President Daddy Super Awesome

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Introducing Daddy

Within a short period of time, Gong Yexiao had learned about the situation of his son’s mother from him. Of course, he wasn’t all that interested. No matter who this woman was or what she looked like, he had already made up his mind to take his son away from her side.

If that night had been a mistake, then this mistake would end right here. He would come up with the best course of action to deal with this.

With her arms crossed, Cheng Liyue was feeling anxious to the point where she started to nibble on her lips and chew on her fingertips. Even a ten-second elevator ride was enough to make her lose her patience.

Yan Yang, who had received a call from the front desk, was waiting outside the elevator. As soon as the door to the elevator opened, she glanced in. She was also extremely curious about the appearance of the president’s son’s mother.

She saw a woman standing beside the receptionist. The young woman who was dressed in a gray suit hurriedly stepped out. Looking at the woman’s face from a closer distance, Yan Yang inwardly marveled. With such a beautiful child, apart from the father’s strong gene, the mother would have to be a beauty.

Sure enough, it was just as she had expected.

“Assistant Yan, this is Ms. Cheng Liyue.” The receptionist said to Yan Yang.

“Ms. Cheng, please follow me.” Yan Yang did not dare to be remiss in her duties.

“Is my son here?” Cheng Liyue hastily inquired.

“Yes, the young master is in the president’s office. He’s with President Gong.”

Although Cheng Liyue had never seen this Gong Yexiao, at this moment, she did not have a favorable impression of him. No, in her eyes, this man was a total douchebag. Why did he kidnap her son without rhyme or reason?

Reaching the entrance of the President’s office, Yan Yang knocked on the door before pushing it open to let Cheng Liyue enter. Slipping past her, Cheng Liyue charged into the room.

As soon as she entered, she heard her son’s laughter. Giggling away, he didn’t seem to have suffered any harm, but was instead in a jovial mood.

“Cheng Yuze…” Cheng Liyue let out an incensed shout as she marched towards the other side of the partition.

Behind the partition, a small figure swiftly rushed out, yelling excitedly, “Mommy, mommy, you’re here.”

Cheng Liyue instinctively stretched out her arms to pull the little fellow into a tight hug. After making sure that all of his limbs were still intact, only then was she able to put her mind at ease. At this time, she felt an oppressive aura emanating from behind the partition. Shortly afterwards, the tall and lithe figure of a man stepped out from behind the partition with a hand in his pocket.

Cheng Liyue removed her gaze from her son’s face. Face infused with unbridled wrath, she glowered at the man who had just stepped out.

However, when she caught sight of the man’s face…

She thought she was looking at an illusion. Why did this man’s face look so much like her son’s?

The contours of his face were perfect and he had golden-ratio facial proportions. His features and the arch of his brows were remarkably similar to her son.

Cheng Liyue was completely stunned. Her mind went blank. She felt light-headed.

While she had been assessing him, the man gave her a measuring look from his tall vantage point. His aloof countenance gave off an air of superiority.

Gong Yexiao had expected the woman who had given birth to his son to be just like any other woman that one could find at random on the streets. But apparently, she had exceeded his expectations. She was young and beautiful. Of course, this was none of his concern.

Cheng Liyue’s startled expression, in the eyes of the little fellow, was quite amusing. He let out a giggle. His young and tender voice reached her ears, “Mommy, it’s shocking right? Do you know who he is?” But the little boy did not wait for her to make a guess. Brimming with excitement, he announced, “He’s my daddy!”

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