Pocket Hunting Dimension

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Naughtiness is a Nature

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After coming out of the toilet, it was already eight when Lu Ze went back to his room.

At this moment, he could enter the pocket hunting dimension as soon as he closed his eyes and went into his consciousness.

As for that Lu Li, Lu Ze had kept a note of her in his little notes.

Lu Ze sat with his legs crossed and entered the pocket hunting dimension again.

The soft wind blew past with the faint smell of earth and grass. The sun in the sky was still emitting warm light.

In the distance, there was a not so distinct roar. Lu Ze immediately ran in the opposite direction.

Mhm, it was great weather today, very suitable to dig out rabbit holes!

After just going a few hundred meters, Lu Ze suddenly felt a pain in his head. It was as though someone used a sharp wooden stick to grind in his brain.

He grabbed his head with his hands and bent over like a prawn. It was so painful that even his vision started to blur.

What was this?

Was someone trying to kill me?!

Did those rabbits learn a new technique, mental attack?!

Lu Ze immediately suspected the rabbits.

He bit his lips and frowned as he wobbled up. “Pain can’t defeat me, it will only make me strong!”

This was the 18th sentence he wanted to say the most back when he was young.

He felt after saying this, his image became that of perseverance and coolness!

He resisted the pain and tried hard to stay conscious.

At this moment, if he fainted he would probably go out. Lu Ze didn’t want to go out as soon as he came in.

He searched around. The invisible enemy was the most terrifying. Even if he was to die, he wanted to know what killed him.

Yet, the surrounding shrubs were very quiet.

If the pain wasn’t persisting, Lu Ze wouldn’t even believe he was attacked!

At this moment, he could only look around vigilantly.

As time went on, Lu Ze found that the pain in his head was getting lighter. Lu Ze’s eyes flashed, could the enemy not keep up?

He kept searching where the enemy was.

Soon, the pain had eased to a tolerable level. He raised his senses to the max. Any slight motion wouldn’t be able to get past his senses.

The atmosphere was silent but moments later, the huge pain surged again.

But this time, Lu Ze’s eyes went cold as he looked at a tall shrub behind him and charged over.


His full powered kick turned this region of grass to pieces. Then, the pain disappeared from his brain. There was the familiar rustling sound. There seemed to be something on top of the grass.

“I found you!”

Lu Ze dashed over.

Then, he opened his eyes wide in shock.

Look at what he found?

A rat!

Although this rat was only 30 centimeters tall, it was indeed a small rat in this strange place with one-meter tall rabbits.

This eerie rat had very smooth blue fur. His big round eyes were faint purple and lively.

After being caught, the rat kept blinking its eyes and squealed, looking very cute.

Lu Ze felt even someone as evil as Lu Li would be overloaded by this cuteness.

Lu Ze stared at the rat silently and suddenly stepped down on its head until it sank into the earth while its body popped up.



After a thud, the rat’s small ligament twitched before falling soft.

Lu Ze lifted his feet and watched the rat turn to dust.

I have no emotions!

This little rat was too dangerous. It actually knew how to use a mental attack. If it wasn’t that his mental energy was twice as much as ordinary people, that would be enough to kill him!

This meant that ordinary martial warrior state and low-level spirit martial state would be killed by this cute little thing.

Luckily, it only seemed to use a mental attack. Its body was very weak. Otherwise, Lu Ze would have to go out of the pocket hunting dimension if it attacked Lu Ze while he was in pain.

If this thing did that to him while he fought rabbits, he would explode on the spot!

He wasn’t going to leave this ticking time bomb.

Although he admitted this rat was super cute and it would be great if he could tame it, Lu Ze couldn’t so he gave up.

The orbs it left behind shocked Lu Ze.

It was five passionfruit-sized purple orbs.

These orbs were too useful to him!

These purple orbs could increase his insight for a short while allowing him to realize his inadequacies. After usage, it also increases his mental power.

These things were precious without a doubt.

Lu Ze laughed and picked them up. Even with just these, this trip was worth it.

However, he hoped he wouldn’t encounter it again.

The orbs were good, but he couldn’t handle a mental attack during battle.

Lu Ze looked at the dust and thought these rats were probably rare.

After all, this was his first encounter after being inside for so many days.

Today’s weather was very good, and he obtained great things as soon as he came in. Lu Ze’s mood was like the clear sky here.

Yet at this moment, his face suddenly went pale as he collapsed to the ground.

A terrifying black shadow appeared before the blue sky.

It was full of black scales. It looked like the black dragon of ancient western mythology. It had three pairs of wings and three pairs of sharp claws.

It’s huge body covered the sun and with one flap of its wings, it appeared above this grassy plain from the distant sky. If flapped its wings again and disappeared from Lu Ze’s sight leaving behind a huge hurricane.

Lu Ze even saw huge monsters being swept up by the wind and struggling helplessly in the sky. Only a few monsters that could fly escaped.

Lu Ze was rather far and although the wind was big, he dug into the earth with his hands and grabbed on to the grassroots so he wasn’t blown away.

Moments later, the wind eased up, and the sky once again became clear. Lu Ze silently got up and looked at the direction the beast left.

It was still plain of grassy land there, but what was outside the plain of grassy land? Lu Ze didn’t know either.

He gulped. Just how big was that beast?

Few kilometers long? Tens of kilometers long? Hundreds of kilometers long?

Lu Ze couldn’t see it at all. Just that instant of its terrifying pressure almost crushed his heart.

The beast was in the distant sky and only stayed for an instant!

There was such a terrifying beast in this dimension?! Lu Ze was extremely shocked.

What would come out of that thing after killing it?

Lu Ze calmed down and couldn’t resist thinking.

Naughtiness was nature, but our goal is don’t be stupid!

He was just thinking about it, there was no way it would come back and beat him up, right?!

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