Pocket Hunting Dimension

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Such Evil Intention!

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Lan Jiang planet was in the Lun Te Solar System, which was bigger than the Solar System. The star here was called Lun Te. It had 33 planets revolving around it, and four of them were planets with life.

This included Lan Jiang, Hei Yan, Jing Ping which had people living on it. There was another small planet filled with ferocious beasts and that was Nan Feng.

There was no huge ocean on Nan Feng. However, salt and freshwater lakes were scattered across the surface. The rest of the area was land.

The planet wasn’t big and was only half the size of Earth. All sorts of ferocious beasts lived on it. It was quite a nice hunting ground. Many martial artists of Lan Jiang, Hei Yan, and Jing Ping would go there to hunt beasts to sell.

This time, all the middle school students were having their graduation trial on this planet. Clearly, it was a major event of Lun Te system. After all, those people who stand out from this trial might be able to get into the best academy of the human race, Federal University.

This would be the honor of the entire Lun Te system. Everyone would be watching this.

For Lu Ze, if he could still go and hunt at that strange grassy plain, he would work hard. Otherwise, with his talent, he might as well get washed and sleep.

However, after he died in the plain last night, he couldn’t get in again no matter which way he tried. He studied that small space in his mind but yielded no results.

Eventually, he had to think of it as a small benefit of transmigrating.

Soon, he began class. If you focused on martial arts, the high school didn’t have high requirements for your literary classes. Lu Ze’s past life who was a martial maniac chose martial arts class.

The morning was literacy class and the afternoon was martial arts practice. On the huge training grounds, all third-year students were focused on martial arts.

After all, there was just one month before graduation. All martial arts cultivator liked to compete.

“Ze, let’s practice?” Li Erhou was keen.

“Sure,” Lu Ze smiled and nodded. His martial arts skills needed the battle to improve.

He was only beating rabbits last night and almost died on a one vs one match. If this was a game, he pretty much got killed by a jungle monster at level 1?

His mindset was going to collapse!

The two set up their pose. Li Erhou smiled and dashed over. He looked like a monkey and he was agile like a monkey. His basic movement technique almost reached the level of “experienced”.

Martial arts technique mastery was divided into beginner, familiar, experienced, completion and perfection.

Most students’ foundational movement technique only just reached familiar. His movement technique in the morning before he fought Lu Li was this level. Lu Li was a year younger than him but her mastery reached experienced.

Perhaps after fusing souls, his mental power changed. Lu Ze’s martial arts talent improved a lot. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have reached experienced mastery after receiving a beating.

Almost experienced mastery foundational movement technique was Li Erhou’s pride. He thought this was making up for his looks. After all, most students weren’t as good as him in terms of movement technique. This included Lu Ze.

However, Lu Ze was no longer the past Lu Ze anymore.

He looked at Li Erhou’s punch that reached for his chest. He dodged it casually while shaking his arm. His punch landed on Li Erhou’s chest striking him back a few steps.

Li Erhou rubbed his chest in pain and then looked at Lu Ze in shock. “Shit, Lu Ze, did you eat some pills? How could you dodge that?”

Li Erhou’s cultivation level was also level four. However, ordinary level four couldn’t beat him due to this movement technique.

Lu Ze cracked a smile. “I can’t help it. I have a prodigy sister helping me with cultivation. My improvement is fast.”

Lu Ze wasn’t going to tell Li Erhou his increase in cultivation level.

Li Erhou heard this, and his eyes were green with envy. He gritted his teeth and raised his middle finger and said, “Animal! Go die! Hurry up and explode on the spot!”

Lu Ze smiled and asked, “Do you still want to continue?”

Li Erhou gritted his teeth. “Continue!”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up as he nodded. He had been taking a beating and his movement technique increased, but his fist technique hadn’t improved at all. After all, he couldn’t even counter-attack.

This time, he could practice his fist art.

Lu Ze and Li Erhou’s fist technique were about the same. They just reached familiar mastery. They were trading blows when Lu Ze controlled his movement technique and used his elbows and fists to attack.

But soon, Lu Ze’s fist technique flowed better and better. His punches grew more and more powerful. Gradually, Li Erhou couldn’t keep up with Lu Ze’s pace. He was hit by Lu Ze’s cannon punch on the chest and fell to the ground.

“Are you okay?” Lu Ze asked.

“I’m fine.” Li Erhou began to doubt life. This progress was too fast. This was unfair.

He even felt his confidence was defeated.

“Ze, you ate pills indeed.”

Lu Ze looked at Li Erhou’s annoyed face and patted his shoulder in comfort.

To be honest, he really didn’t know what to say. His martial talent was even better than Lu Li now. She used more and more force beating him in the morning because she got jealous.

“Do you want more?” Lu Ze asked.

He could feel that the way he punched changed in this battle. His mental power seemed to have gotten stronger. He subconsciously found the best way to exert force for him. That was why he improved so fast.

After all, martial arts techniques focused on how the body exerted force.

“No, never again. You definitely want to beat me to death and inherit my ant flower. Such an evil intention. I’m telling you, no way!” Li Erhou shook his head.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. So the ant flower is still there? Hmm, the old Magic artefact must be very happy.

But since Li Erhou didn’t want to fight, Lu Ze could only cultivate himself and try to improve.

His fist technique hadn’t reached the level of experienced yet, but it was much better than before. With how his movement technique and cultivation level improved too, Lu Ze felt he could beat ten of himself from yesterday.

This improvement was too quick.

He seemed to have fallen in love with cultivation. This feeling of constantly getting stronger was mesmerizing.

The martial arts stopped at 4:30 pm. That was the end of the school day. People arranged the remaining time themselves. The homework was much less than in the Earth era.

One had to say this was perfect!

Lu Ze thought about his 10 kg school bag in his past life. His eyes were slightly wet now.

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