President Daddy Super Awesome

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Daddy Came Calling

The mid-day sun shone through the glass door, basking the tall and upright figure of a man in aureate light, as he resolutely and calmly strode in.

He possessed a remarkable bearing, noble yet arrogant, which made one unable to look him directly in the eye.

Several pairs of eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Heavens! Were they hallucinating?!

Gong Yexiao…

The man who had just walked in was really Gong Yexiao. The world’s most outstanding man was inconceivably standing in front of them.

“I’m looking for a woman working here who has a child.” A deep, alluring voice inquired.

Several of the front desk employees were feeling light-headed. Starry-eyed with infatuation, they failed to reply him.

Narrowing his eyes, Gong Yexiao rapped his knuckles on the counter somewhat displeased.

One of them immediately answered, “Mr. Gong, the person you may be looking for is our chief designer, Ms. Cheng Liyue. She’s the only one here who brings her child to work.”

“Is she here?” With eyes narrowed, Gong Yexiao questioned.

Was this woman so irresponsible in caring for his child? Leaving his son to run around unchecked while she worked?

Darn it, this woman was completely unworthy of having his child.

“You’re looking for Designer Cheng? I’m sorry, she’s not here. She’s away on business today. ”

“What about her child?” Gong Yexiao knitted his brows in a frown.

“From what we’ve heard, he’s probably at home!” Another employee quickly answered.

“Give me her home address! That’s an order.”

Divulging an employee’s home address was a violation of the company’s regulations. In the ordinary course of events, the front desk employees were absolutely not permitted to do so.

But this man was Gong Yexiao! The women were not impervious to his irresistible charm.

At this time, one of them hurriedly jotted down Cheng Liyue’s address and her unit number on a piece of Post-it note.

“This is Designer Cheng’s home address.”

Taking it from her, he gave it a quick scan before responding politely, “Thank you.”

In an instant, the four front desk employees clung to each other, overwhelmed with excitement.

Not only did they manage to see Gong Yexiao, they also received a thank you from him that was conveyed in his deep, magnetic voice. How could they not be thrilled?

Gong Yexiao and Yan Yang exited the building of the jewelry company. He immediately strode to his car — an exclusive, one-of-a-kind supercar. Yan Yang was lucky enough to be able to ride in its passenger seat.

“Boss, are you really going to look for this kid? How is he related to you?” Yan Yang asked curiously. Although she had already long known the truth, she could not make it obvious.

“He’s my son.” Gong Yexiao did not conceal the truth from her.

“My goodness! He’s your son? No wonder he resembles you so much. He’s a carbon copy of you.”

This sentence was pleasing to Gong Yexiao’s ears. Smirking, he hit the gas pedal.

He was eager to see his son. It filled him with an inexpressible joy.

In Cheng Liyue’s home, Tang Weiwei and the little boy were trying to complete some jigsaw puzzles. It was pathetic that the twenty-four-year-old her could not compare to a three-year-old child. If word got out, she would become the butt of everyone’s joke!

“Alright, Aunt Tang, why are you still not done with yours?’ The little boy asked in surprise.

“Little bean, you must be a genius! How can you be so smart? It’s an intolerable injustice[1].” Tang Weiwei was on the verge of tears.

“Aunt Tang, you can do it[2], you’ll definitely be able to complete it. Do you want me to teach you?”

Tang Weiwei shook her head and replied, “Forget it, let’s move on to Chinese checkers.”

The little boy grew excited. “Okay! I love playing Chinese checkers.”

The luxury supercar pulled up in the parking lot of a residential area. Yan Yang was holding a GPS navigation device. She had a good sense of direction. Pointing towards the side of the road, she said, “Boss, over here.”

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