President Daddy Super Awesome

Chapter 1870

Chapter 1870 - Losing him

It was Zhan Sijin's first time cooking and she had cooked quite a good dish. Although there was some difference in sales, the taste was still quite good.

"It's my first time cooking and it's pretty fun. If I have nothing to do in the future, I have to practice a lot." As Zhan Sijin ate, she thought about how to improve her culinary skills.

"I'm home, so let me do it!" Ling Sibai also cared about her cooking, he didn't want her to suffer in his house.

Zhan Sijin shook her head, "I don't care who does it! Whoever has the time will do it. "

Ling Sibai laughed, the emotions in his heart could not be described with words.

"How is the case progressing? Have you asked about the organization behind this? "

"I'm still asking. These people have all gone through professional training and their mouths are tight. They will need a few days." Ling Sibai's eyes revealed a hint of determination, in short, this organization must definitely be eradicated.

"When you're done, I'll invite you to my house for dinner."

"Alright!" Ling Sibai nodded. At this moment, even though he was facing her family, he still felt a lot of pressure. However, compared to pressure, he could not lose her.

After finishing lunch, Zhan Sijin took the initiative to clean up the table. Since Ling Sibai's hand was still injured, she absolutely would not let him move it.

In the afternoon, the two of them went to the unit together. Ling Sibai now handed over the work to the Sister Na.

As for Zhan Sijin and Mu Mu, their work was relatively simple as well, as they organized the information everyday.

Three days passed by unknowingly. As Zhan Sijin slept during the afternoon, she dreamt that she would not be able to find Ling Sibai all of a sudden. It was as if he had disappeared from her world.

Zhan Sijin was immediately startled awake, she raised her head and wiped the sweat off her forehead, then immediately tidied up the table and stood up, preparing to go find him.

After this nightmare, she had to see him to be at ease.

Zhan Sijin came to the office of the Serious Crimes Unit and discovered that there were less than half of the people there compared to usual.

"Where's Ling Sibai?" Zhan Sijin asked a staff member.

The staff turned around and saw that it was her, he asked in surprise, "What? Don't you know where he went? "

"Isn't he having a meeting with you?" Zhan Sijin asked curiously.

"At ten in the morning, Captain Qin brought them abroad and the Senior Martial Brother Ling went too."

Zhan Sijin's breath suddenly stopped. Ling Sibai is going abroad? She actually didn't tell her?

"Where did they go?"

"I'm not sure either. All I know is that this is a secret mission and we can't even contact the members of the Qin."

Zhan Sijin felt her head buzzing for a few seconds. Thinking of that nightmare, she felt dizzy and dizzy, so she quickly ran back to her own office.

The moment he returned, he immediately took his phone and went to a quiet corner and dialed Ling Sibai's number.

However, the only response she got was to turn off her phone.

They might still be flying abroad at this time!

Zhan Sijin picked up her phone, she did not see any message, no, she did not believe that Ling Sibai left without even saying goodbye.

Zhan Sijin hurriedly returned to the front of the computer and opened her mailbox.

Sure enough, the one lying at the top was sent to her mail box at ten in the morning.

She tapped it open and wrote two lines.

"Sijin, I have a mission to take me abroad. Time is of the essence, I can't say goodbye to you personally. Don't worry about me, just wait patiently for me to come back, Shibai." As Zhan Sijin looked at the email, she didn't feel a trace of relief. To Ling Sibai, this case was even more decisive than the ones on the case, so, no matter how dangerous it was, as long as it helped the actions of the case, he would definitely not miss it.

Any action would be accompanied by danger.

Zhan Sijin looked at the mail and felt extremely helpless. Could she only wait here for him to come back?

When she thought of that nightmare, a feeling of unease arose in her heart. Could she still catch up to him?

What could she do? Could it be that he could only silently wait here for his return?

Zhan Sijin instantly felt a sense of anxiety. She knew that there wasn't much she could do on this case.

But now that she couldn't even predict his safety, her heart was in turmoil.

Zhan Sijin stayed in the office until 6: 30 in the afternoon. She then continued to call Ling Sibai.

At 8 PM in the evening, she returned home and called again. Her phone was still turned off.

It seemed that this mission would have to be carried out in secret. Perhaps each of them would have a new cell phone, a new number that would allow them to communicate with their members and prevent any contact with the outside world.

Zhan Sijin sat on the sofa and took a shower. She still had documents to look at later.

"Sijin, make Ma a cup of coffee and bring it to the study."

"Alright!" Zhan Sijin replied.

When he went to boil the water, his mind was distracted, causing his fingers to turn red.

Zhan Sijin hurriedly washed her cold water and sighed. It seemed that she wasn't in the mood to do anything right now.

For Ling Sibai, she finally understood what it meant to not think about tea and the feeling of not wanting to eat. Chu Yan looked at her fingers that had clearly turned red, and asked caringly: "Why did your hands get burned red?"

"I accidentally made it." Zhan Sijin sighed.

Chu Yan looked at her daughter's face, and it looked as if she was more worried than ever since she had returned home. She couldn't help but think that it had been a long time since she had a good chat with her daughter.

She set her work aside and pulled her daughter over to the sofa. "Have a chat with your mother. What are you thinking about?"

"Mom, he's out of the country on a secret mission. I'm worried about him." In front of his mother, Zhan Sijin did not hide his intentions.

"Is that Ling Sibai?" Chu Yan guessed.

Zhan Sijin nodded, "En! I can't get in touch with him, I... I was afraid something might happen to him. "

Chu Yan looked at her daughter with a bit of heartache. She could also tell that her daughter really liked Ling Sibai, and had probably thrown herself into this relationship with all her heart.

"We have to believe in the people we love, believe that they will never take their lives as a joke unless they have no other choice. If he also loves you, he will save his life for you." Chu Yan explained.

"But this case involves the death of his parents. I'm afraid that at some point in time, he will lose his mind and lose his life." Zhan Sijin's eyes were a little red.

Chu Yan sighed, she extended her hand and caressed her face, "Do you think he loves you?"

"He … He likes me very much. " After Zhan Sijin finished speaking, her eyes flashed with confidence.

"Then believe him! You are the best medicine for him to stay rational in any danger. He will definitely not let you wait there alone. "

"Really? "Mom, will he really come back for my safety?" "Yes." Chu Yan gave her a definite answer, because she knew that if she loved a person, she would definitely not leave that person alone in the world.

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