President Daddy Super Awesome

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Brushing Face Era

En, mommy, don’t worry, I’ll behave. Can I play in the lounge?”

Cheng Liyue required a great deal of concentration while sketching. The deadline to hand in the draft to Shen Junyao was fast approaching. What she really needed now was total concentration.

Nodding her head, Cheng Liyue counselled him. “You can play on your own, but you’re not allowed to take a step out of the company’s entrance. Don’t get up to mischief, alright?”

“Got it, mommy.” The little fellow answered quickly.

Cheng Liyue was at ease because she trusted her son. Ever since he was young, she’d never have to worry about him.

“Go on then!” Cheng Liyue smiled and walked him to her office door.

Once outside, his huge eyes immediately surveyed his surroundings. Looking out the glass panes, he stare fixedly at the pyramid-like building. His huge eyes flashed with resoluteness.

Now was his best chance to leave. He had to seize it.

Because the little bean was still small, no one saw him slipped out. He dashed off as soon as he was out the doors. But when crossing the street, he did not forget to observe the road safety rules. It took him 15 minutes to arrive at the entrance of the Gong Corporation. The little boy stood in front of the building. His pitiful, tiny frame was so tiny that it was easily overlooked.

He gaped at the building in awe. Just thinking that Gong Yexiao was sitting somewhere in this building caused his heart to throb in excitement.

Like a fearless calf, he bravely rushed forward, entering the lobby with his little backpack strapped to his back. The little boy was courageous and resourceful. Glancing left and right, he finally figured out the fastest method to meet Gong Yexiao.

Putting on puppy eyes, he walked up to the pretty aunt who was working at the front desk. Lifting his small head, he began to put his plan of brushing face [1] into motion.

Several of the front desk employees who caught sight of him looked at each other in wonderment.Where did this cute little fellow come from?

“How may I help you, kid?”

“I’m here to see my uncle.”

“Your uncle? What’s his name?”

“His name is Gong Yexiao. Aunt, can you take me to see him?” The little boy implored wearing a pitiable expression.

“Heavens! He looks just like President Gong. Just like two peas in a pod!”

“You’re the Gong family’s young master? Why isn’t your bodyguard with you?” The receptionist was puzzled.

“I don’t like to be escorted. I told them to wait outside. Aunt, I want to meet my uncle. Please take me up to see him!” His face which bore a striking resemblance to Gong Yexiao’s helped lend credence to his story. His bright and intelligent eyes were simply too captivating.

One of the receptionists walked around the front desk having every intention of grasping this opportunity. “Okay, I’ll take you there.”

It was a privilege to be of service to a relative of President Gong. Moreover, there might even be a chance for her to catch a glimpse of President Gong!

He joyfully took her hand as they walked into the elevator. The exuberant little boy was elated that his plan of brushing face had worked.

“Little kiddo, what’s your name?” The receptionist stooped down to study him carefully.

“I’m called Gong Yuze.” The little boy told a barefaced lie. All he needed to do now was to appear before Gong Yexiao so that he could pass mommy’s résumé to him.

“What a nice name!” The receptionist had no doubt at all. This little fellow had a face similar to Gong Yexiao’s.

The elevator went all the way up and stopped when it reached the sixtieth floor. The kid promptly committed this to memory and then scampered after her.

As they were walking through the lofty hallway, they were abruptly stopped by a woman dressed in a dark suit who appeared highly competent.

“What’s the matter?”

“Hello, Assistant Yan. This is President Gong’s little nephew. I’ve brought him up.” The receptionist beamed.

Assistant Yan’s gaze settled on the child. With brows knitted in a frown, she asked, “You’re President Gong’s nephew?”

Chapter’s title: 刷脸 时代 = shuāliǎnshídài = brushing face era

[1] Brushing face = 刷脸 (shuāliǎn) = when you use your good looks, or popularity or social status to your own advantage []

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