Pocket Hunting Dimension

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Don’t not think of yourselves as dogs!

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Soon, Lu Ze cast the incident of the huge beast aside.

He didn’t have the power, so he didn’t have the right to believe that. He might as well focus on increasing his power.

The gale created from the beast blew down all the nearby grass, which provided an easy view. Lu Ze soon found another rabbit hole.

Lu Ze snuck in as though he was going back to his own house.

As for whether the owner approved or not?

He didn’t care!

After a few turns, Lu Ze neared the end of the hole. His eyes slowly grew cold as he controlled his breathing and heart rate. He peeked his head out.

After seeing the situation inside, Lu Ze’s eyes opened wide.

He found that the ground was covered in ash and only six huge rabbits remained.

The six huge rabbits softly laid on the ground.

Lu Ze made a bold guess. These rabbits were probably scared to death by that huge beast. Only these six remained.

However, he glanced around and didn’t see any light orbs.

He frowned. Would there only be light orbs if he killed them personally?

In that case, he wouldn’t be able to achieve his dream of watching two powerful beasts kill each other while he collected the rewards.

The main characters in novels would often encounter this. He really wanted to too.

Lu Ze shook his head and stopped thinking about it. Since only six huge rabbits remained, he wouldn’t show any mercy to them!

He kicked the ground, making a thud as his body shot out like an arrow to the nearest rabbit.

The rabbit cave was spacious so he could stand up straight. He punched towards the rabbit’s neck with his right fist.

Martial warrior level five, four small state perfections and a perfect mastery foundation fist technique. His power was much stronger than what he had yesterday. The rabbit was already very weak from the pressure of the huge beast, so just one punch and the rabbit was already dead.

At this moment, the other rabbits stood up and squealed at the sudden enemy.

Lu Ze raised his lips. Today would be his lucky day.

Looking at all these rabbits, they didn’t seem like they could resist at all. They went from being meat-eating rabbits to being grass-eating rabbits.

Thus, in this dark rabbit hole, an extremely cruel incident of abusing the weak was committed.

The perpetrator, Lu Ze, sent the five 1.5 meters tall, cute rabbits to hell.

He felt no remorse.

He was even laughing!

Each super huge rabbit would drop five faint red orbs and one small purple orb. There were six rabbits in total, so he got 30 faint red orbs and six small purple orbs.

Why wouldn’t Lu Ze be happy about this?

With those purple orbs, Lu Ze’s mental power could increase by 30%!

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. He thought about Nangong Jing’s god art, strength burst…

He felt that there was more room for improvement above perfection foundational martial techniques.

After collecting the light orbs, Lu Ze left the rabbit hole and went to find more.

Soon, Lu Ze found another one.

It was slightly bigger than the rabbit hole he just left, as it was about 1.7 meters tall at the entrance. Lu Ze thought for a while but still decided to go in.

After all, the huge beast had passed over and its pressure seemed to affect the beasts more than him. Even if there was a powerful rabbit, he could still flee.

Lu Ze carefully walked in and crossed a curvy passage before soon seeing a spacious region before him.

Lu Ze raised a brow. He felt that this tunnel was shorter than the previous one.

Were the rabbits here not good at digging tunnels or were they too lazy?

Lu Ze then carefully peeked out his head and looked inside.

The scene where the ground was filled with ash and a few crippled huge rabbits layed didn’t appear.

As soon as Lu Ze peeped his head in, he saw a few pairs of blood-red eyes looking at him.

Lu Ze, “???”

The cave was very dark but he could still see most of it with his eyes. The creatures that the eyes belonged to definitely weren’t rabbits!

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. He laughed and said, “Sorry for disturbing you all. I’ll be on my way, goodbye!”

Under the gazes of the creatures, Lu Ze burst into a sprint.

Heavy growls sounded behind him. Then, Lu Ze felt the evil and hungry intent behind him.

He sped up quickly.

The tunnel was very short and Lu Ze soon got out. He glanced back as he ran.

He found that huge dogs with shoulder heights of 1.6 meters and higher, covered in thin, black armor came out one by one. He felt confused.

“Since when did dogs know how to dig holes?!

“Okay, dogs dig holes when they hide bones, but that is an underground cave!

“Where’s your honor as dogs?!

“Don’t not think of yourselves as dogs!”

Would he not even dare to enter caves anymore?

What if digging holes was a common ability on these grassy plain? Then didn’t that mean lions and wolves knew how to dig holes too?

Thinking about this, Lu Ze was very worried.

When four armored dogs came out of the cave, Lu Ze had already gotten more than a hundred meters away. Their blood-red eyes flashed with ferocity as they growled and sped up, instantly chasing towards Lu Ze.

Seeing the nearing dogs, Lu Ze frowned.

They were too fast. With his current speed, even ordinary level nine martial warriors couldn’t catch up to him, yet the dogs were gaining on him.

This was ordinary spirit martial state speed, right?

They were clearly the same size. Dogs were indeed stronger than rabbits, right?

This wouldn’t do!

Lu Ze’s face was locked in a frown. They would catch up with him soon.

His eyes flashed as he suddenly stood on the ground with his left foot making a sharp right turn.

He headed towards a rabbit hole that was not far ahead. The height of it was only 1.5 meters and with the shape of the dogs, they would slow down a lot inside. Perhaps he could even use the terrain to take care of them. If worst comes to worst, he could run out from another hole.

The huge dogs didn’t expect this sudden turn. They kept sprinting forward for tens of meters before getting on Lu Ze’s track again.

Lu Ze used his foundational movement technique to the extreme.

Run, run! If he was fast enough, those dogs wouldn’t be able to catch up to him!

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