President Daddy Super Awesome

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: The Richest Person

Cheng Liyue stroked her son’s little head. With a smile on her lips, she said, “Alright, didn’t I tell you before? Back then, mommy didn’t even know who your father was, so let’s not search for daddy, okay?”

“Mommy, I heard that it’s popular now to have a godfather. You wait, some day I’ll find one to support you.” The little boy said with arms akimbo.

After hearing this, Cheng Liyue burst out laughing. Looking at her little boy, she said, “No, mommy doesn’t need you to find a godfather! Mommy is able to protect myself and also you.”

The little boy pursed his lips, stubbornly holding on to that thought.

“Mommy still has some work to do. Why don’t I ask Aunt Weiwei to bring you out for a meal?” With his hand in hers, Cheng Liyue led her son to her office.

She said to Tang Weiwei, “Xiao Ze hasn’t had his lunch yet. Can you take him out to buy some buns and the like for him to eat?”

“Sure! Leave it to me! I know a good patisserie nearby!” Turning to the little boy, Tang Weiwei smiled brightly.

“Go on then! Mommy may be working late, so make sure to eat to your fill.” Cheng Liyue gave him a little nudge.

The little boy nodded. “OK. Mommy, I’ll bring back some cake for you.”

“Alright, mommy will wait for it.” Cheng Liyue smiled and petted him on his head.

After Cheng Liyue had cautioned them to pay attention when crossing the road, Tang Weiwei left with the little boy’s hand clutched in hers.

Behind her, Linda walked in and asked, “Liyue, how did it go?”

“I’m acquainted with this Mrs. Lu. She’s not someone with good intentions. She came here specifically for me.” Cheng Liyue bluntly said.

“What do you mean? How is it that she came here specifically for you?” Linda was puzzled.

Cheng Liyue let out a shaky breath. “This was the woman who colluded with my ex-husband to set me up and had me driven out of the Lu Family. She is now the present Mrs.Lu.”

“What? That’s her? Liyue, I’ll have to trouble you. For you to have to deal with people from the Lu family so quickly after your return, will this be difficult for you?”

“Since I’ve made my return to this city, sooner or later I’m bound to run into them. Whether it’s now or later, I would still have to face them. I’m prepared.”

“For Xiao Ze’s sake?”

“That’s right. I’ve only my son in mind now. As long as it’s for Xiao Ze, I’ll set aside whatever grudge I hold.”

“To be a mother is to be strong. Good on you. I’m now considering whether to switch the designer working for her.”

“She would definitely refuse. She chose me in order to make things difficult for me. She didn’t lay down any requirements which means that I would have to design everything. In any case, I’ll do my best.” Cheng Liyue calmly said. Her reserved temperament was at odds with her youthful countenance.

“Alright, when you’re done with your sketch, let me have a look. Then, we’ll show it to Mrs. Lu to see what modifications she would like to make.”


“Then I’ll have to trouble you.”

“It’s my duty.” Cheng Liyue smiled lightly.

After Linda had left, Cheng Liyue found it hard to devote herself wholeheartedly to designing jewelry for the woman she hated the most. Caught up in resentment, for the very first time she was faced with an artist’s block. Her mind was filled with images of Shen Junyao’s despicable face from the past.

Tang Weiwei gripped the little boy’s hand in hers. He wasn’t like other kids running about all over the place. Even when crossing the street, he understood and observed the road safety rules which surprised Tang Weiwei.

Thinking of her three-year-old nephew, it seemed like her whole family was always chasing after his little butt all day long, tidying up this and that. Once on the road, his little butt would run amok causing chaos.

How could he possibly compare to this obedient and sensible little fellow?

The little boy turned to look at the pyramid-like skyscraper. He curiously asked Tang Weiwei. “Aunt, who does this building belong to?”

A reverent expression immediately appeared on Tang Weiwei’s face. “That’s the building of the richest person in our city.”

“What does the richest person look like?” He asked with an inquisitive look on his face.

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