President Daddy Super Awesome

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Happy Little Baby

Once again, Tang Weiwei wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. Looking at him, she said, “Little bean, it’s better not to invite trouble for your mommy. We can’t afford to offend this sort of man.”

“Aunt Tang, you also think I looked like him, right?” While he was carefully studying the man in the photo, he felt an inexplicable sense of intimacy.

“That’s right. You resembled him. Other than your nose and mouth, the rest of your facial features bear a striking similarity to him. Your father must be a very handsome man, otherwise, how could there be such a good-looking little fellow like you?” Tang Weiwei was green with envy.

Looking at the man in the photo, the little boy questioned, “Aunt Tang, are you sure that this Gong Yexiao can be found at that building?”

“That’s his company. He should be working there.” However, Tang Weiwei herself wasn’t actually sure of this. Gong Yexiao was, at present, the world’s wealthiest man. Who could be sure of his whereabouts?

But the little fellow took it seriously and kept it firmly in mind. He was thinking of preparing a brief introduction of his mommy to hand it over to that man for him to accept mommy’s application as his girlfriend.

Half an hour later, Tang Weiwei brought the little boy back to the company. After half an hour of sitting in silence, Cheng Liyue began racking her brains to come up with a design for Shen Junyao. When she had been in her junior year, Shen Junyao had suddenly approached her and had helped her out with various things. It had been a chance encounter. She had lowered her guard and had become good friends with Shen Junyao. Only now was she aware that Shen Junyao was two-faced. All along Shen Junyao had been pretending to be her friend, while she had been carrying on with Lu Junxuan behind Cheng Liyue’s back.

Cheng Liyue felt the beginnings of a headache. Behind her, a tender voice called out to her sweetly, “Mommy, mommy… We’re back! ”

In an instant, Cheng Liyue felt herself loosen up as she watched her handsome little son run towards her. Lifting him in her arms, she embraced him warmly like he was her treasure.

Yes, for this child, she was willing to suffer any grievances, set aside any resentment, swallow any bitterness.

“Mommy, this is the flavor that I’ve picked for you. See if you like it.”

“Whatever Xiao Ze has picked, mommy will like it.” Cheng Liyue said while giving him a peck on his cheek.

“Okay, mommy, eat first before working. I’ll go play with Aunt Tang.”

“Alright, go on then!” Cheng Liyue took the cake from him with a smile. She then looked at his cheerful, departing figure, her eyes filled with tender affection.

Cheng Liyue has her own separate office. At this time, it was after office hours, so most of her colleagues have left. Tang Weiwei had volunteered to stay behind to accompany the little kiddo, allowing Cheng Liyue to feel at ease while she worked.

“Aunt Tang, can you print out a résumé for me?”

“What do you need a résumé for?”

“It’s of use to me, so print me a copy, please.” The little boy wore a beseeching expression on his face. Looking at the pair of huge, watery eyes, called to mind the appearance a small kitten.

How could Tang Weiwei possibly withstand such an onslaught. She immediately petted him on his head, “Alright, I’ll print out a copy for you now.”

Tang Weiwei actually printed out a copy for him. She thought to herself, such a small little bean, he wouldn’t be familiar with that many words, what does he need a résumé for?

Cheng Liyue worked till eight in the evening. She couldn’t bear to let her son accompany her through her overtime. She planned to bring her work home and cook up a meal for her son. Only after she had put him to bed would she then continue working overnight.

Linda also happened to be working overtime and since they were staying in the same living accommodation that the company had arranged for them, she gave this pair of mother and son a ride home.

A house becomes a home when there’s a child and a woman living in it.

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