Pocket Hunting Dimension

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Don’t These People Go Cultivate?

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“Disgusting! I look down on you!” Lu Li said as she quirked her lips.

Even Fu Shuya was embarrassed by Lu Ze’s compliments. She froze slightly and looked strangely at Lu Ze. “Good son, is your brain eaten by a brain devouring bug?”


Lu Li was looking down as her shoulders were shaking.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. He smiled helplessly. The third time, all three of them said the same thing!

He smiled and said, “No way, I’m just praising how glorious and unparalleled mother is.”

Fu Shuya clearly really liked this and nodded happily. “Good boy, if you can get Li, I won’t disagree. This way, this family of four will be symmetric.”

Lu Ze felt a sharp gaze from his side and his mouth spasmed. He could only smile awkwardly.

He couldn’t take this dark-hearted woman anymore.

At this moment, Lu Wen sighed. “We found you at Xishui Forest outside the city. It is a pity that there were no clues left about you. Otherwise, we can give it to you, and you might be able to find your parents.”

Lu Ze heard this and fell silent for a while and said with a smile, “Although I’m grateful that they gave me life, the only parents I have are you guys.”

In his past life, his parents were divorced and had their own families. He seemed to be the extra. When he grew up, he grew distanced from them. He didn’t expect that this identity was even worse. He was abandoned on birth.

Although dad and mom weren’t his biological parents, Lu Ze had never seen such good parents. To him, they were his biological parents.

Lu Wen and Fu Shuya glanced at each other with a complicated look. Eventually, Fu Shuya smiled “Alright, today’s your 18th birthday. You’re going to be an adult. What present do you want? I’ll prepare it for you!”

Lu Wen smirked, “How about preparing a beautiful young girl for you… Aiya!”

Before Lu Wen even finished, he was slapped by Fu Shuya unable to get up from the couch.

Lu Ze who was interested a bit saw Fu Shuya’s expressionless face and immediately shook his head. Mother was too powerful.

He couldn’t mess with her!

“Never mind, I’ll prepare it for you,” Fu Shuya said as she felt Lu Wen was unreliable.

Lu Ze could only nod in agreement.

“Eat breakfast.”

After breakfast, the chauffeur of Lu Ze and Lu Li sent them to school, Chang Yang City’s No. 1 Middle School.

This was the best middle school in Chang Yang City. The students inside all have middle or above talent. Lu Ze’s talent was at the bottom of the group while Lu Li’s talent was at the top of the school.

This dark-hearted woman was quite strong.

Lu Ze gasped and glanced to the side, smiling at Lu Li.

As soon as she got off, she caught the eyes of the students there.

In the school, she was a moral and capable, academic and sporty all-rounder student. She was the obedient girl to teachers and the perfect child to other parents.

Her act had never been seen through. Her soft smile made countless ignorant girls call her “Master Sister” and countless guys fall for her.

Lu Ze was the legendary useless big brother.

He wasn’t that bad. He was just ordinary, but compared to Lu Li, he was clearly bad.

Seeing the two get off the car, the students murmured amongst themselves.

“Master Sister is gentle just as usual today. However, that person is ruining the scene. He blocked me from seeing my master sister.”

“Ahh, I want to replace that person standing next to Master Sister. Why is that person still alive?”

Bystander A asked curiously, “What are you doing?”

Bystander B said seriously with hands closed, “Me? I’m cursing that person will never be able to get an erection his entire life! The gentle goddess should not have men next to her!”

Bystander A: “Wait, that’s not right!”

Bystander B: “What? You don’t think so? I’ll tell you, you will get beaten to death if you think so!”

Bystander A: “No, I’m saying you should bite open your middle finger. That would work better. Look.”

Bystander A then bit open his middle finger and looked ferociously at Lu Ze before closing his eyes in pious prayer.

Bystander B looked as though she had learned something and bit her middle finger open too and closed her eyes.

Lu Ze was speechless. Couldn’t you guys talk quieter?!

Everyone practiced martial arts. Who’s hearing wasn’t good?

He really wanted to beat someone up!!

Didn’t these people cultivate??

These were a bunch of idiots. This reminded Lu Ze of crazy fans during the Earth era. Times have changed, but there were still such crazy fans.

Was Lu Li too invincible or were these people too young?

These young people should go cultivate!

Of course, those with aspirations already went to cultivate. Those left here are all ordinary talented people. Lu Ze was one of them before too.

At most, he just worked harder.

Lu Li smiled as she walked past the crowd, and the crowd parted automatically. Lu Ze followed and walked over. Everything was good except being stared at with all sorts of killing intent.

But Lu Ze didn’t really care how people looked.

He was a third-year student while Lu Li was still a second-year. The two weren’t in the same class. After separating from Lu Li, Lu Ze went to his own class.

As soon as he sat down, Li Erhou who was on the same desk as him came up. He was dark and skinny. He seemed malnourished, but his shimmering eyes had some light.

Li Erhou still didn’t know why his parents gave him such a name. He thought about it, and the only possibility was that he was the son of his parents’ enemies. That’s why they got back at him like this.

TL note: Erhou means second monkey.

It was because of this name that he looked like a little monkey but wasn’t as cute as a little monkey.

Every time he thought of this possibility, his face would look bad. He would start talking about this to Lu Ze. This used to make the past Lu Ze go crazy.

So when Li Erhou came close, Lu Ze subconsciously made a defensive stance. When this guy opened his mouth, it was more damaging than Tang Sanzang of Da Hua Xi You movie.

This kid is this terrifying!

Li Erhou didn’t mind Lu Ze’s reaction and smiled, “Ze, the graduation trial ground has been confirmed.”

“Where is it?” Lu Ze felt relaxed seeing that Li Erhou didn’t rant and asked curiously.

“Nan Feng planet.”

“It’s not on Lan Jiang planet?” Lu Ze’s eyes narrowed. Previously, the graduation ground has always been on Lan Jiang planet.

“It’s said that this time, it’s a joint graduation trial of all the middle schools on the three planets of Lun Te system. It’s fighting and understanding each other. It will begin from our generation and probably happen every generation after us.”

Lu Ze heard this and realized the reform in education. This often happened in China during the Earth Era.

Thinking about things, he spent three years in high school without air conditioning but as soon as they left, they install air conditioning in the classrooms…

Previously, they learned high-level math at their university but as soon as they left, they began to teach data analysis…

All in all, there’s a lot of hardship, but I won’t say it.

However, Lu Ze didn’t expect it would be a big scene like this…

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