powerful will gleaming in his eyes. “So you’re the one hiding your power in our class. Although your cultivation level is too low, I’m keen to battle with you!”

Lu Ze smiled, “I’ll go along with it.”

“I want to fight with Lu Ze too.” Leo cracked a smile, “Xu Yang is too girly. He just wins with speed every time.”

When Xufang heard this, her face went red with anger, “What’s wrong with girls? What did girls do to you?!”

“Umm… I didn’t mean it that way, don’t get angry Xufang.”

Lu Ze smiled and thought that these people were quite interesting. He was expecting them to reject him.

After chatting for a while, the morning class began. Everyone could only go back to their seats.

“Lu Ze, want… want to have lunch together? I made some food.”

After class, Xufang ran over and invited Lu Ze to lunch with a red face.

“Oh my! The treatment for prodigies sure is different. Xufang is usually very shy and never gets close to any boys, but today, she invited Lu Ze to lunch!”

“Small state perfection, martial technique perfection. Do you want to try? Your cultivation level can be made up for but a perfect state would have to rely on talent.”

“Can’t even admire it…”

Some people sighed, some people admired, some people envied.

Lu Ze had never expected this.

He looked up at Xufang’s light, ruddy face that was sneaking glances at him. He couldn’t resist touching his nose, “Sorry Xufang, I’m going to go find Li. I can’t eat with you.”

“Oh, okay…” Xufang was disappointed but she still smiled and nodded.

There was no love for no reason.

Xufang Zhenxizi was gentle to everyone but never had she invited a guy to eat with her. Clearly, she felt that his talent was quite nice.

However, Lu Ze understood. During these years, if there was a white, wealthy and pretty girl getting close to an ordinary person for no reason, she’s either your future wife who came from the future, you were wealthy in the future and she traveled back in time, or she wants your body.

The last one was a sad story.

Girls like excellent boys; that was right. It was just like how boys liked prettier girls. If they didn’t know each other, this was even more right.

Lu Ze didn’t know Xufang well and didn’t want to. Li was still better.

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