President Daddy Super Awesome

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Gong Yexiao Cares

“It’s just my mommy and me in the family. My mommy said she doesn’t know what my daddy looked like. One of the aunts said I looked just like you. So I was wondering if you were my daddy.” With his innocent gaze fixed on him, the little boy asked.

The purest thing in this world was the innocence in a child’s eyes.

This gaze of his broke through Gong Yexiao’s guard, crumbling it inch by inch. He thought fiercely, how nice would it be if this child was his.

At a loss, Cheng Yuze chewed on his lower lip. Evidently, he had failed in his plan to hand over mommy’s résumé.

He was somewhat reluctant to accept this fact. He abruptly raised his little hand to his head and tugged a few strands of his hair out. Placing several strands of his short black hair on the résumé, he said, “Uncle, here’s my hair containing my DNA. If you have the time, can you have it tested? Who knows we could really be father and son! I’ve got to go back, otherwise, mommy would be worried sick once she finds me missing.”

“Where do you stay? I’ll get someone to send you back.”

“There, the building opposite this is my mommy’s workplace. It’s quite close, so there’s no need.” He glanced at his mommy’s résumé and said, “Uncle, think about it again. My mommy is really beautiful and capable! If you don’t marry her, you’ll come to regret it.”

Without waiting for Gong Yexiao’s reply, he’d already run to the door. Pushing the door open, he dashed off.

Gong Yexiao knitted his brows while looking at the strands of short, black hair on that sheet of A4 paper. He began to mull over it.

He was not one who wasted time doing meaningless things. He was absolutely certain that he had no relationship whatsoever with this child.

Looking at these strands of hair, he pondered whether he should toss them into the bin together with the résumé, or to waste his time going through with a DNA paternity testing.

Just then, Assistant Yan knocked on his door and pushed it open while holding onto some files within her crossed arms.

“President Gong, here are some documents which require your attention. Please sign them.” After saying that, Assistant Yan intended to leave the room.

“Wait a minute.” Behind her, a low, magnetic voice called out.

Assistant Yan immediately turned around to look at him. “What other instructions do you have, President Gong?”

Reaching up to his temple, Gong Yexiao pulled out a few strands of his hair. From the box of tissue on his table, he took out a few to wrap his hair and Cheng Yuze’s separately, then handed them over to her. “Take these to the hospital for a DNA test and give me a detailed report.”

A stunned Assistant Yan swiftly reached out to receive them and nodded. “Okay, I’ll get it done now.”

Cheng Yuze set off to his mommy’s company at the fastest speed possible. Once he entered it, he heard the murmurs.

“Designer Cheng’s child has gone missing. Have you seen him? She’s anxiously looking around for him.”

“I’ve not! Where could such a small child possibly go? It must be dangerous!”

Listening to them, Cheng Yuze ran up to the two female staff. “Aunt, is my mommy looking for me?”

“My goodness! Little munchkin, how come you’re here? Hurry up and find your mommy. Your mommy has been worried sick.” The female staff immediately took him by the hand and brought him to Cheng Liyue’s office.

Cheng Liyue was anxious to the point where she was about to call the police. She then heard a sweet, tender voice calling out to her cheerfully, “Mommy, I’m here, I’m here.”

Cheng Liyue turned around to look at him. Her face that had whitened with fear immediately turned stern. “Xiao Ze, where have you been? Didn’t I warn you not to simply run around? Do you want to frighten mommy to death?” Her eyes were brimming with tears.

“Mommy, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I won’t run around any more.” Heart aching, the little boy began to tear up.

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