Power and Wealth

Chapter 1225: –Amazing

Chapter 1225: –Amazing

Dong Xuebing could dodge bullets…

He could dodge all the bullets without mistakes.

The twins were stunned by what they saw.

They had met many amazing people and seen many things, but they were still impressed by Dong Xuebing.

They were trained in firearms and had good observation. They could estimate the bullet’s trajectory from where it hit and knew Dong Xuebing’s movements dodged them. However, the others do not know and cannot see it. They thought Dong Xuebing was stretching his leg and neck. After all, the bullet’s speed is too fast for a human’s eyes.

Shen Xiaomei was dumbfounded. She whispered to her sister. “He is covered in blood and was hit by a truck. Why is his reaction still so fast?”

Shen Xiaoyan shook her head. “How do I know? That’s why I said he is amazing. He could achieve the impossible, and I finally understand what Ms. Zhang said.”

Shen Xiaomei paused for a few seconds. “Me too.”

Shen Xiaoyan sighed. “His combat power and reaction are out of our imagination.”

“He cannot be a civil servant.”

“He should be a civil servant, as Ms. Zhang did not correct him.”

“But… which civil servant can do this?”

Most civil servants and government staff were busy with their work. Where can they find time to train how to dodge bullets?

Which civil servant is so free?

Shen Xiaoyan said. “This is an eye-opener for us.”

Shen Xiaomei replied. “That’s right. No one will believe us if we tell them what we saw.”

Shen Xiaoyan looked at Dong Xuebing without blinking. “I don’t even believe my eyes now, let alone others.”

“We should be saved today.” Shen Xiaomei sighed with relief. “These people are no match for him.” They felt Dong Xuebing was a burden initially. But they had misjudged him.

“I hope so.” Shen Xiaoyan was still worried.

“Why did you say that?” Shen Xiaomei asked.

“I checked his wounds when you went to buy medication. Those wounds are real, and a truck knocked him down just now. Many of his bones should be broken. You can see blood seeping off his wounds now. He can dodge bullets, but what about close combat?”

Shen Xiaomei looked at Dong Xuebing.

Shen Xiaoyan looked around, hoping to find an opportunity to help Dong Xuebing.

At least four to five people were around them, and two pointed their guns at them. These hooligans were smart. They knew the twins were good at close combat, and they stood a few steps away from them. The twins could not grab their guns, and they could fire if they had any sudden movements. They could not dodge bullets like Dong Xuebing.

They can only depend on Dong Xuebing.

All their hopes are on Dong Xuebing, but his body…

Blood dripped off Dong Xuebing, and the twins felt he could not last. Zhang Longjuan was also looking at him.

The hooligans thought Dong Xuebing would collapse anytime. His body would sway when there was a breeze, but he moved forward unsteadily.

Small puddles of blood would form with every step Dong Xuebing took.

No one understands why this guy can remain alive with such massive blood loss.

“Shoot him!”

“Where are you aiming?”

“I cannot hit him! What is going on?”

The leader felt the hooligans might have ‘missed’ Dong Xuebing on purpose and signaled them to stop.

The leader waved to his men.

The hooligans got the message and rushed forward again. Other than the leader and the four to five hooligans watching Zhang Longjuan and the twins, all the hooligans rushed toward Dong Xuebing.

Two men reached Dong Xuebing first.

They were close to Xiao Hu and wanted to avenge Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing had walked for a while and was not far from Zhang Longjuan and the twins. He assured them by nodding to them.

“Watch out!”

“In front!”

“They are about to hit you!”

Zhang Longjuan, Shen Xiaomei, and Shen Xiaoyan shouted.

The twins thought to themselves. How can you be distracted in such a situation?

The two men got angrier when they saw Dong Xuebing looking at the women.

One held a metal pole, and the other held a dagger.

Shen Xiaoyan and Shen Xiaomei were worried Dong Xuebing’s body could not last. They held their breaths and looked at him.

The pole is about to hit Dong Xuebing…

The dagger is reaching Dong Xuebing…

Dong Xuebing remained calm as he looked t the dagger and pole. He did not stop and continued to drag himself forward.

He’s done for!

All the hooligans felt Dong Xuebing is finished.

“Xiao Dong!”


The twins were anxious when Dong Xuebing continued forward like a fool. You can dodge bullets. Why can’t you dodge these attacks?

Is Dong Xuebing’s body too weak to dodge them?

But he can still walk forward. Why is he not dodging?

They do not know what Dong Xuebing is up to. The dagger and pole were inches away, and he was not reacting.

Dong Xuebing bumped into the two hooligans. But the outcome shocked everyone. Dong Xuebing walked past them and continued forward.

What is going on?

What happened?

No one knew what had happened.

Even Shen Xiaomei and Shen Xiaoyan did not see clearly.

Thud! Thud!

Two thuds shocked everyone.

The first two hooligans, who reached Dong Xuebing first, fell to the ground.

The metal pole smashed one hooligan’s jaw, and he fainted from the pain. The other was stabbed in his thighs twice. Blood was spurting out from his wounds, and he fainted too.

No one saw how Dong Xuebing hit them.

It seemed like Dong Xuebing had only moved his hand slightly, and the two hooligans collapsed.

Shen Xiaoyan and Shen Xiaomei exchanged looks in shock. This guy can not only dodge bullets. His close combat skill is amazing despite his injuries.

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