President Daddy Super Awesome

Chapter 1869

Chapter 1869 - His Feelings

Zhan Sijin immediately rushed to Ling Sibai's side. Seeing that could even hide the bloodstain in the dim light, her heart tightened.

"Hurry up and go home, I'll apply medicine for you." Zhan Sijin said anxiously.

The two of them got on the car, and the car drove into the underground parking lot, and from the elevator to Ling Sibai's house. When he turned on the light, it was as if the man had gone through a bloody battle. Zhan Sijin quickly went to his medicine chest to retrieve a box, and Ling Sibai who was sitting on the sofa unbuttoned his shirt one by one. Zhan Sijin walked over with the medicine chest and brought another pot of hot water.

Ling Sibai took off his shirt, revealing parts of his face where he had been hit. However, on his arm there was a wound that had been casually wrapped, and fresh red blood was flowing out.

Zhan Sijin tried her best to hold back her tears, wrung out a towel, and began to wipe his upper body. Ling Sibai lowered her head, and a pair of deep gaze gently locked onto her.

Even if the injuries on his body were a bit more severe, it still wouldn't be comparable to the pain he felt in his heart.

After Zhan Sijin finished rubbing his upper body, she landed on his wound and untied the bandage.

"Can I go to the hospital for stitches?"

"Your skills aren't bad either, go ahead!" Ling Sibai laughed.

"You can still laugh." Zhan Sijin rolled her eyes at him. Seeing the situation, she had no choice but to take action.

"There's no anesthetic at home. Are you sure?" Zhan Sijin raised his head and asked.

Ling Sibai laughed, "You sewed for me, why would it hurt?"

Zhan Sijin was speechless, his house was actually full of tools. After Zhan Sijin finished disinfection with the alcohol, she half knelt in front of him and started to stitch on the seven centimeter long wound.

Zhan Sijin's hands were trembling, but the man was clearly more relaxed than her. It was only when Zhan Sijin started that he hissed and Zhan Sijin immediately looked at him, "Can you endure?"

"For you, what can't I endure?" Ling Sibai was in so much pain that he even broke out in cold sweat.

Zhan Sijin felt her heart ache, but she was helpless. She could only stop asking him and begin to sew seven needles seriously.

After he finished sewing, he immediately applied the medicine and wrapped up the gauze. Ling Sibai's face was slightly pale, he changed the basin of water, and used a towel to wipe his face.

"Can you stop the pain?" Ling Sibai said in a low voice.

"Without the anesthetic, how can I stop the pain!" Zhan Sijin had already informed him, so he should have let him go to the hospital.

"I have a way to stop the pain." Ling Sibai's gaze locked onto her worried little face.

"What …" Before Zhan Sijin could finish speaking, the man used her hands to grip the back of her head.

Zhan Sijin had always been bending over, but now, while one was sitting and the other was standing, she kissed.

Zhan Sijin's head exploded, her beautiful face flushed red. She wanted to push him away, but when she remembered that he wanted to think of a way to stop the pain, she could only throw away the towel and help him stop the pain.

After separating, Zhan Sijin gasped for breath as she pressed it to his forehead, "Go and lie down upstairs. You've lost too much blood."

Ling Sibai smiled, "Accompany me."

Zhan Sijin did not want to go home now. Since she was already with him, she had already planned to take care of him for an entire night.

"En!" Zhan Sijin did not refuse.

Ling Sibai went upstairs first and took a simple shower. Zhan Sijin packed the medicine boxes downstairs before going upstairs.

This was the first time she had spent the night in Ling Sibai's house. In the past, no matter how late she had stayed in his house, she would always go home.

Now, in this enormous, silent apartment, she had realized the first time she had come in.

She wanted to accompany him, to make him less lonely.

Zhan Sijin hurriedly put on a set of clothes, since she did not have any pajamas, she could only fall asleep. She sat on the sofa, listening to the water in the bathroom stop, her heart tensed up, following that, she saw Ling Sibai coming out with only a towel on. Zhan Sijin hurriedly turned her head away and reminded her in a small voice, "Quickly put on your pajamas."

Ling Sibai walked towards his room, and not long later, two sets of grey pajamas appeared.

The washed ink hair was still wet. The man's looks and messy hairstyle could not be concealed.

Ling Sibai did not plan to sleep immediately either, he extended his hand to her and indicated for her to sit beside him.

Zhan Sijin stood up and sat beside him. Her shoulders immediately grabbed his arm, and his kiss landed on her forehead.

"Have you caught it?" Zhan Sijin raised his head and asked.

"I caught one of them all those years ago."

"Be careful next time." Zhan Sijin was still worried about him and happy for him.

The hatred in his heart could only be completely released if the culprits were all brought to justice and punished as they deserved.

"Yes." Ling Sibai replied.

Although he really didn't want to waste this sort of accompanying time, his body still needed to rest.

Zhan Sijin leaned on her elbow and lied on her side. Under the dim light of the lamp, she looked at his face that was peacefully sleeping. This was the calmest moment in her heart.

Early morning.

While Zhan Sijin was in a daze, she heard some voices, so she quickly opened her eyes, and saw that Ling Sibai was dressed, and was about to leave first.

"Wait for me." Zhan Sijin quickly called out to him.

"Sleep for a while longer. I'll go over first. I've asked for leave today." Ling Sibai walked over and knew that she had slept late last night.

Zhan Sijin was a little helpless, with a superior boyfriend, taking leave was actually quite easy.

Ling Sibai decided to head out first. Today, he would rush to interrogate the two of them, in order to get rid of this organization as soon as possible.

Not long after, Zhan Sijin received a call from his mother, asking why she had disappeared so early in the morning.

Zhan Sijin did not say that she was panicking, she just directly said that a friend was injured, and she came to take care of him.

Chu Yan also quickly guessed who it was, so she didn't ask any further.

Zhan Sijin did not sleep anymore as she went downstairs to clean up her house. Noon soon passed.

Zhan Sijin sent a message to Ling Sibai. She went to a nearby supermarket to buy lunch.

Ling Sibai saw the message. He was already on the road, and his heart was moved, thinking about how she was at home, also someone who was pampered as a princess.

Zhan Sijin was not very good at cooking, but she had an iPad by her side right now, following the scenes in the video, she cut vegetables, fed the food, and operated it step by step. Although it had taken a long time to cook, she had still learned to cook seriously, and had cooked quite well. After hearing the sound of the key, Zhan Sijin had already finished cooking the last dish, and was carrying it onto the table. When she saw the man who walked in, she smiled, "You're back, it's time to eat."

Ling Sibai put down the key and walked towards her with big steps. Zhan Sijin did not have enough time to react and was hugged tightly by him. This hug silently conveyed the feelings of a man. After so many years, besides his parents, there would always be people waiting for him to come home. Now, there was already a woman.

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