President Daddy Super Awesome

Chapter 27

Snagging his lower lip with his teeth, Gong Yexiao fixed his steely gaze on her. Preparing to negotiate, he said, “In that case, what do you want? How much will it cost? Name a price, I’ll meet it.”

Money? Darn it. Just because he has money, he thinks he has got a free pass to insult someone?

“I don’t need anything else except for my son. You’d better stay away from him.” Cheng Liyue warned with a look.

Gong Yexiao narrowed his eyes. There was a ruthless gleam in his eyes. This woman was really obstinate. He let out a snort. “If necessary, I’ll see you in court. I believe my lawyers will let you know who is more qualified to bring up this child.”

This was definitely a threat.

And it was not just a simple threat.

Cheng Liyue widened her eyes. All these years, she hadn’t been working in the company for nothing. A person of his status will definitely not be the losing party in a lawsuit. That was why he wanted to use his wealth to subdue her.

“Go on ahead with the legal proceedings. I’m not afraid of you.” Losing people without losing in battle array[1], Cheng Liyue did not want to be a spineless coward. [2]

“Alright then, it will be just as you’d said. Be sure to wait for the service of process. Also, I’ll be bringing my son home with me tonight.” Gong Yexiao’s face was filled with self-assurance.

Cheng Liyue chewed on her red lips. She was livid to the point where she wished she could just give him a slap on the face. That night — four years ago — had left her with nothing. And now he even want to rob her of her son?

“Not possible. The kid will not be with anyone else other than me.” Her eyes had reddened. The pretty, almond-shaped eyes were filled with resentment at this very moment.

Gong Yexiao looked at her, somewhat vexed. He hated the tears of a woman the most.

When he was playing in Yan Yang’s office, all the while the little boy was concerned for his daddy and his mommy. He thought to himself: this was the first time they met after four years, not sure if they would quarrel. So, he wanted to take a look.

Seizing the chance when Yan Yang went to wash some fruits, he immediately stole out of her office. Arriving at Gong Yexiao’s office, he pushed the door slightly ajar.

Gong Yexiao was facing the door. So, when he heard the door being pushed open, he instantly knew that it was the little fellow entering. Looking at the angry woman in front of him who was on the verge of tears, he instinctively reacted. He abruptly wound his arms around her and pulled the teary-eyed woman into his embrace.

Frightened, Cheng Liyue raised her watery eyes. Before she could even respond, she heard a voice sounding pleasantly surprised. “Whoa! Daddy, mommy, you guys are hugging each other! ”

Gong Yexiao chuckled. “Yes. Your mommy was moved to tears.”

Furious, Cheng Liyue looked up to give him a glare. This man was clearly telling a lie. He had obviously been so angry that her liver hurt and her lungs ached. And he still dared to say such a thing.

“Mommy, you must be very happy to see daddy, right? Don’t cry, don’t cry. You must be like Xiao Ze — a strong and brave child.” The little boy rattled off the words that were taught to him by mommy which were now used to coax her.

Cheng Liyue’s heart seemed to crumble. Giving a forceful jerk, she managed to break free from Gong Yexiao’s embrace. There was a flash of disgust on her face. She was opposed to the touch from this man who planned to rob her of her child, with every fibre of her being

“Well, since it’s like this, it will be just as we agreed. Dinner at my house tonight.” Gong Yexiao announced suddenly.

Cheng Liyue looked up abruptly and shot him a glare, using her eyes to protest.

At this time, the little boy was jumping for joy. “Really? Mommy, can we really go to daddy’s house for dinner? Yeah! I finally have a daddy! In the future, little fatty won’t be able to call me a fatherless child.”

Cheng Liyue really wanted to object. But after hearing those words from her son and his excited voice, she just couldn’t bear to put a damper on his joy. When they were staying abroad, he had always been excluded by other children because he had no father. This had left shadows in his heart.

It had pricked at her conscience. And at this moment, how could she bear to be so cold-hearted so as to shatter her son’s dream?

Chapter 27: Going Home With Him

[1] 输人不输阵 [shū rén shū zhèn] (idiom) = losing people without losing in battle array (literal translation). What I think it means: Even if the result constitutes a defeat, one is still able to stand tall because they had given their all.

TL Note: I found an for this idiom but it’s written in Chinese and I can’t read Chinese.

[2] 在气势上表现害怕. MTL read ‘expressing fear in imposing manner/ show fear in momentum’.

Welp… I’m just gonna go ahead and make a guess with this one as well.
Feel free to correct any of my errors, peeps!

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