President Daddy Super Awesome

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: His Seed

Once he had ripped the adhesive tape off with his slender fingers, the envelope opened to reveal some documents. Pulling them out, his eyes narrowed as he looked them over. Three sheets of paper were clipped together. The first of which was the doctor’s report.

He stared intently at the report. When he saw the words printed on it, he immediately drew it near to have a closer look.

His pupils seemed to have dilated. The line he’d never thought possible was clearly stated on the report, “Based on the results obtained from the analysis of the DNA, it is practically proven that these two persons are in a father and son relationship.”

In the quiet room, his calm breathing turned heavy. Mouth agape with incredulity, he sucked in a breath. He stared at the sheet of paper. As if needing to confirm this, he read it over and over again. Suddenly he burst into laughter. He then rose to his feet and started to mill around.

He began to comb through his memories.

How was it possible? How was this woman able to conceive the child? And even gave birth to his son?

These past few years, he had practised abstinence. How was it sown?

Was his seed stolen? Did someone deliberately steal his seed?

That wasn’t right. There was something niggling at the back of Gong Yexiao’s mind. It was that night from four years ago when he had been drugged. At that time, he had wandered dazedly into a hotel. His muddle-headed self had happened to stumble into a room where a woman had lain. The moment he had come into contact with her, the woman had taken the initiative to wrap herself around him.

So, what had followed next was only logical.

He had left in the middle of the night with a splitting headache. Because the room had been dark, he had not seen the woman’s appearance. He only knew that she had been highly inebriated. There were many drunken women like her around the hotel. His bodyguards had then picked him up. He had immediately put the events of that night in the back of his mind.

Could it be that this child was conceived back then?

Gong Yexiao bit his lip. It did not matter whether the child was or wasn’t the product of that night. At present, an actual child of his was in existence. This called for a celebration.

With just a glance, it was obvious that this child was conceived from his seed.

He was absolutely sure of this.

Eyes narrowed, he stared at the building across his. His gaze shone with euphoria and determination. Since the child was his, the boy would certainly be brought back to be raised by his side.

Setting everything else aside, Gong Yexiao immediately decided to pick his son up.

Gong Yexiao pushed open the door to his office.Yan Yang who was standing in the hallway taking a call, looked at her boss’ imposing figure and his exuberant face. She was happy for him. The boss really had a son who was already that big.

“Yan Yang, let’s make a trip.” Gong Yexiao said to her.

“Alright.” Yan Yang immediately followed after him and curiously asked, “Boss, where are we going?”

“To the opposite building.”

Yan Yang was surprised. Why was the boss going to the building opposite? Was his son there?

Entrance of the Angel Diane Jewelry Company

Several female employees were idling at the front desk while they gossiped.

With both palms on her cheeks and a yearning expression on her face, one of the employees said, “Even Anna can get married to a rich second generation[1] man. When can I meet my very own Prince Charming?”

“Who do you want to meet?

“I want to meet Gong Yexiao.”

“In your dreams! This sort of thing can only happen in your dreams. Otherwise, with your status, how do you expect to meet a man of such a high caliber like Gong Yexiao?” Another employee mocked.

“His headquarters is just right across ours. Who knows I might encounter him if I wait outside his company’s doors daily?”

“That’s right. Who doesn’t want to meet this kind of man? If the Heavens bestowed on me the opportunity to see him, I would be willing to pay with my life.”

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