Praise the Orc!

Chapter 27 - Goodbye Orcrox (2)

Chapter 27 - Goodbye Orcrox (2)

Candles shone in the darkness. Tashaquil closed his eyes as he mumbled and recited an old language. The fires of the candles shook in accordance with his whispers.

Ian was sitting in front of Tashaquil and listening to his voice. His mind was elevated, as if he were hypnotized. The spirit floated in the air beyond the constraints of the body.

"Artani mokaw dom de quakwa bul'tar misaterioak... De'sar quak kisame ilxone qfwfq..."

A bizarre echo shook Ian. Ian’s spirit sank down into the depths as it followed Tashaquil’s voice.

At some point, Ian became surrounded by darkness. In the darkness, two lights turned towards Ian.

Ian looked around. There were no candles, no Tashaquil, nothing. There were only two eyes staring at him in the darkness. Ian faced it. The moment that their eyes met, Ian felt like his soul was being sucked in, and formed a fist to resist it. He felt many minds converging endlessly.

Ian gritted his teeth. At that moment, many lights appeared at once. Two, four, eight, sixteen pairs of eyes. Then dozens and hundreds of eyes gazed at Ian. Their outlines were revealed.

Ian’s eyes widened. It was the faces of the warriors. Ian spotted Leyteno holding a greatsword. He also saw Gloin with an axe. The great warriors from the Hall of Fame, and many other orc warriors were watching Ian.

He then looked at the person closest to him.

Lenox. Lenox whispered to Ian. Ian focused on listening to him. However, Lenox’s voice was inaudible. Ian shook his head. Lenox smiled and spoke again. Ian still had no idea.

Lenox nodded. Then Ian extended a fist. It was a rough hand covered with the wounds of battle. Ian’s fist bumped into Lenox’s heavy fist.

At that moment, the world turned dark again.


Ian opened his eyes. He was in front of Tashaquil.

Tashaquil whispered, "Young orc, what are you seeking?”

Ian's head became blank. Only one word surfaced and filled his head. It was engraved into his mind.


"What do you want to achieve?”


"Why do you walk the path of a warrior?”

Tashaquil looked at Ian, his two eyes staring deeply into Ian’s soul. Ian couldn’t move his body, he couldn’t even part his lips. One word appeared in his head, and it was his only answer.


His face and body became numb. Heat slammed into Ian. Ian’s face distorted, but he endured the pain. He stared at Tashaquil without bending his waist.


Tashaquil whispered,

"Then look into yourself. I am the hawk of the north, the blue guardian of the sunrise. The pale blue standard bearer who guides the shamans, Tashaquil. Warrior, who is beginning your long journey. What is your name?”

Ian tried to answer with his name. But his mouth didn’t seem to move. Instead, a strange sound echoed through his mind. It was a word he had heard for the first time.

Tashaquil stared into Ian’s eyes. He smiled like he knew everything.

All the lights went out.

"Remember that name."

Tashaquil rose from his position. It was a ceremony that seemed to be over in an instant, but also felt like it took a long time. Ian couldn’t guess how much time had passed. His whole body soaked with sweat.

Tashaquil walked up to a window. That cloth that blocked the sun was removed. Sunlight entered Ian’s eyes.

The ceremony to become a warrior was over. Ian was now a warrior.

Tashaquil gave something to Ian. It was a mirror. Ian looked at himself in the mirror.

His appearance differed from before. The tattoos symbolizing an orc warrior ran from his face down to his body. He could feel an unknown power running through the tattoos towards the inside of his body.

Tashaquil spoke, "Young warrior."

He was in deep sorrow after the death of Lenox, but his eyes were still clear. Lenox might be the one who trained the warriors, but Tashaquil always conducted the ceremony that turned them into warriors. He was the guide who revealed the way.

“What is your name?”

At that point, a nostalgic voice came to mind.

‘Become a warrior! Then you will receive a new name! So I won’t remember your name!’

Ian replied.

"My name is...”

Lenox’s voice rang in his ears.

‘Become a warrior!’


The remains of the orc warriors were collected from the dungeon. Surprisingly, Hoyt survived.

Hoyt had been found bloodied among the bodies of the other orc warriors. The orcs thought he was dead. But when they lifted his body to move it, they found that he was faintly breathing. He had collapsed and his mind still wasn’t recovered. Even though he was alive, he was unconscious, and wouldn’t be able to move for a while. According to the shamans, he wouldn’t wake up for a while.

The funeral for the warriors was solemnly held. Orcs from around the continent gathered as a last tribute to Lenox. Well known orcs, those who lived in seclusion, and other legendary orcs appeared.

The hunter Zankus, who shot down the sun, was the first to arrive. He was followed by the mountain smasher Kumarak, the abyss shaman Wallachwi, Anya the mad slaughterer and many other strong orcs. Those who came to express their condolences continued without end.

The funeral hymns echoed around Orcrox. Lenox’s steel helmet was left at the training grounds where he always yelled. He would watch over the warriors there forever.

