Pocket Hunting Dimension

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Although a bit old

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“Haha, this isn’t me. It’s just a copy made from my soul, sort of like a clone,” Nangong Jing heard Lu Ze’s confusion and explained.

“Come, since the computer chose me as your opponent, it means you’re quite strong. At least you have some potential. Let me see your power.”


Nangong Jing didn’t waste any time. Her small body exploded with powerful white light as she charged at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze’s eyes went cold. He was calm. Since he couldn’t beat her in terms of speed and power, he would have to beat her in experience.

The instant Nangong Jing charged over, Lu Ze turned to the side as though predicting her attack and dodged it. At the same time, he punched with his right fist towards her waist.

“Hehe… you’re a bit old and your cultivation level is a bit low, but your battle consciousness isn’t bad.” Nangong Jing smiled as she raised her small hand to stop Lu Ze’s attack. Just when she wanted to grab his hand and counter-attack, Lu Ze retreated back a few meters.

“Old… a bit old?!” Lu Ze’s face turned green upon hearing this, “I’m only 18, okay?! I’m like the sun at 8 am. How am I old?!”

“The current me is only 12.” Nangong Jing raised her flat chest and smiled “You’re six years older than me; a third older than me. Aren’t you old?”

Lu Ze, “…”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. This girl was too right. There was nothing he could say.

Nangong Jing looked at Lu Ze’s lifeless expression and waved her hand, “It’s fine, you’re not that bad. We’re both level five, but you can dodge my casual attacks; you’re already a prodigy.”

“…Casual attacks?” Lu Ze’s eyes narrowed.

The people watching the live broadcast were blown away. Such attacks were only casual attacks? Level nine martial warriors might not even be able to take it.

Most importantly, they were the same age as Lu Ze. Didn’t this mean that they were all old?!


Only the teachers knew that Nangong Jing wasn’t bluffing. She wasn’t fighting seriously.

“Do you want to see my serious punch?” Nangong Jing put her hand on her waist as she raised her thumb to Lu Ze. There was a happy smile on her face.

Lu Ze’s eyes focused and he nodded, “Let me see!”

He wanted to see how big the difference between him and the human race’s prodigy really was!

“Hehe, then watch carefully!” Nangong Jing laughed and moved into a stance, “One level burst.”

Before the punch even came out, Lu Ze’s pupils dilated. The hairs on his back rose, his muscles were all tensed up and sweat drenched his clothes.

He was all too familiar with this feeling.

It was the feeling of facing imminent death.


The little fist flew out without using spirit chi. It was purely physical power, but it still tore open the air. A deep ravine appeared on the ground, created solely by the fist’s force.

The entire stage was rumbling.

He couldn’t dodge it.

Lu Ze looked at the nearing fist force and could only grit his teeth and block his chest with his hands.

As soon as the fist force touched his arm, an extremely terrifying power rushed into his body. He couldn’t block it at all.

The sound of bones cracking rang out. Lu Ze flew across the air and landed tens of meters later.

“Oh yea! You didn’t even die from my serious punch… Perhaps we will meet in the future?” Nangong Jing’s voice sounded out.

“You’ve passed this level.” Nangong Jing walked up to Lu Ze and squatted down, poking his face with her finger, “There aren’t many in the martial warrior state that can take my serious punch and not die.”

Lu Ze smiled helplessly, “Still a bit weak.”

Nangong Jing heard this and zone out. However, she soon recovered and smiled, “Yea, still a bit weak indeed. This sort of power can’t do much for the human race.”

“Do what for the human race?” Lu Ze was confused.

He had never thought about it as it was too far away for him.

However, the universe was too chaotic. Someone like Nangong Jing would become a powerful being and protect the entire human race, right?

He didn’t expect a 12-year-old little girl to have such ideals. It really…

He lost quite hard.

“Okay, seeing as how you can’t fight anymore, you finished six levels at 18 years old. That’s average, but not too bad! I’m going now. The computer will probably send you out soon.”

Soon after Nangong Jing said this, her body slowly disappeared.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze’s eyes blurred as he arrived back in reality.

Nangong Jing, was it?

Lu Ze felt that this name was very familiar, but he just couldn’t remember where he heard it from.

However, his bloated mentality due to progressing so fast was crushed by those little fists. He should thank her for that.

Next time, he wanted to fight with the real her!

Lu Ze sighed and left the pod.

The virtual reality classroom was quiet. Everyone strangely looked at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze looked at everyone in a daze. Why were they looking at him like this?

Did they finally realize his deep and morose temperament hid some unknown handsomeness?

What if some girl confessed their love to him? What would he do?

“Congratulations, Lu Ze,” Xufang Zhenxizi, Leo and Xu Yang quickly made their way over as Xufang spoke with a red face.

“Congratulations? On what?” Lu Ze asked.

“Congratulations on passing level six. You’re probably ranked first.” Xufang pointed at the screen that displayed the rankings. Lu Ze was first.

The second place was only 30% damage at level five. The difference was huge.

However, the two level nine martial warriors, Ren Zhan and Lin Huan, hadn’t come out yet. The results were still uncertain.

“Thank you.” Lu Ze smiled.

“Mhm, umm…” Xufang hesitated.

Lu Ze felt confused and then his eyes flashed as he smiled, “What’s up? We’re classmates; I’ll help you with whatever I can.”

Xufang felt dazed and then breathed easy, “Nothing… good luck on the final exam!”

“Mhm!” Lu Ze nodded.

Xu Yang strangely looked at the two and smiled bitterly, “Previously, I considered you as an opponent. However, it seems that I overestimated myself.”

Leo scratched his head, “Even in terms of power, I can’t beat Lu Ze. Not going to fight him…”

Then, the four started discussing some troubles with martial techniques. Lu Ze didn’t keep anything from them and taught them bit by bit. This made the three very excited. If they digested all of this knowledge, their power would increase a level once again.

Soon, Ren Zhan and Lin Huan came out too.

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