President Daddy Super Awesome

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: To Recognize Daddy

Cheng Yuze immediately retracted his wandering gaze. Turning his head, he caught sight of the imposing figure seated on the sofa. It stands to reason that looking at such a figure would have the little boy quaking in his boots, or that he would be perturbed by that icy demeanor.

However, to the little boy, this man appeared to be amiable. In his eyes, this man was like a daddy figure. While waving at him, the little boy mustered the loveliest smile he could come up with.

The steady gaze of Gong Yexiao dissolved into shock at the sight of the child’s appearance which closely resembled his own. This little boy was the spitting image of his younger self.

His small face was like a finely carved jade. The contours of his face were carved to perfection. He had pink-flushed cheeks. This charming little face was reminiscent of himself when he was still a boy.

While he was still in a state of shock, he saw the little boy turned to Assistant Yan speaking in a serious tone, “Aunt, can you leave us? I need to discuss something personal with my uncle.”

Assistant Yan looked to her boss to ascertain that this child was his nephew.

She saw him promptly waved her away.

Assistant Yan inwardly exclaimed, this child was really the boss’ nephew?

Hearing the door shut, Cheng Yuze stared at the man in front of him with his huge eyes and apologized sincerely, “Mr. Gong, I’m sorry. I wanted to see you, so I lied and said that I was your nephew. You won’t blame me right!”

“Why do you want to see me?” Wrinkling his handsome face, the man asked. His husky voice carried with it an urgent undertone.

“I came to see you to hand you my mommy’s résumé.” The little boy then took off his backpack and reached in to take out the résumé which had been folded several times and held it out to him.

With a patience he didn’t even know he had, Gong Yexiao reached out and took the résumé. Glancing at the sheet of paper which could not even pass for a résumé, with a photo of a woman pasted onto it, he instantly raised his eyebrows. “Your mother wants to apply for a position here?”

The little boy nodded earnestly, “Yes! My mommy wants to apply for the position of your girlfriend.”

“Your mommy?” Gong Yexiao smothered a laugh while looking at this bold little fellow. He found this notion inconceivable. The writing on the résumé was clearly his. It was, unexpectedly, quite neat.

“Kid, I’m not interested in your mother. But instead, I’m very interested in you. Tell me, what’s your name? How old are you?” Gong Yexiao felt an inexplicable desire to get to know this little boy.

This was the first time he had ever experienced such a strong curiosity about a particular matter. Where did this little boy spring up from?

Pouting his lips, Cheng Yuze regarded him disappointedly. “Why are you not interested in my mommy? My mommy is very beautiful.”

“You came here to find me just to deliver this résumé?” Arching his brows, Gong Yexiao let out a small laugh.

“Yes!” The little boy bobbed his head seriously. “My mommy is very pitiful. She works overtime every day and still has to take care of me. I want to find her an outstanding boyfriend. I think you’re well suited to be my mommy’s boyfriend.”

Gong Yexiao inwardly sneered. Women nowadays go to great lengths just to get close to him. Just because this child resembled him, she was planning of using this to her advantage?

“Kid, I’m not interested in being your mommy’s boyfriend. Go back and tell your mommy not to use you to get close to me. It’s pointless.” Restraining his temper, Gong Yexiao admonished.

Cheng Yuze blinked. Pursing his lips, he said, “It wasn’t my mommy who told me to come over. I came here on my own to see you. ”

Gong Yexiao’s brows shot up with curiosity. “Why do you want to see me?”

“Because I think you’re like my daddy!” With his lips compressed in a tight line, the misty-eyed boy stared pitifully at Gong Yexiao as if he was about to cry.

Gong Yexiao gazed at the little boy in shock. He gently asked, “You don’t have a daddy?”

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