Power and Wealth

Chapter 1226: Xiao Dong’s Resilience

Chapter 1226: Xiao Dong’s Resilience

In front of the warehouse.

The two hooligans collapsed.

“Brother Liu!”

“Brother Chen!”

The leader and his men did not expect the severely injured young man to be so tough. He had subdued three of their men, and no one saw how he did it. He was too fast. Nineteen hooligans remained, including the few who the twins injured. This is an insult to them. The leader’s eyes turned cold as he looked at Dong Xuebing. His men were furious too.

Is this guy injured?

Is he pretending to be injured?

How can he be so strong?

Everyone felt Dong Xuebing was pretending to be injured. But the blood dripping off him, his limping, and his motionless left hand told them he was not pretending. No one can fake these injuries.

The blood is real.

Dong Xuebing walked more than a dozen meters, leaving a long trail of blood. It looked like someone had dragged a corpse across the ground.

“Everyone! Attack!”

“Revenge for our brothers!”

“He cannot last any longer!”

Everyone shouted and rushed forward. Three of them reached Dong Xuebing first. They felt he is at his limit and might collapse anytime.

Dong Xuebing did not look at them and continued to walk forward slowly.

One step…

Two steps…

Three steps…

The three hooligans reached Dong Xuebing.

Poles and other weapons were swung toward Dong Xuebing from three directions.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! These three hooligans were determined to kill Dong Xuebing!

Shen Xiaomei and Shen Xiaoyan looked toward Dong Xuebing. They did not remain with him anymore as they knew it was unnecessary. He knew what he was doing and didn’t need any reminders.

Like before, Dong Xuebing continued to walk forward.

The three hooligans felt that Dong Xuebing could not survive this time.

However, it did not go according to their plan.

Both sides met.

There was a short pause, and Dong Xuebing continued walking. He walked between them.

Blood gushed from one of the three hooligans’ arms and fell to the ground.

The other two froze for one to two seconds and dropped to the ground. One screamed in pain, and the other was knocked out before he could make any sound.

These three hooligans could not get up again.

Dong Xuebing had taken care of three hooligans in a flash.

Everyone saw Dong Xuebing move his hand but could not see what he did. They felt those three had fainted for unknown reasons. Only Shen Xiaoyan and Shen Xiaomei saw it. He had used their strength against them. He changed the course of their attacks to attack each other. His movement was like Taichi.

Dong Xuebing had calculated those hooligans’ movements, and his every move was accurate and precise.

His movements are amazing.

Shen Xiaoyan and Shen Xiaomei had lost count of the times they inhaled deeply from their shock today.

Both sides had only past each other, and those hooligans dropped to the ground. This is too shocking.

Everyone was shocked.

The hooligans stopped and dared not to go near him. Dong Xuebing had stopped almost twenty hooligans with his aura.

Dong Xuebing’s blood was still dripping.

His feet were still moving.

The hooligans looked at each other.


Why is he still standing?

How did he bring down so many people easily with his injuries?

If the hooligans could not tell Dong Xuebing could dodge bullets… if they thought he had brought down those few hooligans by accident or coincidences… All of them know the young man in front of them is different.

The leader felt they still have the upper hand because of their numbers and weapons. “Be alert and attack together. How can we lose to a severely injured person? Do you all want to be a joke? Liu Ye will be angry!”

“That’s right! Attack him together!”

“We can kill him with so many of us!”

The hooligans started rushing forward. This time, it is around ten of them.

Other than the ones watching Zhang Longjuan and the twins, all the hooligans rushed forward to attack Dong Xuebing.

Shen Xiaoyan and Shen Xiaomei were anxious. Zhang Longjuan narrowed her eyes and breaths heavily. They were worried that Dong Xuebing’s body could not handle his blood loss. The leader remained at the back, watching everything. Why is this bastard not dead yet? His body should have no more blood!

What about Dong Xuebing?

This guy did not even bat an eyelid when he saw so many people. He wiped the blood off his forehead, took a big puff of his cigarette, and continued walking forward.

The ten hooligans reached Dong Xuebing.

The hooligans were cautious this time. They did not rush to attack. Instead, they surrounded Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing was not scared, and he smiled.


“Kill him!”

“Attack together!”

The hooligans started moving.

Attacks came from all directions. Dong Xuebing looked at them and did not dodge. He could not dodge because of his leg injuries, and the attacks came from all directions. He did not have space to dodge too.

Shen Xiaoyan and Shen Xiaomei knew Dong Xuebing could not dodge this time.

“Watch out!”

“Escape if you have an opportunity!”

“That’s right. Leave and get help!”

The twins knew no one could stop him if he wanted to escape. Guns are useless against him. Rather than risking his life or getting killed, he should steal a vehicle and get help.

However, Dong Xuebing did not do that.

He will not escape.

Dong Xuebing will never abandon his friends and does not need to run.


All the weapons were about to hit Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing did not dodge and looked forward calmly.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Six to seven metal poles landed on Dong Xuebing’s shoulders, arms, and head. Two heavy blows landed on the back of his head.


This guy is done for!

Everyone smiled. They thought it would be difficult to bring Dong Xuebing down. After all, his combat skill is unbelievable. They did not expect it to be so easy, but they did not care. This guy’s body should be at its limits and could not avoid their attacks.

Zhang Longjuan’s eye twitched, and she did not say anything.

Shen Xiaomei screamed. “Xiao Dong! Xiao Dong!”

“Shit!” Shen Xiaoyan turned pale. “Xiao Dong is finished.”

The blows on Dong Xuebing’s shoulders and arms are fine. But they saw a few poles landing on his head! The head is a critical vital point.


Blood gushed out from Dong Xuebing’s head.

The leader smiled. He was not surprised. How can so many of them cannot handle an injured person?

The twins felt there was no way for Dong Xuebing to survive. They turned away to stop looking.

Only Zhang Longjuan was still watching Dong Xuebing. “If Xiao Dong can die so easily, he will not be Xiao Dong.” She has absolute confidence in Dong Xuebing after hearing about his feats from Xu Yan.

Shen Xiaomei was stunned. “But his head…”

Zhang Longjuan replied slowly. “This is not the first time he injured his head. He was hit in his head and still came to Hong Kong.”

Xu Yan had told Zhang Longjuan what happened in Fen Zhou City. Dong Xuebing was surrounded and attacked by a lot of residents. Countless bricks smashed his head, but he was not even warded at the hospital. He could even dive into a frozen river to save others the next day. The head might be vital for others, but not for him.

Shen Xiaoyan did not believe it. “How is it possible?”

Shen Xiaomei added. “Even if he is strong, this is…”

The hooligans did not believe Dong Xuebing would be all right after this attack. This thought did not even cross their minds as they thought he was dead.

The leader shouted. “Hurry and clear the scene.”


“We will do it immediately.”

The hooligans turned with their weapons.

Everyone turned with their weapons except for a young man. He tried to pull back his weapon but realized it was stuck.

What happened?

The young man looked at the end of his metal pole and almost vomited blood. Dong Xuebing was holding on to the other end of his pole. 

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