[Status Window]

'Person Pursuing the Pinnacle’ Ian, Orc Warrior

Level: 16

Achievement Points: 2420

Assimilation: 70%[1]


Orc Warrior’s Strength (Special)

Orc Warrior’s Recovery (Special)

Leyteno’s Greatsword Technique (Rare)

Indomitable Fighting Spirit (Rare)

Mind's Eye (Special)

Tattoos of Honor (Rare)

There were a lot of changes.

As soon as Ian escaped through the dungeon’s emergency exit, he found the body of the lich. The soldiers left in the rear had killed the lich. Their blades turned towards Ian.

However, Ian exerted an incredible power and killed them. He couldn’t remember what happened but he had ended up covered in blood. He recalled seeing the message windows flash faintly as the assimilation rate rose.

By the time he recovered his spirit, he was a bloody mess in front of Orcrox Fortress. His skills proficiency, level and achievement points had risen significantly.

First, all his basic abilities had risen and Orc's Greatsword Technique had gone up two stages to become the rare grade Leyteno’s Greatsword Technique. In addition, tattoos were engraved after the warrior’s ceremony was over and the rare grade ability, Tattoos of Honor, was acquired. The exact abilities of this skill were still unknown.

Now Ian felt strong enough to be called a warrior.

Ian had to leave Orcrox Fortress. His first goal was to find Thawing Balhae Clan and the traitor Grom. The human magician had called him Hyunchul. They were now Ian's target.

However, he was still lacking strength. He would leave Orcrox, build up his power, and pay them back.

“I will get revenge on the human earl,” Anya the mad slaughterer said.

She was a berserk orc. Anja had a group of orc warriors who only followed her. All of them were bloodthirsty killers like her.

The mountain smasher Kumarak agreed. "I will help.”

"I don’t need an over-sized idiot like you.”

"I'm not an idiot, Anya! Grrung!”

They didn’t know much about those who were cursed by the stars. So when Ian said that he would punish the traitor Grom, they doubted Ian’s power.

"I wonder if a new warrior can do it.”

Tashaquil shook his head at the hunter Zankus’ question. "He received Lenox’s teachings and watched his last moments. He is qualified.”


"I will guarantee it.”

"I understand. But...” Zankus smiled as he looked at Ian. “I will hunt you down if you play stupid games. I can’t trust a person who ran away alone.”


Tashaquil barked but Ian nodded quietly.

“I understand.”

Everybody dealt with sorrow in their own way. All of them were orcs who had large or small debts to Lenox.

It was determined that Hoyt would be the instructor after Lenox. After he recovered, he would take Lenox’s place. That is, if Hoyt didn’t refuse the position.

After the others left, Tashaquil and Ian were left alone.

“Where will you go now?”

"I will first stop at Anail.”

He had to meet Thompson in Anail. He had received a letter stating that the Golden Anvil clan had completed the greatsword. Ian was going to visit Anail first to recover it.

In addition, there was someone else he had to see. Derek. Ian hated him, but decided to borrow his strength for the more important mission. He needed the help of an NPC who had power.

“I will track those guys until the end.”

"Good luck."

Tashaquil waved his staff. An unknown blessing filled Ian.

[Tashaquil has granted you an unknown power.]

[The unidentified power will settle within your body.]


"One day it will help you.”

Tashaquil smiled.

"When will you leave?”

Ian looked at the sky. The sun hadn’t fallen yet. It was time to leave before Lenox’s funeral was over.

“I’m going to leave now.”

"So fast.”

"It is like Lenox always said.” Ian recalled his face. "I can enjoy my life, or swing my weapon now.”

A bittersweet smile spread over Tashaquil’s face.

“I will depart now.”

“Then I wish you luck.”

Ian and Tashaquil bumped fists.

He crossed the interior of Orcrox Fortress. It was in Orcrox Fortress where many things had happened. The exit of the fortress could be seen.

When he first connected to Elder Lord, he never expected all this to happen. He just lightly enjoyed the game.

But he met Lenox here. Grant and Hoyt as well. He met Antuak, and then Tashaquil. Ian grew even further through his relationship with them. They had great spirits that were worthy of respect.

As soon as Ian left Orcrox Fortress, familiar faces welcomed him.

"Hey, are you alive?”

"I am alive.”

The guards of Orcrox Fortress. They were the orcs whom he had first met. They still guarded Orcrox Fortress like stone statues.

“You are finally a warrior.”


"It feels like it was just a while ago that you acted like a newbie here.”

"Now you look like a warrior. Kulkulkulkul!”

They burst out laughing. Ian also laughed. They glanced at each other before saying to Ian,

“Well. Now it is time to ask you.”

They extended their fists side by side.

"Young warrior leaving Orcrox.”


“What is your name?”

The guards had never once asked for Ian’s name. Lenox was also the same. He finally realized the reason why. At that time, Ian had no name. But now that he was a warrior, Ian had a name that he could tell them.

“My name is...”

He took a deep breath before replying.


They nodded. It was a farewell.

Crockta bumped fists with them.

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