President Daddy Super Awesome

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Mommy’s Résumé

Cheng Liyue prepared a bowl of noodles for him which the little boy obediently finished. After he had a glass of milk, Cheng Liyue bathed him. Smelling like his whole body had been lathered in fragrance, he was then ushered into his room.

The well-behaved little boy bid her goodnight, “Mommy, don’t stay up too late working! I’ve read that it’s not good to stay up late or else you’ll start aging.”

“Got it.” Cheng Liyue was touched. Although he was still young, he acted like an adult, looking after her and giving her advice.

Once Cheng Liyue had shut the door, the little boy swiftly got down from his bed. He sat at his small study table and took out the résumé that Tang Weiwei had printed out for him today. He then took out his colored gel pens. Laying them all on the table, he carefully studied them.

His cognitive abilities were well-developed. At just the age of two, he had already been able to understand more than 2,000 words. His current three and a half year old mind has attained the level of knowledge comparable to that of a fifth grader.

However, writing was his biggest weakness. His sloppy handwriting was, nevertheless, still legible.

On the résumé, he wrote mommy’s name, age, hobbies, and job.

He racked his brains searching for things he could write down that would extol mommy’s virtues. For instance, mommy was beautiful, capable, able to cook and do the laundry and so on.

After writing all of that down, he picked up the résumé and examined it. From inside his school bag, he took out a small photo album from which he selected a picture of Cheng Liyue to stick on the résumé.

With this, the résumé in his hand was starting to look like the real deal.

Putting away the résumé, he thought to himself that he would take it with him tomorrow to find Gong Yexiao. He would then be able to introduce his mommy to this man and let him be mommy’s boyfriend.

With this fanciful notion in his head, the little boy soon drifted off to sleep.

Cheng Liyue worked until the early hours of the morning. She cracked open the door and saw the little boy sleeping soundly under the covers. She walked up to the bed and kissed him softly on the forehead. Then, she left, washed up and got in bed.

Because she was tired, she fell asleep as soon as she hit the sheets.

Early morning

As usual Linda called her up to give the pair of mother and son a lift. The little boy accompanied her to work even though it wasn’t all that proper. Since school was out for the summer, she planned to pick out some courses that were of interest to her son for him to take up. She intended to check them out in person but, at present, she was unable to take time off work.

Tang Weiwei had nothing much to do at work so Linda assigned her the task of babysitting the little bean. If Cheng Liyue managed to secure this contract, the company would earn a considerable profit.

Today, the little boy had on a cool backpack, dressed stylishly, he was full of spirit.

“Wow, little bean, you’ve become more handsome.” Tang Weiwei was captivated by his looks. Looking at him was like looking at a mini version of Gong Yexiao.

Heavens! That person was an Adonis in the eyes of the female population.

“I’m the one to wake my mommy up every day.” The little boy confidently uttered. Who knew he was that capable?

Tang Weiwei chuckled. It must not be known by him that she had her doubts even though the words he had uttered were said in sincerity.

At this time, Tang Weiwei’s cell phone suddenly rang. Seeing that it was her father calling, she hurriedly picked up the call. “Hello, dad? What has happened? You’ve been injured? Okay, I’ll be right there.”

Tang Weiwei’s face whitened in worry. Turning to the little boy, she said, “I need to ask for a leave from your mommy. You mustn’t run about.”

“Aunt Tang, if there has been an emergency, hurry up and go. I’ll not run about.” The little fellow said tactfully and followed her to his mommy’s office.

In her office, Cheng Liyue was diligently sketching out a design on the paper. Suddenly, her office door was pushed open by Tang Weiwei. With red eyes, she sniffled, “Liyue jie[1], my father has just been involved in a car accident. I need to be at the hospital. Can I get a leave?”

Cheng Liyue was shocked and immediately nodded. “Sure! Quickly be on your way! ”

Tang Weiwei returned to her table, picked up her hand bag and hurried to the elevator.

Cheng Liyue looked at the little boy in her office. She said softly, “Aunt Tang has left to deal with an emergency. Behave yourself, okay?”

[1]= jiě = elder sister; or used by a younger female when addressing an older female with whom they have a close relationship.

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