President Daddy Super Awesome

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: The Child is Mine

“Then, what about daddy? Will he go home together with us?” The little boy’s pink lips formed a pout as he asked pitifully.

Cheng Liyue wanted to direct a resentful glare at the handsome man. But in front of her son, she didn’t want to act like a shrew. She gave him a tight-lipped smile and coaxed, “He’s very busy. He has to manage such a big company. He doesn’t have the time to come home with us.”

“Mommy, don’t worry, I’ve checked. Daddy ranks first on the world’s rich list and is able to deal with all kinds of insubordination. Nobody will dare to bully you again.” The little boy beamed.

Cheng Liyue, “…”

“Son, why don’t you go out first to find Aunt Yan to play with? Daddy and your mommy want to have a nice long chat.” Gong Yexiao gently persuaded, intending to send the little boy away.

Since the next topic was not suitable for him to hear.

The little fellow was also very perceptive. It seems that daddy and mommy were going to discuss passion and talk about love[1]. So, his little light-bulb[2] self should quickly leave!

“Alright. Daddy, mommy, you guys mustn’t quarrel! Have to be kind and love each other[3], okay? ” The little boy came down from his father’s arms and lifted his little face to advise them.

The faces of the two adults froze for a few seconds. The little boy then scampered off. At the door, Yan Yang saw that he had come out and knew at once that the president had some matters to deal with. She quickly took the little boy to her office and got him some toys to amuse him.

As soon as the little boy left, the atmosphere in the room became very tense, dismal, and even menacing and oppressive.

Cheng Liyue unconsciously balled her hands into fists. Raising her head to look at the intimidating man in front of her, she forced out her words, “What do you want to talk to me about?”

Gong Yexiao was, however, relaxed. With his arms crossed in a regal posture, he cast her a sidelong glance. “Of course, it’s to discuss matters pertaining to our son.”

“Xiao Ze is not your son. He is mine. And mine alone.” Cheng Liyue retorted swiftly. Four years ago, this jerk had slept with her and she hadn’t made a fuss about this. Now, he even plan to snatch her son away. Not a chance.

Gong Yexiao curled his lip. “Then tell me, how did you manage to conceive a child all by yourself? Four years ago, if my seed had not been sown in you[4], where would your son spring up from?”

Cheng Liyue was about to go mad. Her pretty face flushed blood red. She was furious to the point where she wanted to murder him. Like a lioness that had been provoked, she exploded in rage, “You dare to bring up the events that had happened four years ago, you bastard, you beast in human clothing…”[5]

Gong Yexiao’s countenance instantly turned glacial and shot her an angry glare. “Woman, be more courteous in your speech. The events that had happened four years ago, I hadn’t forgotten. Did you think it was me who had made the first move? You had clearly been very active in the coupling. If I hadn’t been plotted against, do you think I could stand swallowing[6] someone like you?

Cheng Liyue was stupefied. This man had taken advantage of her but was pretending otherwise[7]. He had eaten it dry and had even wiped it clean[8] and still gave her the cold shoulder? How is there such a pathetic excuse for a man in this world?

“Couldn’t stand swallowing it and yet you still had it eaten?” Cheng Liyue gnashed her teeth and countered.

Gong Yexiao’s face was distorted with rage. He let out a cold humph. “I’m not going to pursue the matters that had happened four years ago. But from this day on, my son must be handed to me.”

Cheng Liyue flew into a temper. “Don’t hold your breath. I was the one who had given birth to him. I was the one who raised him. He is mine. Don’t even think of taking him away from me.”

“Do you think the child of my Gong family will be brought up by a mother like you?” Gong Yexiao was now clear about her character. Not only was this woman wild, her mouth was also full of profanities. The incident from four years ago had also worsened his impression of her. A promiscuous woman like her didn’t deserve to have his son.

“What I am is of no concern to you. And my son’s surname is Cheng. He’s called Cheng Yuze. He has absolutely no relationship with your Gong family.” Cheng Liyue did not yield an inch of ground[9].

Long-ass footnotes:-

[1] 谈情说爱 [tán qíng shuō ài] = discuss passion talk love (literal translation), to express love with terms of endearment; courting

[2] 电灯泡 [diàn dēng pào] = light bulb (literal translation) = (slang) third wheel

[3] 相亲相爱 [xiāng qīn xiāng ài] = be kind to each other and love each other; bound by deep emotions; be deeply attached to each other

[4] TL Note: Sorry if this sounds crude, but the MTL line sounds even worse: if I hadn’t sowed you. Original line: 如果不是我给你播种,…

[5] 衣冠禽兽 [yī guān qín shòu] = beast in human clothing; brute

[6] TL Note: Ithink, in this context, it’s a euphemism for… having intercourse? Original line:下得去口 (literal translation: go down mouth)

[7] 得了便宜还卖乖 [dé le pián yi hái mài guāi] = to have gained an advantage from something but to pretend otherwise []

[8] 吃干抹净 [chīgānjìng]:Eat dry and wipe clean (literal translation) = It means to leave no room for maneuver/ make no allowance (for sth). It is mostly used to show that a person has taken advantage of sb/sth, and is not willing to bear the responsibility.

[9] 寸土不让 [cùn tǔ bú ràng] = never to yield an inch of ground; unyielding

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