President Daddy's Excessive Love

Chapter 466

A noblewoman walked out of the black car. Lan Re Nuo looked at the ordinary scale company and frowned.

After that, she walked with graceful steps to the front desk and knocked on the table: I'm looking for Mu Shi Ye, which floor is he at?

The receptionist raised her head and saw a mixed blood beauty. This was because, although she wasn't young, she had taken good care of herself and her entire body was exuding a rich aura.

"Madam, may I ask if you need my Mubai's help?" The front desk didn't dare to ignore her and immediately asked passionately.

"I'm his mother!" Lan Re Nuo immediately reported his identity.

The front desk beauty instantly opened her eyes wide. So it was the Mubai's mother, ah. His mother was so beautiful, no wonder the Mubai was so charming and handsome.

The front desk immediately personally led her to the elevator.

The elevator door opened to reveal a few female employees in business attire. They were currently discussing their work matters with their heads lowered.

"Pei An Xin?" Lan Re Nuo's face changed instantly, and she shouted out a name.

Pei An Xin's head was lowered, and upon hearing the voice, he raised his head and looked, and his face froze.

"Why are you here?" Lan Re Nuo squinted his eyes and stared at her: "Come over here with me, we need to talk!"

Seeing that her colleague was looking at her strangely, she lowered her head in embarrassment and followed Lan Re Nuo towards the Great Walk Outside.

He felt sad and uneasy.

The moment Lan Re Nuo walked out, she placed both of her hands on her chest, and asked with a haughty tone: "I say, why did my son choose to come to this small company to work instead of staying in his own company? It turns out all of this is because of you."

Pei An Xin saw that Lan Re Nuo did not even give her a chance to explain himself, and directly assumed that she was the one who swindled Mu Shi Ye into this company.

"Madam Mu, you might have misunderstood me. I did not ask Mu Shi Ye to come to work at the company. He came here by himself."

Lan Re Nuo didn't want to hear her explanation at all, so she only smirked: "No matter what, the reason why he came here, is because of you. Pei An Xin, are you still not reconciled to this?"

Pei An Xin's face became pale, and his heart felt as if needles were pricking his. She endured his tears and sneered: "So what if I am unwilling?

"But from what I see, you don't seem to know your own identity. Why are you still pestering my son to not let go?" Can't you just stay abroad and not come back and disturb our peace? " Lan Re Nuo asked a little too much of her.

I'm very familiar with everything here. I want to live in this city, could it be that because your Mu Family is here, I have to hide far away from the country? Aren't you being a little too unreasonable? " Pei An Xin was no longer the weak girl who would cry in times of trouble. She was now a child's mother, and was also well-established at work.

Lan Re Nuo couldn't help but look up to her, and laugh coldly: "Did you come back for money? As long as you open your mouth, I will definitely fulfill your request. "

Pei An Xin saw that she had taken out the same move that he had taken to force her. It was as if money could solve everything.

She couldn't help but find it laughable. Her voice was tinged with sorrow as she said, "I finally understand why you've been separated from your husband for so many years. It's because you don't know how to respect others."

"What did you say?" Who told you to criticize my marriage? " Lan Re Nuo was immediately furious like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.

Pei An Xin slightly raised his head: "Did I say anything wrong? You put yourself in a high place and you never show weakness to anyone. "

"Why should I be weak? That's something only people of lowly birth need to do." Lan Re Nuo was provoked, and his words were extremely unpleasant to hear.

"No matter how proud you are, isn't your son still in love with a lowly woman like me? You must be feeling very uncomfortable. " Pei An Xin raised his lips and laughed coldly.

"Pa …" Lan Re Nuo raised her hand and slapped Pei An Xin: "If you dare pester my son any longer and don't let him go, I won't let you go."

Pei An Xin's face was slapped to the side, tears rolling in his eyes.

Just at this time, Mu Shi Ye ran out from the entrance of the hall, losing his cold image as the CEO.

"Mom …" When Mu Shi Ye saw his mother standing together with Pei An Xin, his heart tensed up.

Seeing his son, Lan Re Nuo immediately pretended to look wronged: "Son, it's good that you're here. Tell me, are you still dating her? Why didn't you listen to your mother? "

Mu Shi Ye was not worried about his mother's emotions at all. He frowned, ignoring his mother's words as he walked to Pei An Xin's side and saw the side of her face that she had covered with his hands.

"Mom, what did you do to her?" Mu Shi Ye looked at his mother sharply.

Lan Re Nuo snorted: "I just taught her a lesson, what's wrong? "Can't you?"

Mu Shi Ye forcefully grabbed onto Pei An Xin's wrist, and upon seeing the five finger marks on her snow white face, he immediately became angry: "Mom, why did you hit someone? What did she do wrong? "

Lan Re Nuo was actually a little guilty as well, upon hearing her son's question, she instantly became angry: "Yeye, who are you speaking up for right now? I am your mother."

"Even if you are my mother, you can't casually hit her." Mu Shi Ye's face instantly turned cold and his voice became filled with anger: "Didn't you want to know if I still loved her? I'll tell you right now, yes, I still love her, I want to be with her, and we'll get married. "

"What?" Lan Re Nuo's face instantly paled as she stared at his son in disbelief, "What did you say? You want to get married? "

Mu Shi Ye wanted to answer with certainty, but he heard Pei An Xin's calm voice sound out. "We won't get married, you can be at ease."

"An Xin, what are you talking about?" Mu Shi Ye felt an indescribable pain in his chest. He grabbed Pei An Xin's wrist as he was about to leave, and forcefully pulled her to his side. "We will get married, right?"

When Lan Re Nuo saw that her son was actually using such a humble and submissive tone to plead with Pei An Xin, her entire body went blank, and she felt an indescribable sense of panic.

He was her pride, but at this moment, he was begging Pei An Xin to marry him.

Pei An Xin looked at Mu Shi Ye's anxious and nervous expression, then looked at Lan Re Nuo's shocked expression, and calmly answered: "Mu Shi Ye, let me go!"

Mu Shi Ye's entire body froze, he knew that Pei An Xin was not joking around.

When Lan Re Nuo saw her son's desperate expression, her face turned ugly, but her heart was greatly shocked.

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