Pocket Hunting Dimension

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: I’m Not That Sort of Person

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Meanwhile, in Lu Li’s classroom, everyone snuck glances at Lu Li. After all, just a few days ago was there news that Lu Li had become a level eight martial warrior and was the fastest prodigy to make a breakthrough in their school.

However, her seemingly useless brother was actually this strong. It was unbelievable.

Were these siblings monsters?

Alice showed a cute smile to Lu Li, “Good Li, just introduce him to me first. Otherwise, even if I don’t go for him, there will be other bitches going for him. With me around, Lu Ze’s virginity will be protected!”

Lu Li’s smile froze, You’re the most dangerous, okay?

“Don’t worry, I know what sort of person my brother is. He would reject it appropriately and wouldn’t waste time on them.”

“What if it’s a bitch he likes?!”

Lu Li flicked her hair, “He won’t, I know my brother the best.”

“Hehe, if I didn’t already know that you two are blood-related siblings, I would almost think that the guardian is trying to steal what he’s guarding,” Alice said.

Lu Li kept a smile, “How can that be? I’m not that sort of person.”

“Mhm,” Alice nodded while thinking to herself, “I have sister in law helping, how could those little bitches outside be a match for me?”

Shes got this!

Level six.

Lu Ze looked at the slowly appearing enemy and his eyes focused. He had used his full power before, so he wondered if he could survive this level.

Soon, Lu Ze dazedly looked at the enemy that appeared before him.

1.5 meters tall and dark, long hair that reached their buttocks. The small and exquisite face had a lively smile. It looked like a child.

Lu Ze was speechless… This cute loli was his opponent?

He felt like he couldn’t attack her at all.

When he looked at the data of this loli, his eyes narrowed.

Nangong Jing, 12 years old. Level five martial warrior, five perfect small states. Foundational movement technique and fist technique perfection. God art: burst in power. Rating: human race’s prodigy.

Lu Ze looked at this cute loli in disbelief. 12 years old yet she had accomplished the same as he did now when he was 18.

And that wasn’t enough, as what bullshit was this god art?!

It looked like a high-level skill… How could he even play now?

And, Nangong Jing, this name sounded familiar…

Just as Lu Ze was spacing out, the contestants had begun coming out from the virtual reality classroom.

They left the connection pod but all they saw were the teachers and principal staring hard at the broadcast screen.

They thought that their performances were so bad that the teachers were unhappy. The group didn’t even dare to talk.

At this moment, Li Liang said in a shaky voice, “Nangong… it is that person, right?”

“The human race’s prodigy, it’s her…” The principal’s face was complicated, “I really didn’t expect her data to be stored inside. Will Lu Ze… be defeated mentally?”

After all, her talent was too good. The human race’s population numbered in the trillions and yet, out of every person, she was considered the human race’s prodigy. She wasn’t someone these local region prodigies could compare with.

She was only 12 years old but her power was on par with ordinary spirit martial state primary stages.

Awakening a strength god art at 12, such talent… People couldn’t even get jealous…

“…She’s already a young master now, right? Her title seems to be…” someone said with a strange face.

“Silence! This title… don’t mention it!” the principal quickly said.

“Yes yes yes!” Everyone’s mouth spasmed, not knowing what to say.

The students who had just come out listened to this and felt confused. They weren’t the reason?

That’s good then. They were so worried before…

They started breathing easier and looked at the screen.

“That is… Lu Ze?” Xufang, who had failed level five, and Leo, who was instantly killed on level five when he faced a member of a high-level demon race, watched in disbelief. They didn’t expect to see Lu Ze on the screen.

His opponent was a little girl?

His luck was too good?

Every one of their opponents were members of powerful alien races, but this guy’s opponent was a little girl!

“I wonder what level Lu Ze is at right now?” Leo looked at the screen curiously.

“Probably level five?” Xufang said, “After all, Lu Ze is stronger than us. Perhaps he faced a difficult opponent before and that wasted time.”

Leo nodded, “This level’s opponent is just a little girl. He can probably pass. That way, Lu Ze would rank in the top ten for sure.”

Leo looked at the all the remaining people–eight of them. Most of them were still struggling on level five.

They couldn’t get statistics on the battles like the teachers.

Just when Xufang nodded and was about to talk, her eyes narrowed and she covered her mouth with her hands. She almost screamed.

The battle on the screen began. That cute little girl bolted from the ground and the firm stage instantly cracked.

Her small figure moved in a blur and appeared next to Lu Ze. Her small fist tore open the air and brought a wave of faint white chi striking towards Lu Ze.

Lu Ze instantly reacted and his body burst into white light. He dodged the fist while kicking his right leg out towards that small body.

Such a battle truly scared the audience.

Oh my, this power… was this really the martial warrior state?!

They felt like they weren’t cultivating the same martial arts!

In the virtual reality world, Lu Ze was sweating bullets. If he hadn’t been living on the brink of death recently and his battle awareness wasn’t amazing, he would’ve died from the first punch.

That pink, soft punch turned into the sharp claw of a huge beast in Lu Ze’s eyes.

There seemed to be a monster living in that small body. The power exerted with every move was shocking.

After that one strike, Nangong Jing stopped. Her dull eyes suddenly flashed with some life.

“Aiyo! You dodged that strike!” Her little red lips opened up, showing clean white teeth. She then applauded, “Not bad, let me see what level you’re at.”

Lu Ze, “???”

He looked at Nangong Jing in confusion. Wasn’t she just a piece of data? How could she talk?

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