President Daddy Super Awesome

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Be Good, Come Home with Mommy

Forcing herself to disregard the overbearing man, Cheng Liyue gave her son an angry glare. “Who allowed you to rashly recognize[1] a daddy? How did mommy educate you? Nowadays, there are a lot of swindlers in our society. Apart from knowing how to eat, can you be more discerning?”

Cheng Liyue then lifted the little fellow into her arms. She had to raise her head to be able to look the man in his eyes. She said angrily, “Why did you bring my son here? Do you know that I can slap you with a lawsuit for abducting a child?”

Gong Yexiao arched his brows. This woman had the guts to sue him? Was she so sure she had the capability to do so?

“Mommy…” Staring at her with his big eyes, the little boy attempted to explain.

“Keep quiet. I’ll deal with you when we reach home.” Cheng Liyue interrupted the little boy.

Gong Yexiao frowned. Did this woman usually employ such a high-handed and unyielding method to educate his son?

“Mommy, you’ve really misunderstood! He really is my daddy.” The little boy continued on with his explanation. Puffing up his cheeks, he said, “Don’t you think daddy and I look alike?”

This question caused Cheng Liyue to be at a loss for words. A moment ago, she too had been shocked by this. But it seemed that her son was too naive. Looking alike doesn’t make them a pair of father and son ah!

“Xiao Ze, be good. Let’s return home alright? Mommy will buy you something delicious to eat. In the future you mustn’t thoughtlessly recognize a daddy, understand?”

Seeing that his mommy refused to believe him, the indignant little boy started to fret. “Mommy, he really, really, is my father!”

Looking at his son’s anxious appearance, Gong Yexiao’s heart seemed to drop. All this while he had stayed silent, but at this moment he needed to come to his son’s rescue. His long and lean legs quickened its pace to Cheng Liyue’s side.

Before Cheng Liyue could even react, the little boy was snatched out of her arms. Livid, Cheng Liyue glared at him.

In an instant, she saw two faces — one big and one small— which bore a strong resemblance to each other, looking at her simultaneously. Feeling stunned for a few seconds, she then huffed at the man, “Hand over my son to me.”

“Who said my son is yours?” Gong Yexiao coldly said.

“My son is, of course, mine.” Cheng Liyue was peeved. This man who was currently holding onto her son even dared to talk to her in such a tone. What a jerk.

“Then tell me, how did you manage to conceive your son by yourself?” The man gave her a sardonic smile.

“I…” Her pretty face flushed. What was this man trying to hint at?

At this moment, his tall and lithe figure moved towards his office desk. Cheng Liyue immediately followed after him. She saw that he had taken out a piece of paper from the top drawer. When Cheng Liyue was half a meter away from, he coldly tossed it into her hands. “Woman, when did you steal my seed?”

Catching the paper, Cheng Liyue read the printed words on it and became dumbfounded. To her consternation, it was a paternity test report. Her gaze quickly arrived at the doctor’s conclusion. It was stated: these two persons are in a father-and-son relationship.

“Without my seed that I had left in your body, do you think you’re able to conceive this child alone?” His cold and derisive, deep voice came from above her.

Cheng Liyue’s heart was beating rapidly and her breathing turned shallow. Her heart was pounding with rage. She lifted her head and glared daggers at him. “That night four years ago… was you?”

Gong Yexiao narrowed his eyes at her and gazed at her pale face. The corners of his mouth rose. “The results have already indicated that your child and I are in a father-and-son relationship. If it wasn’t me, who else can it be?”

Cheng Liyue was about to go crazy. She was about to blow her top. He was the mysterious bastard who had slept with her four years ago.

Why was it him?

Feeling light-headed, Cheng Liyue clutched her head. At this moment, a young and tender voice filled with worry, reached her ears. “Mommy, are you alright?”

Clenching her teeth, she thought: four years ago, even if it wasn’t him, it would have ended up being the male hooker that Shen Junyao had arranged for her. So, why did it matter who she had slept with? In any case, she would still have to suffer such a tragic event that night.

Now, the most important thing was that her son had been snatched away from her.

Cheng Liyue took a deep breath. Quelling the emotions in her heart, she smiled gently at the little boy who was in his arms. “Xiao Ze, be good, come home with mommy.”

[1] 认 [rèn] = (1) recognize, know, make out, identify; (2) enter into a certain relationship with, adopt; (3) admit, own

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