Praise the Orc!

Chapter 28 - A Proposal that cant be Rejected (1)

Chapter 28 - A Proposal that can’t be Rejected (1)

The orc farmers gathered at the home of Agra, the spiritual pillar of the orc farmers.

It was a meeting to resolve the present problem.

Many orc farmers had left their homes for Lenox’s funeral, and the ones who returned were greeted with messed up fields and broken farm equipment. Some orcs left in the village were either injured or killed.

They figured it out. The farmers were engulfed with fear after realizing that it was back.

The return of the mutant werewolf.

Grant, who was once a warrior, had remained in Orcrox to protect Lenox for a certain amount of time after death. The remaining orc farmers were unable to cope with the brutal attacks of the mutant werewolf.

His group wasn’t made up of just wolves anymore, but a bunch of direwolves that had come down from the north. The orc farmers struggled to get rid of them. However, the number of casualties increased in the guerrilla warfare against the wolves.

It was a crisis.

"If this continues, then it will be the end.”

"We need to request help from the orc warriors at Orcrox!”

"But this area has already been taken over by them. Anyone who tries to leave will be attacked.”

"If all of us go out together...”

“The children. We can’t leave the children alone.”

"It will be more dangerous to take the children.”

"Then what should we do?”

"At this time...”

Due to Lenox’s funeral, there were no warriors passing by. The orc farmers sighed.

As they gathered and tried to seek answers, the wolves were conducting a raid.

“Help! Help me!”

“This voice...?”

It was the voice of a young orc child. The orc farmers looked out the window. A young orc was being chased by the wolves. He was staggering and bleeding from where he had been bitten several times on his legs.


Big direwolves were chasing behind the little orc. Their angry teeth were only minutes away from tearing into the child. The orc farmers ran out the door without hesitation.

But it was a trap.


As the orc farmers ran out to save the child, a large number of direwolves emerged from the bushes and rocks. A wolf who was especially large looked at them and laughed.

“Dirty orc scum... Today I will eat all of you...”

The wolf spoke. His face was marked with a long scar. It was the old mutant wolf that had been attacked by Grant.

He returned even stronger. Bigger and smarter. He returned to the north and brought back not just wolves, but direwolves as well.

The orcs gritted their teeth. They might all die. They looked back. The little orcs left in Agra’s house were peeking out of a gap in the door with frightened faces.

"Close the door and hide!”

The farmers picked up some farming equipment and weapons. They glared at the werewolf as the wolves gradually surrounded them. The farmers didn’t know how to fight, but they were still orcs. The mutant werewolf looked at them and chuckled at the sight, like it was funny. Then he bit the young orc that had been chased.


The farmers were furious.

"Let that child go!”


The child slumped down as blood flowed from the bite on their arm. They had lost consciousness from the shock. The orcs’ hands started shaking.

“Don’t be mad. You will follow soon.”

The mutant werewolf laughed at the body of the young orc on the ground. Then he howled towards the sky.



The mutant werewolf’s body started changing. His muscles swelled like balloons. His front legs rose up, hind legs became stronger and his back straightened. The larger wolf laughed as he looked down at the orcs. A huge bipedal werewolf!

"Today I will eat orc meat.”


"Don’t worry. Young meat tastes better. Kuku...”

“This bastard...!”

The orc farmers raised their weapons. They trembled as they glared at the werewolf. The werewolf yelled,


The wolves and the mutant werewolf plunged in at the same time. The orcs also rushed to their deaths. The farmers had to protect the children behind them. It was their reason for fighting.

The mutant werewolf waved his huge paws. The orcs looked like children in front of his huge size.

Blade-like claws! The orcs at the front would be swept away at once. The orcs in range closed their eyes.

It was at that moment. The werewolf suddenly bounced back.


The mutant werewolf got tangled up with the other wolves as he rolled across the ground.


It was a blank face that didn’t know what was going on. The werewolf tried to get up, but staggered and fell back down.


The orc farmers’ eyes widened. Between them and the group of wolves, a single orc was standing.


The farmers’ faces brightened as they confirmed the appearance of the orc. A burly and muscular body. Tattoos covering his face and torso, with a huge greatsword hanging from his back. An imposing atmosphere that caused the wolves to shrink back!

It was the appearance of a brave orc warrior.

“A warrior...!”


"A warrior!"

The orc warrior looked between the farmers to the body of the young orc on the ground. Then he raised his greatsword.

"I smelled dogs and came running.”

He walked towards the mutant werewolf who still hadn’t understood the situation.

"The dog bastard is back.”

“ bastard...!”

"I’m glad to see you before I leave.”


The mutant werewolf rushed towards the orc warrior.

The orc warrior moved and cut downwards on the werewolf’s body.

The werewolf screamed from the blow, his blood spilling onto the earth.

“Kuheeok...! Attack! Attack!"

The direwolves simultaneously charged at the orc warrior. Dozens of wolves were jumping at one orc, so it seemed dangerous. The orc farmers grabbed their farm equipment and prepared to help him.

The orc warrior swung his greatsword. The direwolves in the front fell down, bleeding profusely. However, there were still dozens of wolves. The wolves surrounded him in an instant. The warrior’s appearance was hidden from view.


It was a sight that made the farmers’ hands sweat! At that moment, a light sparkled from among the wolves.




Blood splattered from the wolves in turn as the wolves collapsed. The last wolf was pierced by the orc warrior’s sword.


The orc warrior’s greatsword thrust into the belly of a direwolf.


