President Daddy Super Awesome

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: The Little Boy’s Heart Aches

Shen Junyao’s expression changed. She had originally picked this jewelry design company to order a set of jewelry. While flipping through the pages of a magazine, she happened to see Cheng Liyue who was unexpectedly the chief designer there.

This prompted her to choose Cheng Liyue to design the jewelry for her. She had been anticipating Cheng Liyue’s reaction to her current well-off state. How mad would Cheng Liyue be? But what she had been anticipating for so many days, was what she was looking at now: the serene and indifferent expression of Cheng Liyue.

How could she possibly accept it?

“Cheng Liyue, don’t you want to reminisce about the past? How have you been?”

“Mrs. Lu, if you’re curious about my personal life, please leave! If you want me to work for you, please state your request.”

Although Cheng Liyue loathed this woman to the point where she wished that Shen Junyao could just rot in hell, for her son, she would endure all the unbearable things thrown her way.

Shen Junyao looked her up and down. With a rosy and dewy complexion, dressed in a gray pantsuit that was proper and tasteful, Cheng Liyue gave off an astute and capable aura. What was even more upsetting to Shen Junyao was the fact that Cheng Liyue ended up in a position as chief designer.

No doubt Cheng Liyue had some talent in drawing, but that was just a leisure pursuit. Unexpectedly, after four years, she had become very talented.

It was not supposed to be like this. The Cheng Liyue she was hoping to see was one who was supposed to be in dire straits and powerless, or who was living out the lowest point in her life.

When Shen Junyao saw that Cheng Liyue refused to talk about the past, she stood up and got ready to leave. “I’ll give you three days to hand me a satisfactory sketch. If you’re unable to deliver, don’t blame me for dismissing the affection of the past. I’ll even make a complaint to your boss regarding your incompetence. Let me see how long you can sit in that position as chief designer.” With that, she walked haughtily towards the door. Just as she reached the entrance to the conference room, she turned and raised her eyebrows conceitedly. “Cheng Liyue, this is my territory. It won’t be so easy for you to mingle around.”

Outside the conference room, a pair of onyx-colored eyes observed the goings-on through the window. There was a distinct anger in those eyes. Darn it, dare to threaten and bully his mommy.

Cheng Liyue clenched her fists. She felt provoked by Shen Junyao’s threats, but she would never give Shen Junyao the satisfaction of seeing her being intimidated.

She remained calm and composed, appearing not the least bit afraid.

Shen Junyao looked at Cheng Liyue’s unperturbed face. Her expression darkened. “Cheng Liyue, Junxuan and I are very happy together. I’m warning you, you’re not allowed to appear in front of Junxuan. He feels nothing but disgust towards you.”

Cheng Liyue curled her lips. Turning towards her, Cheng Liyue said, “I’m not interested.”

Seeing that she had failed to get a reaction out of Cheng Liyue, Shen Junyao thought that it was odd. Was Cheng Liyue suffering from amnesia? How could she not remember the events from four years ago?

Why was she not the slightest bit riled up even after all that provocation?

“Mrs. Lu, I’ll not be seeing you out.” After saying that, Cheng Liyue opened the door and left.

Cheng Liyue strode off in a hurry, heading to the washroom instead of her office.

Because she was starting to tear up due to the surge of emotions that she was experiencing, she did not want her son to see her in such a state. That was why she wanted to straighten out her feelings before leaving.

However, she was unaware of the little bean behind her who was staring at her figure. His heart was aching. He balled his hands into tiny fists. Mommy must have suffered!

Shen Junyao left after having been sent off by a few employees.

Cheng Liyue came from the direction of the washroom and suddenly saw the little bean standing in the hallway. She was startled but broke into a smile as she looked at him. “Xiao Ze, why have you come all the way here? Didn’t I leave you to play with Aunt Tang?”

The little boy looked at his mommy with his big, shiny, black eyes. Seeing her bloodshot eyes, he reached out to hug her. “Mommy…”

“What’s wrong?”

The little boy shook his head feeling somewhat frustrated. He was still young and was unable to protect his mommy from being bullied by the bad guys. It would be nice if daddy was here.

“Mommy, if daddy was here, you would not have to work so hard.”

Cheng Liyue was taken aback. How did this little fellow come up with such a notion?

“Mommy really likes this job! I don’t think this job is hard at all.” Cheng Liyue said with a smile.

However, the little boy had listened in on their conversation just now. The well-dressed woman was bullying his mommy which had caused him to feel anger and hatred.

“But, if only daddy was here beside you to protect you, wouldn’t that be nice.”

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