Pocket Hunting Dimension

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Let Dad Take The First Bite

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Taking out a faint red orb, Lu Ze began the bone marrow refinement.

Severe pain emanated from his bone marrows. Lu Ze frowned but he didn’t move. An hour later, the energy inside the light orb was used up, and the refinement was completed by another ten percent.

Lu Ze opened his eyes. Light flashed across his eyes as he slowly spat out waste chi.

Eventually, his mouth spasmed. His eyes were red, and he almost cried.

He finally felt what pain that was etched in the bone felt like.

However, there was no other way around it to become strong.

He sighed. If possible, he wanted to lay down and become strong.

However, he was quite happy this way compared to working hard and getting no results.

He looked at the sky. It was dusk and the sky was orange. It was already 6 pm.

Lu Ze got up and took a shower before going downstairs.

Lu Wen was back and was watching the news on the couch while Fu Shuya was busying about in the kitchen. Lu Li was probably in her room?

As soon as Lu Ze came downstairs, Lu Wen looked up at Lu Ze and said with shock, “I heard Li say that you got first place in the seed battle?”

Lu Ze was surprised. So she already told Dad?

He nodded and cracked a smile. “How is it? Isn’t your son amazing? Do you like the surprise?”

Lu Wen laughed and glanced at the kitchen. Seeing how there was no motion there, his handsome face showed a lewd smile as he beckoned Lu Ze to come over.

Lu Ze looked at the kitchen and walked over. “What’s wrong, Dad?”

“I’m going to tell you. I know quite a few friends. A few of their daughters are about your age. They’re all extremely pretty. How about I introduce them to you?” Lu Wen smiled.

Lu Ze: ???

He glanced at Lu Wen and said firmly, “If it’s extremely beautiful, then nevermind!”

Although he didn’t know why his dad wanted to introduce a girlfriend to him, Lu Ze felt something wasn’t right!

Lu Wen’s face froze, just when he wanted to talk, a sound came from the kitchen. Fu Shuya brought food from the kitchen.

However, Lu Li, who followed behind, made Lu Ze’s heart stop.

He looked at the dish in Lu Li’s hand with terror. His heart was full of despair.

It will kill him, it really will!

At this moment, Lu Wen was also full of despair. That Li, who never cooked, actually cooked to celebrate for Ze.


As a father, it was the first time he would get to taste his daughter’s cooking. However, it was made for another man. Only a father would understand this feeling.

No, he must introduce a girlfriend to Ze!

“Good boy, time to eat! Li made your favorite sweet and sour ribs. You should try.” Fu Shuya smiled.

She was the happiest seeing Lu Ze and Lu Li so close. She even wanted the two to get married immediately.

“Brother~ Li made this sweet and sour ribs personally. Even Mother hasn’t tried it yet.” Lu Li smiled gently at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze’s face froze. He slowly walked over as he smiled awkwardly. “Ah… haha… how can I let my cute little sister cook for me?”

Meanwhile, Lu Wen stared coldly at Lu Ze. His face was full of envy.

Lu Ze looked at the vibrant dish and said shakily, “Li… this wouldn’t be poisonous right?”

“Li wold be sad if Brother doesn’t trust Li? Don’t worry, Li is prepared.”

She put the dish on the table and seemingly casually pulled out a gene serum from her pocket.

So you’ve prepared the medicine for me?!

Her heart was definitely black.

Today was his celebration, why did he have to go through this?!

Lu Ze gritted. He thought if he should act like he had stomach pain and dodge this disaster?

Or should he rely on his body to handle it? After all, he was still a young boy last time. He was only a martial warrior level one. With his current power, perhaps he would at most have a bad stomach?

Just when Lu Ze was hesitating, Lu Wen coughed and said, “Ze, do you feel that Dad should have the first bite? Dad approves of Ze’s filial heart greatly!”

Looking at Lu Wen who kept signaling to him, Lu Ze’s smile grew evil.

“Since it’s cute little sister’s first time cooking, Dad should get the first bite of course! I believe Li thinks so too!”

Sorry, Dad, I will pray for you. You should get a good taste of your daughter’s cooking.

Good luck!

Li’s smile froze. She slowly put away the serum and explained, “Dad, this dish doesn’t taste nice. You should try mum’s. I’ll pour this out.”

Pfft, Lu Ze dodged this one!

At this moment, Lu Wen grabbed Li’s hand and protected the dish saying, “Bullshit! My daughter is this amazing. How can her dish not be amazing!”

Lu Wen felt very bad.

It was clearly a good dish, yet she would rather throw it out than give it to her dad?

He wanted to cry.

Thinking about this, he quickly took out chopsticks and grabbed a vibrant looking piece and put it in his mouth.

The instant it entered his mouth, Lu Wen almost fell to the ground.

He pushed his hand against the table and gritted his teeth slowly eating the entire rib.

Fu Shuya had a confused look. “Lu, what is wrong with your face? Do you not like your daughter’s cooking? Who do you think you are?!”

“No, no, no, it’s extremely delicious! I felt it was too good! I was too touched!” Lu Wen explained while wiping the tears coming out.

At this moment, he realized that his daughter was really doing that for his benefit…

At this moment he felt very complicated. If he wasn’t a Martial Warrior Level 5, he might be laying on the ground now.

She’s indeed my daughter! Even her cooking is this powerful!

It’s amazingly bad, but he was touched.

At the same time, he thought of what Lu Ze said.

That little kid wanted him to eat it?!

Mhm… he should have a share too…

Meanwhile, Lu Li who knew everything didn’t know what to say.

Lu Ze breathed easy. After all, it was ordinary food. Even if Lu Li did something to it, its toxicity was limited. It would at most paralyze people.

At this moment, Lu Wen smiled at Lu Ze and said, “Ze, this is Li’s hard work. You shouldn’t waste it. You need to finish it all okay?!”

Lu Ze quickly signaled to Lu Wen: Dad, don’t do this! You know the power of this cooking, let your son go!

Lu Wen sneered and signaled to Lu Ze: Who set me up before?! We’ll hurt each other together!!!

“What are you guys doing? Come, good boy, you need to finish what Li made? Don’t waste her hard work.” Fu Shuya looked gently at Lu Ze and pushed the dish to Lu Ze.

She smiled softly at Li. “Li didn’t even want me to eat it. It looks so delicious, but since she made it for you, mum won’t take it.”

“Brother, hurry and eat it~” Lu Li showed a devil smile.

“Ze, a real man needs to face life!” Lu Wen said.

Lu Ze “…”

Finally, Lu Ze ate the entire dish with tears. He sat in the toilet for more than half an hour while making up his mind to never eat Lu Li’s cooking again!!

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