The orc warrior pushed off the body of the dead wolf and pulled out his greatsword. The direwolves were terrified and didn’t dare resist. The mutant werewolf that was stumbling behind them yelled frantically, “Attack! I’m telling you to attack!”

But the direwolves had already lost their fighting spirit. The mutant werewolf bared his gums with rage.

"These wimpy guys...”

The orc warrior extended his hand and raised it.

You, come.

It was a gesture of provocation. But the mutant werewolf hovered around and didn’t dare to attack.

The orc warrior took one step closer and the werewolf took one step back.

“Grrrrr... Dirty orc...”

“Don’t lose your fur, mutant born from nature’s mistake.”

The orc warrior nudged the mutant werewolf’s sore spot. The eyes of the werewolf became upset as he rushed out with his claws raised.


The greatsword and claws clashed. The blade of the greatsword was scratched.

"I am a mistake? You are nature’s cancer, Orc!”

The orc warrior’s muscles swelled. He was fighting against a werewolf much bigger than him, but he wasn’t pushed back at all. Rather, he overwhelmed the werewolf.

The werewolf suddenly withdrew and slashed out with his claws. He was aiming for the gap where the orc warrior staggered after losing against the force that he was resisting. However, the orc warrior rolled and escaped from the werewolf’s attack range. The werewolf’s claws slashed through empty air.

The orc warrior stabbed his greatsword in that gap of defense. The werewolf stepped back and avoided the attack. The orc warrior’s greatsword slashed at the werewolf’s body several times. The mutant werewolf’s wounds increased.

“Kuck! Kuheok!”

All of the direwolves had already fled. Now the mutant werewolf was alone. The mutant werewolf looked around. The orc farmers were standing with their farm equipment and now he was the one being surrounded. He wanted to run away, but couldn’t because of a deep stab wound on his leg.

“...Grrr. Dirty orc scum...”

The mutant werewolf’s eyes shone.


Using the last of his strength, he turned and ran towards the orc farmers. His massive body made him seem like a bull charging. Sharp teeth flashed from his open mouth.

An urgent situation!

It was at that moment.


The frightened orc farmers saw a blade protruding. The mutant werewolf stopped moving. The greatsword had pierced the werewolf’s back, the thick blade emerged from his chest. The werewolf’s blood flowed down the blade.

The werewolf flopped down.


His head dropped. It was the end of the mutant werewolf, who terrorized the orc farmers. The orc warrior retrieved his greatsword. The body of the mutant werewolf fell down.

"Then, let’s live.”

The orc warrior bowed his head before placing the big sword back on his back, as if nothing big had happened. He started to head back the way he came. His steps were heading eastward.

The farmers watched with stunned gazes. Then the old orc farmer, Agra called out to the orc warrior.

"Excuse me Warrior.”

The orc warrior turned his head.

"Really, we really thank you. Please let us know your name.”

He replied.


"Crockta. A nice name.”

The warrior Crockta smiled. He nodded slightly before moving towards the east again. The orc farmers blessed his way.


Thompson handed him the weapon.

The orc warrior, once called Ian, was now called Crockta. The person who was once an apprentice warrior now had a strong atmosphere that felt like Hoyt.

"Here is your sword.”


Thompson had been very worried after hearing about Lenox’s death, but he was relieved to know that Hoyt had survived. He said he would go to Orcrox to visit Hoyt as soon as all his work was cleaned up.

“Can you lift it?”

While the new greatsword was much bigger and heavier than the previous one, Crockta had also become stronger. He thought that this was the right weapon for him. The moment he lifted the greatsword in his hand, he felt something snap in place. Just by holding it, he could imagine how this sword moved and how it could cut down the enemy.

“It is really great.”

"It suits you.”

“Thank you.”

[Ogre Slayer (Essence)]

[The greatsword created by the Golden Anvil Clan for their lifesaver, Thompson. It was designed for a strong orc warrior. A very small amount of adamantium is mixed in with an ogre’s flesh and blood.]

It was an Essence grade item. An Essence grade item was a high-end produce that would be worth millions of won in reality. It looked like an ordinary greatsword, but only those with great eyes would be able to see its value.

Thompson smiled as he saw Crockta’s facial expression.

“For my benefactor, this much is nothing.”

“Thank you very much. I'll use it well. "

“Here is the sheath.”


Crockta placed it in the sheath on his back. He felt a great weight on his shoulders when he carried the sword. It felt good.

“I really like it.”

"I’m glad you like it.”

He looked at the hammer hanging on the wall with a bittersweet expression. "I wish that Hoyt would be happy to receive that.”

“He will surely be pleased.”

“Hoyt... Will he wake up?”

Hoyt hadn’t regained consciousness yet, but it would surely happen. Crockta nodded.

“Yes. He will rise up and become the new instructor at Orcrox.”

"That would be nice. I can often go and visit him.”

Thompson smiled.

He started his own company, Thompson’s Trading Company. It was still early, but on the basis of his relationship with the Golden Anvil Clan, he would be able to rise up quickly to even threaten the position of the Blacksmith Company in Anail.

At that moment, Thompson’s secretary poked his head in.

“Boss Thompson.”

"Uh, what is it?”

“A guest has come.”


"It isn’t for Boss...but your guest...” He looked at Crockta. It seemed like the secretary was still unfamiliar with orcs.

“My guest?” Crockta was confused.



"Guest...ah, excuse me, you can’t come in here...”

The door was swung wide-open. A face that was familiar to Crockta could be seen.

“Hyu. You have become tougher, Orc.”

It was the subordinate who handed Derek’s business card to Crockta.

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